America’s Got Talent Recap 07/20/21: Season 16 Episode 8 “Auditions 8”

America’s Got Talent Recap 07/20/21: Season 16 Episode 8 "Auditions 8"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, July 16, 2021, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 16 episode 8 “Auditions 8″, as per the NBC synopsis, “The auditions conclude as a variety of acts and contestants of all ages audition for the chance to win $1 million, and judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel deliberate on which acts will make it to the live shows.

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In tonight’s America’s Got Talent episode, the episode begins with Terry Crews telling us that this is the last episode of auditions, next week is the Olympics and after that, America’s Got Talent returns with the live shows. Simon Cowell says two minutes can change your life forever, the final acts need to think about that. Judges Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum join Simon at the judge’s panel.

Bini the Bunny is an Animal Act, he is on stage with his owner Shai. Shai says he knows that Bini is going to win AGT. Bini is a nine-year-old bunny. Bini bowls and fails to do a slam dunk in a basketball net, plays guitar, fails to play the piano, fails to take notes like Simon. Bini returns to basketball and does a small dunk. Howie gave him a red X but ends up giving Bini a standing ovation.

Judge’s Comments: Howie: “I like how you were in the moment and said we’ll get back to that when things weren’t working, you don’t give up, but Bini didn’t do a lot.” Simon: “This is why people prefer dogs as pets to rabbits because dogs do things and in my experience rabbits don’t do much.” Heidi: “I want to know what Bini can do next.”

It’s a yes vote from Heidi and Howie, Simon is a no, Sofia gives him a yes, Bini is moving on.

Savannah Robertson is s singer, she is twenty years old from New Jersey and she says everyone says she looks like Beyonce but she just wants to be herself. Savannah sings, “Rise Up.”

Judge’s Comments: Howie: “I think you are going to be a star.” Simon: “You have an amazing star and great taste as well.” Sofia: “I am going to give you the first yes.”

Four yes votes get Savannah to the next round, Simon says she doesn’t even know how good she is.

Zac Taylor is from the UK, he is sixteen years old and a singer.

Judge’s Comments: Sofia: “That was adorable, I think the girls are going crazy, wow.” Simon: “You are very cool and very current, that is really genuine and it made a difference.”

Four yes votes get another singer through.

Gabriella Laberge is from Montreal and she is a violinist and singer.

Judge’s Comments: Sofia: “Gabriella that was beautiful, what a treat. The violin was the perfect addition to your beautiful voice.” Howie: “I was not expecting the sound that your voice is you are angelic.” Heidi: “At first when you began with the violin I thought it was going to be like a wedding reception and then you sang and it was beautiful.” Simon: “It was definitely better in the second part. It was clever, interesting and a good act.”

Four yes gets Gabriella on to the next round.

Medhat Mamdough is from Cairo, Egypt and he plays the recorder and is a beatbox musician. He wants to have his own show in Vegas and his own theatre.

Judge’s Comments: Sofia: “Is that a traditional song? (it’s an original) I am obsessed with it, I enjoyed it.” Heidi: “When you started I was hoping something else would happen and then it did and I was like, what is happening.” Simon: “I am dreading this, it is nothing personal, I hate recorders because I used to have to play them.” Howie: “We don’t hate the recorder but we were forced to play it in school, so just seeing one, is ugh. But you added the beatbox and made it trendy and that was surprising.”

Four yes votes for Medhat to continue on this journey with his recorder.

Sergio Paolo is a juggler from Chile, he is twenty-four years old and performs rebound juggling.

Judge’s Comments: Sofia: “That was spectacular, it was crazy, you are a showman, your face, your body, and I am so happy you have Columbian blood in you.” Howie: “I love it, I love under the table and going up the stairs.” Simon: “Your presentation was amazing, it was way better than this kind of act we have seen previously.” Heidi: “It was lightning speed, it didn’t look real all the time, I loved it too.”

Sergio is moving on to the next round with four yes votes.

Erik and Shelly Linder are ballroom dancers, they are married. Heidi, Simon, and Sofia give them red X’s, they are not going through. Heidi: “You are nice dancers but in the past, we have seen people do flips, spins.” Howie: “There is no denying you have skill but there is no wow factor.” Sofia: “It didn’t feel fresh or exciting.” Simon: “it felt like you were in a rehearsal.”

