All Rise Recap 05/03/21: Season 2 Episode 14 “Caught Up in Circles”

All Rise Recap 05/03/21: Season 2 Episode 14 "Caught Up in Circles"

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, May 3, 2021, season 2 episode 14 called, “Caught Up in Circles,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise season 2 episode 12 as per the CBS synopsis, “Mark and Sam think their “Lola is conflicted when a former judge she idolized is accused of bribery and is representing herself in a bench trial; Mark moves forward with the case against McCarthy and he and Corrine Cuthbert each get one unchallenged request for a new judge.

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In tonight’s All Rise episode, Judge Lola Carmichael was barely back to work from maternity leave when suddenly she was given a tough case. She was presiding over the People Vs Judge Prudence Jenkins. Her fellow judge was being brought up on bribery charges and to make things worse she was representing herself. Jenkins fired her lawyer. Albeit not before she turned one of the toughest defense attorneys into a crying mess and so she was fearsome.

She scared plenty of people while on the bench. She was doing her best to do so even now when she could lose it all. Jenkins was a tough defendant and Lola was having a hard time reprimanding her for anything she says or does because Jenkins refused to be reprimanded and it was clear to everyone that Jenkins didn’t see Lola as her equal. She saw her as her inferior.

Jenkins was breaking down barriers while Lola was at law school. Lola took inspiration from Jenkins because it was Jenkins who made her realize she could become a judge and so she wasn’t annoyed at first with Jenkins’s antics. She dismissed them in the beginning. It wasn’t until Jenkins repeatedly tried to usurp her position in court that Lola finally felt the need to speak up and she told Jenkins to watch herself. Jenkins was in court because the District Attorney believes she gave a defense attorney a fair hearing in return for him donating to her favorite charity.

This defense attorney had acted inappropriately with her several times in the past and he allegedly tried to bribe her with tickets to a play before he made this donation to a charity close to the judge’s heart. This charity was well-known for being connected to Jenkins.

Jenkins told everyone about this charity. She herself gave as much as she could to a charity that helps queer kids after they find themselves on the street and so a fifty thousand dollar donation to this charity could have been another way this defense attorney chose to be inappropriate, but the District Attorney’s office in her own case had witnessed. Her former court assistant was brought in.

Jenkins had seemingly fired her after several mistakes and the biggest mistake was that Jenkins was embarrassed. Jenkins fired her assistant after she was late to a courtroom. The assistant has never forgiven the judge for firing her over something so “simple” and she let on in the courtroom how she couldn’t wait for the judges to now lose everything.

The other witness was Andre Buckingham. He was the defense attorney who didn’t know where the lines were and he was facing several charges himself and so that’s why he turned on the judge. He was claiming he bribed her for a result he wanted in a trial with his biggest client. Jenkins proved in court that he couldn’t be trusted and that he would say anything to save his own skin. Buckingham made a deal that would keep him out of jail.

He didn’t care what happened to the judge and so the judge had to defend herself. She even wanted to go on the stand. She informed Lola of this and Lola tried to talk her out of it. Only Jenkins told her she should give way to the more experienced judge on this matter. And Lola did because Jenkins had gotten her on edge with small comments all day long about how she knows the job better than Lola.

Lola had complained about it to Sherri during a break in the courtroom. She normally would have turned to Mark instead and unfortunately, he was busy. He was busy making a case against Deputy McCarthy. He had only taken time from the case to talk to his girlfriend Amy. Amy hasn’t spoken to him since she kicked him out of the house for kissing another woman and so any opportunity to talk to her was a good one.

Amy reached out because she wanted to make peace. She thought they needed to have an honest conversation and so Amy suggested they go for a hike. It’s something they started to do together during the lockdown. He agreed and now they have a date of sorts. Mark was looking forward to it but he didn’t know Amy was going to tell him her big secret.

Amy is still married to someone else. Her ex-husband Collier was sick and he had been using Amy’s health insurance to get treatment and so he’ll lose that in the divorce. Amy hadn’t known about it until she came across Collier’s bills while she was at his apartment. She saw how expensive it will be if he loses insurance and that made her question if she should go ahead with the divorce.

With her mind changing about that, Amy once again went back to Mark’s office and she told him that they needed to talk. She suggested they talk back at home. Which Mark took as a good sign. He thought his girlfriend was forgiving him and that they could go back to the way things were before and so he didn’t see the danger. And the hits kept coming for Mark.

Mark’s big case was assigned a judge. The police union had hired a shark to defend their interests and she shot down the first judge and so the next judge in line to take the case was Lola. The same Lola who could prove to be Mark’s Achilles’s heel if he wasn’t careful. Lola meanwhile was dealing with her case with Jenkins.

It was proved in court that Jenkins knew the donation was going to be made before it was actually made and that she warned the person who runs the charity about it. Jenkins clearly took a bribe. She did it for her charity Rainbow Doors and the money went to a good cause however it has now sunk her career as a judge. Lola later found Judge Jenkins guilty. Jenkins tried to tell Lola that she doesn’t know much about the law because she was only two years in as a judge. Yet, Lola fought back.

Lola said she once thought Jenkins blazed a new trail for her only now Jenkins was standing in her way. Jenkins was a corrupt judge and she painted everyone with that brush now. Now, other judges will be side-eyed after a ruling because of her. Lola handled Jenkins and then Mark told her about how she was chosen to be a judge in his case. Right away, Lola said they wouldn’t be able to talk for a while and she said it wouldn’t hurt them. She thought they will be fine in the end.

Luke had been given an opportunity to give his take on a parole hearing and he chose to side against the perp. The guy was serving life for killing his supposed best friend. He had been a white supremacist who was involved with a militia and he killed his friend because he thought his friend was a police informant. And while Luke believes the guy is repentant, he still sided against him because he didn’t think he had enough outside support to stay on the straight and narrow. And once he was done with that, Luke and Emily finally talked about what they are to each other and they still don’t know what to do next.

Mark later had a drink with Amy and she told him she got married young and he didn’t know what to say. He just got up and left.