90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Premiere Recap 08/29/21: Season 3 Episode 1 “Love Makes You Crazy”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Premiere Recap 08/29/21: Season 3 Episode 1 "Love Makes You Crazy"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, August 29, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 3 episode 1 “Love Makes You Crazy,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Ellie is selling it all to start a new life with Victor in Providencia. Corey is hiding a big secret from Evelin. Sumit takes Jenny to an astrologer for guidance. Ari invites an unwelcome guest. Steven is scared to tell Alina the truth about his past..”

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“90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” is when the Americans move to be with their loved ones in foreign countries. New couple Ellie and Victor have had their issues. She’s forty-five and set in her ways. She also built a business from the ground up. She owns a pizzeria and was known as the pizza lady. She was very successful. Everyone loved her pizzas and she’s happy to make people happy. Ellie hasn’t always had it easy. She married in her twenties and her husband accidentally overdosed less than a year into their marriage. Ellie was the one who found her husband. The experience traumatized her and she was never the same again. She also never thought she would find love again. Then came Victor.

Ellie had gone on vacation to Colombia. She ran into a friend and the two of them visited a little island known as Providencia. There she met a handsome as well as happy-go-lucky Victor. The two fell in love and they tried to get Victor to America but then the pandemic happened. The pandemic meant they couldn’t go through with their K-1 visa. His appointment had been canceled and there was no date to reschedule. Ellie realized she didn’t want to live without him any longer and so she’s moving to Providencia. She’s giving up everything to move down there. She’s even giving up her restaurant. She was selling it to her friend and co-worker. Only her co-worker had questions. He thought it was insane that she was giving up everything for Victor.

Ellie was giving up her world for a guy she’s physically been with for less than four months. Her friend also posed the question of what if Victor was just using her? What if Victor was using her to come to America or because she was well-off? Ellie has thought about it and she still wants to take the risk. She and Victor have worked through their issues. She believes they’re now on the other side and so she couldn’t wait to start her life with him. But a surprise this season was Corey and Evelin. The two were apparently back together. They were on in previous seasons and they had broken up several times. Their relationship is best described as a “rollercoaster”. Cory originally wanted Evelin to move to America and she turned it down because she preferred her life in Ecuador.

Corey, therefore, moved down there. He didn’t really learn the language or get to know her family and still he proposed. The couple had more lows after that. They also broke up and then got back together. His father died. He went back to see his father and then he came back. Then the pandemic happened. The pandemic forced them together and it also forced them to deal with Corey’s cheating scandal. He went to Peru to meet a woman. He claims nothing happened with his woman. He said he tried to sleep with her and that he couldn’t perform but that was a lie. Evelin ended up forgiving him because she thought the lie was as far as things went and it turns out Corey held something back.

Corey said there’s more to the story with the woman from Peru. He was afraid to tell Evelin because the only reason they’re still together is that they were forced together during the pandemic and so Corey doesn’t want to test that now that the country is opening up again. Then there was Ariela and Biniyam. The engaged couple lives in Ethiopia. They met while Ari was on vacation in the country and she had been fresh from her divorce. Ari and Biniyam were together for three months when they got pregnant. Ari decided to raise her family in Ethiopia. She moved there to be with Biniyam and there she had her baby. Ari’s family had been worried about her. Her mother traveled with her to Ethiopia to see where she would live and they both took issue with the apartment Biniyam set up.

The first apartment had been small. It was dark, it was damp, and there was no refrigerator or shower for that matter. Biniyam had to find a new place. He eventually did and they counted as lucky because it had been within their budget but things have since changed. The pandemic hit. Biniyam couldn’t really work as a DJ or a dancer and so Ari’s family has been helping them. The couple now lives in a three-bedroom house thanks to the support from her parents. They also have a nanny. The live-in help was cheap. It only cost them two hundred dollars and it gave Ari someone to talk to. Its been hard for her because Biniyam is still working on his music. He also hangs out with his friends and Ari doesn’t have a friend group. The pandemic also prevented her from seeking one out.

Ari needs friends. She’s still best friend with her ex-husband Leandro and so she has him visiting to see the baby. Leandro was flying over to see her and to meet her son Avi. Some people thought it was weird and she also feared Biniyam might not fully understand it as well. She thought Biniyam might act all macho. She also didn’t know how Leandro would react and so who knows will happen. Then there was Jenny and Sumit. They met years ago. They met as Sumit was catfishing her because he works at a call center and he goes by the American name of Michael Jones. He also set photos of completely different people to her at first. It wasn’t until later on that they started being more open with each other. They fell in love and Sumit asked her to marry him.

Jenny moved to India to be with him. Only she later found out that he was married and that his marriage had been arranged. Sumit eventually divorced his wife. He still wanted to be with Jenny and unfortunately, they still faced an uphill battle because his parents didn’t approve. No one in Sumit’s life approved. Jenny was thirty years older than him and she couldn’t give him children. Sumit isn’t a parent. He doesn’t have children and his parents wanted to marry someone who could give him a child but that’s not what Sumit wants. Sumit wants Jenny. He’s willing to forgo children to be with her and no one in his life understands. Not even his friends. His friends don’t bring their wives around Jenny. Besides Sumit, she’s totally cut off in India.