Pasha is an entertainer, he and his wife Aliona perform together but she missed her flight, he is in a jam and he is trying to decide what to do. Howie says the show must go on. Pasha says he is worried and only asks for an opportunity. The judges don’t know what to make of the act, it looks like two mannequins dancing on the stage, but they are revealed and it is Pasha.

Judge’s Comments: Heidi: “It was weird.” Sofia: “I loved it, so surprising.” Simon: “You got us, we were thinking this was going to be terrible and it was great, it was a great surprise, I loved it.” Howie: “I will start you off with a yes.”

Four yes votes and Pasha and his mannequins are making it through.

We then get to see a variety of what Heidi calls “fun acts,” Charming Bears are dancing bears, they are from Utah and do silly dances. They make it through. Jonas McCentro is a wheel artist that hits tennis balls at the same time. Howie loves him. Anna McNulty is a 19-year-old contortionist and all four judges put her through. The Science Wizard does improv comedy. Lewberger is a comedic band from California who hails Terry Crews. Simon looks shocked.

Dylan Zangwill is a 14-year-old singer and keyboard player from Philadelphia who loves classic rock.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “That was spectacular, what a surprise, you look like a sweet boy and then such a powerful voice, I loved it.” Howie: “For me, I got connected to the joy, the happiest place you can be is performing for us.” Heidi: “I loved it too, amazing. You can see how comfortable you are singing and playing for us.” Simon: “It was a great addition, you are really good and I think there is a lot more to come from you.”

Four yes votes for Dylan.

Rialcris comprises of three brothers from Columbia and Sofia couldn’t be happier. They are hand balancers.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “Not because you are Columbian, but that was my favorite act so far. Thank you for coming, that was so amazing.” Howie: “The act was amazing.” Heidi: “When you had everyone on your head it was incredible, it was crazy.” Simon: “I think that you are brothers make it more special, this is exactly the kind of act that AGT is all about, I will be the first to give you a yes.”

The Columbian brothers move ahead to the next round.

Mike Goodwin is forty five years old and he is a stand-up comedian from South Carolina. He did four years of active duty, then went to college and got married. His wife recently told him to do comedy full-time and he was like, ok. His inspiration is his family and they are excited that he is there.

Judge’s Comments: Howie: “You are very good, very likable, and very relatable as a parent, and I want to thank you for your laughter that we need now more than ever before.” Heidi: “I loved it, I was laughing the entire time, it was clever.” Sofia: “It was creative and we were all laughing and enjoying what you were doing.” Simon: “Mike it was interesting, you started off slow, you got better and better, more confident. This was a good audition and people are going to root for you.”

Mike makes it to the next round with four yes votes.

Anica is a realtor during the day and singer on the side, Simon is not impressed but she makes it through because as Sofia says, “you are really nice and deserve a chance.”

An oversized cake is pulled out on stage and a woman jumps out of it. Mary bowers is a competitive eater, she is world-ranked and she says the cake is 60 pounds worth, 22 pounds of icing, and 184, 200 calories, and she is going to eat her way free. Heidi and Simon hit the red X buttons. She says she is ranked 47 as a competitive eater in the world. She doesn’t make it through.

Pizza Man Nick Diesslin is a pizza dough tosser. He is 29-years old, a web developer by day and Pizza Man by night. Nick asks Howie to join him on stage.

Judge’s Comments: Howie: “You were great, but what a waste of meat.” Heidi: “The Pizza Man was really cool, you can build on that, I have never seen this before, it was unique and a surprise.” Sofia: “The whole thing was fun, that is what it was.” Simon: “I thought you were an idiot when you were talking, but it was my favorite audition.”

Four yes votes for Pizza Man.

Kidjay is a 21-year-old rapper from Michigan. The judges love him and his positive message, he makes it through.

DFlex is a contortionist from Nigeria who claims that he is the most flexible man in Nigeria. A standing ovation from the judges.

Judge’s Comments: Heidi: “I loved it and I loved your facial expressions, it was weird and beautiful at the same time, and thank you for coming all this way to show your talent.” Howie: “It seemed like it meant so much to you and it was so wonderful.” Sofia: “It was spectacular, your energy and you had fun, we love you.” Simon: “I love people like you who are passionate about what they do, it is the determination and the charisma, you are an example of what we look for on this show.”

Four yes votes for DFlex.