90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap 10/03/21: Season 3 Episode 6 “Proceed With Caution”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap 10/03/21: Season 3 Episode 6 "Proceed With Caution"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, October 3, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 3 episode 6 “Proceed With Caution,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Ellie agrees to stay and help Victor rebuild their home. Alina discovers more about Steven’s social media activities. Armando makes excuses for his dad. Ari and Bini receive some troubling news about their son.”

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Alina and Steven are still going strong. They’ve been in Turkey for a week. The two of them recently moved into a place together and this was the first time that the two would cohabitate. Steven originally didn’t want to live with her. He thought that would test them and test their faith. Steven doesn’t wish to be intimate outside of marriage because of his religion. He also wasn’t ready to get married anytime sooner. He still thinks they should get to know each other better before they take that next step and so Alina is ready while Steven was not. Steven didn’t even stop dating other people after they got together. They had been dating online when they met for the first time two months after they started talking and then they were together for all of two weeks. Steven didn’t think that was long enough for commitment. And so he continued dating.

Steven didn’t stop dating other people until he and Alina agreed on Turkey. They were going to move to Turkey for however long they could and they would decide there if they wanted to get married or not. Steven didn’t tell Alina he was dating other people. He said that dating the others helped him realize that Alina was it for him and so that begged the question of why he wasn’t ready to get married. Alina was wondering that about that, too. She and Steven were talking and he admitted that he never stopped dating and that hurt her because she did stop seeing other people. They also discussed it when they first got together. He asked her if he could see other people and she told him she didn’t like that. And that means he basically ignored her wishes just so he could be “sure”.

Ariela and Biniyam visited the doctor for their son. Their son Avi had a bulge that showed up whenever he gets angry and so they asked the doctor about it. The doctor examined the boy. He saw the bulge and he gave his opinion. He thought the bulge was a hernia. It turns out babies can get those as well and the doctor said it could be treated with surgery. He wanted to perform surgery on Avi. Ariela wanted the surgery done, but she wasn’t sure she wanted it done in Ethiopia. Ariela or Ari as she likes to be called had thought the surgery would be better in the United States. She wanted to take the baby on a visit to see her parents and have the surgery there. She still has insurance back home. They could use that for the surgery and her parents would also get to see their grandson in person.

There was just one problem with this idea. It would exclude Biniyam. Biniyam couldn’t visit the States because the States has closed their borders to all tourists and even the embassy in Ethiopia was closed. Biniyam wouldn’t be able to go with his family for this surgery. He also couldn’t take the risk that Ari would come back with the baby because this has all happened to him once before. Biniyam was married to an American woman once before who took their son to the States and never came back. Biniyam is permanently separated from his older son. His family hasn’t seen the boy since his mother took him and so Biniyam doesn’t want Ari to go to the States with their son. He was comparing Ari to his ex-wife. His family compares them as well. They practically begged Ari when they first met her to never take the boy away from them and now she’s considering it.

Ari said it was only going to be for the surgery but Biniyam and he remained distrustful. He also doesn’t trust her ex-husband. He thinks that Ari is still in love with her ex-husband. Ari remained friends with Leandro after the divorce. She tells everyone that’s her best friend. She told Biniyam that Leandro will always be a part of her life and so Biniyam suspects she is sleeping with Leandro or at least wants to sleep with Leandro. Ari has never given Biniyam a reason to doubt her. She wasn’t like Steven. Steven literally had other relationships behind Alina’s back. He also hasn’t stopped talking to women online. Alina decided to test him by having a friend of hers message him.

Her friend Masha sent a flirtatious message to Steven. He saw it and responded to it. He didn’t outright flirt with her. There was no reason to doubt he simply was responding and so Alina wanted to up the ante. She had Masha sent another and more flirtatious than before message. The two women wanted to prove one way or another if Steven was unfaithful. Steven could excuse everything that happened before he came to Turkey. He couldn’t walk back everything that happened after he and Alina started seriously considering marriage. Another one that had everyone in doubt was Victor. Victor and his fiancé Ellie have been together for a while. She was living in the States mostly and he was living on the island Providencia. And he apparently used that as an excuse to conduct a whole other relationship with one woman in particular.