Sumit was also dragging his feet in marrying her. He’s a free man now and his parents couldn’t prevent the marriage and so there’s no reason why they couldn’t get married. Yet, Sumit wanted to meet with an astrologer. He wanted to see what the astrologer would say to help him marry Jenny and Jenny was worried. She has a visa that forces her to leave the country every six months. She was given an extension because of the pandemic and now she doesn’t want to go back. She wants Sumit to finally marry her. The astrologer on the other hand doesn’t think they should be in any rush and so now he was another enemy of Jenny’s. Jenny wants to get married. She wants to get married now and she’s tired of waiting.

Next up was another new couple. Steven is from Salt Lake City, Utah and he was seeing Alina from Russia. Their relationship hit a snag when she found out he was a Mormon. In Russia, they think Mormons are a cult. Alina had been worried he would cut her up and harvest her organs and he had to do everything possible to convince her he wasn’t in a cult. Steven and Alina finally got together. They spent a wonderful two weeks together and they planned on living together. Steven was going to move to Russia. He picked up the language when he worked in Eastern Europe as a missionary and he doesn’t really have a career in America. He’s a jack of all trades. He’s done everything and so he could pick up and leave. And Alina meanwhile was going to college.

The two of them speak every day. They’ve only spent two weeks in each other’s company and now they want to live together. They weren’t ready for marriage yet. Steven was supposed to move to Russia and then their borders closed. Russia is only going to allow him to move there if he marries Alina and again they’re not there yet. They just wanted to live together and so they came up with Turkey. Turkey was one of the few countries that allow both Russians and Americans to move there without issue. The couple was going to move to Turkey but Steven’s family was worried. They thought he was taking a huge gamble by moving to a foreign country to be with someone he’s only met once. And they also knew Steven.

Steven was what some would call “weird”. He marched to the tune of his beat and he was known to do odd things. Steven’s faith was very important to him. He didn’t want to give up his faith and his family didn’t think Alina would convert or want him to stay a Mormon. They also didn’t think the relationship would last. They saw a breakup as inevitable. Then there was Ari and Biniyam. They were preparing for her ex-husband’s visit and the story about Ari and Leandro’s breakup was revealed. Ari met her ex-husband while she was backpacking through Argentina. She met Leandro and they fell in love. They got married after six months. She brought him to America on a K1 visa and they were together for ten years.

They broke up because they wanted different things. Ari wanted to travel and see more of the world. Leandro wanted to work on his doctorate. They lived apart for the last three years of the marriage when they ultimately divorced. They didn’t divorce because they stopped loving each other. They still love each other albeit in a different way and Leandro remains Ari’s best friend. Biniyam truly does have a reason to be jealous. He was married to an American once before and they had a son and then his wife left him to go back to America and she took the boy with her. Biniyam has already lost one family. He doesn’t want to lose a second one and so he was rightfully concerned about Leandro. Anyone would be.

Ellie meanwhile was packing up her life. She was getting rid of everything and that was a lot. She was selling her home, her furniture, and even her business. She was giving up a lot to be with Victor and Victor might not be worth it. Victor had cheated on Ellie. He didn’t just have a sexual relationship with another woman. He had a whole other relationship with this woman and this woman contacted Ellie to tell Ellie to back off. This other woman had text messages as well as photos. She was in a relationship with Victor. Victor had to break it off with this other woman after Ellie found out and Ellie initially didn’t want anything to do with him. It wasn’t until Victor apologized over and over again and contacted her almost daily that Ellie forgave him.

Ellie’s friends don’t think she should have forgiven him. They all think Victor is a master manipulator and that there’s something deeply wrong with him to be carrying out two relationships at once. No one wants Ellie to move away. It also turned out that not many wanted Evelin to marry Corey. It seems her sister remembered how Evelin used to say she didn’t want to get married and so she asked why the change. She thought her sister might be pregnant. She asked and was told “no” and now she thinks Corey is somehow manipulating her. Lesly knows that Corey was partying with other women in Peru. She doesn’t know the full extent and neither for that matter does Evelin and so there’s a reason why Corey isn’t well-liked in her family.

Ari wasn’t well-liked by Biniyam’s sisters. They spilled the tea that Ari had Leandro stay over at her place while she was pregnant and she had to do everything possible to convince Biniyam that she hadn’t slept with her ex-husband. She didn’t. She actually didn’t and so Biniyam’s jealousy was wreaking havoc already and he hadn’t met Leandro yet, but at least he was willing to marry Ari. He wasn’t Sumit. Sumit still isn’t ready to get married again. He was dragging his feet and Jenny seems to finally be done with it.