This other woman knew about Ellie. She contacted Ellie to threaten her and tell Ellie to leave her man alone. Ellie did just that. She ended things with Victor and he contacted her, later on, to tell her his relationship with the woman was over. He stopped his cheating. He told Ellie he changed his ways and she took him back. Not only did she take him back, she also gave up everything to move down to Providencia. She now lives there and she realized that living down wasn’t an option. The island had been ravished by a hurricane. Most of the island was destroyed and Victor’s house was one of the few buildings still standing. Victor thinks they could stay down there until the area is rebuilt. He doesn’t want to live with his family.

Especially not after such a devastating tragedy. Victor wanted to stay in his country and Ellie is not sure she can do it. The country wasn’t a first-world country, to begin with. It’s now damaged beyond repair and so Ellie doesn’t think they can stay on the island for long. They might have to look at other alternatives. Speaking of alternatives, Sumit’s mother is hating the fact that Sumit divorced his ex-wife to get together with Jenny. Jenny was the same age as the mother. She couldn’t give the woman grandchildren and she also wasn’t Indian. All of which led to the many reasons why the other woman hates Jenny. She didn’t take the engagement news well. She later called up Sumit and threatened him. She told him that she doesn’t wish anything good for him.

She blamed his father for not stopping him. She was just out of control and it goes back to Sumit’s ex-wife. His ex-wife was like a daughter to his mother. He did have a sister once. The sister died at eight months and his mother has never been the same. She now looks at the woman her sons marry as the daughter she tries to replace and Jenny wasn’t fitting in. It was the age thing. It was the race thing. It was also the fact that Sumit was willing to go against everyone in order to be with Jenny and that meant his parents couldn’t control him anymore. His mother went crazy about that. Jenny suggested therapy because the woman never did deal with the death of her daughter and so that made Sumit realize that maybe some counseling would help him with his family.

Counseling however wasn’t going to help Biniyam. Biniyam’s fiancé made the decision to go to their States with their son for the baby’s surgery and he freaked out. At first, he accused her of cheating when she tried to talk to him. She eventually told him that she booked the trip to the States for the baby and so he calmed down some. Just not by much. Kenneth and Armando finished visiting Armando’s family. His family for the most part agreed to come to the wedding. It was his dad who still needed time to think about it and not everyone else. Everyone else seemed welcoming to Kenneth. They were nice to his daughter. They were nice to him. They also didn’t try to guilt Armando out of his decision like last time.

Armando and Kenneth were getting married. They weren’t going to walk it back and they were going to be together no matter how many people showed up at the wedding. Meanwhile, Air met up with Biniyam’s sisters. Things hadn’t gone great the last time the three women met up. Biniyam’s family as a whole were still worried about Ari taking the baby from them and so they judged Ari for what the ex-wife did. They were just as if not more suspicious than Biniyam was of Ari’s every decision. Ari, therefore, decided to tell the sisters herself. She went with the sisters to a spa. It was unlike any spa that Ari has ever been to because butter was put in her hair and she set over a steaming hole in the ground that was supposed to tighten her uterus. And then there was the facial.

Ari had coffee and honey rubbed all over her place. The spa in Ethiopia was an entirely new experience for Ari. But she still gave it a shot and she did so because she wanted to tell the sisters about visiting the States with the baby. She told them that their nephew needed surgery. A surgery they wouldn’t be able to afford in Ethiopia what with neither her nor Biniyam working right now because of the pandemic and so Ari really does have a great reason for leaving the country. She also did her best to reassure her sisters-in-law that she will come back and they didn’t believe. They’re judging her for what another woman did to them. And it hurt Ari because she thought she prove that she was different from Biniyam’s ex-wife with everything she did to bend over backward for the family.

And later Steven came clean to Alina. He told her that he wasn’t a virgin.