Animal Kingdom Recap 08/22/21: Season 5 Episode 7 “Splinter”

Animal Kingdom Recap 08/22/21: Season 5 Episode 7 "Splinter"

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom returns with an all-new Sunday, August 22, 2021 episode and we have your Animal Kingdom recap below. On tonight’s Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 7  called, “Splinter” as per the TNT synopsis, “Pope confronts his demons with the help of a desert guru; Deran marks his territory as J handles business; Craig struggles with the demands of fatherhood.”

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In tonight’s Animal Kingdom episode, Pope is struggling. He’s always had his issues. He was a young kid with a mother a little too interested in pulling heists than she was about her emotionally scarred son. Pope’s issues only got worse as he got older.

He came to see his mother as the manipulative psychopath she truly. Her last day on earth was spent trying to kill them both because she didn’t think Pope could survive in the world without her. She died, but Pope survived and he hasn’t been the same since. He went looking for spiritual guidance. He found a guru and his commune. Pope ran into some problems there as well because there had been a guy who could “sense” his darkness. And once this guy sensed darkness, the others began picking up on it.

They politely asked Pope to leave. He did. He left with a young woman from the commune and he showed her his gun. She played with it. She shot at things and so Pope stood in front of her wanting her to shoot him next. Pope has a death wish. He’s had one ever since he was little and it’s only gotten worse.

He needed help. He initially thought the commune could help and they pushed him away. He next thought this young woman he met there could assist him. Only she didn’t shoot him. She brought him to a house he had never seen and she stripped down into her underwear so that she could go swimming in the pool. Pope hadn’t been sure if he wanted to join her at first. He wasn’t really the time.

But then Pope went into the pool. He went in fully clothed and just threw himself in. Pope used to love swimming as a kid. He loved getting back into the pool and he was enjoying himself until his new friend tried to kiss him. Pope pulled away. He didn’t want to be kissed. He didn’t feel he earned it. Pope has done a lot of bad things in his life and he told his friend that he didn’t deserve happiness.

Pope even said that the man back at the commune had been right. He has darkness in him and it’s been there for a long time. Pope has been remembering his past. He remembers watching Craig’s father get beaten up. He remembers when his mom entrusted him and his sister to one of her goons only for the goon to ask them to stay inside with the doors locked while he gambled.

Pope’s problems go way back. All of their problems go way back and none of them are making it any better. Craig was antsy to go back to his old self. He loved the partying Craig who had no concerns in the world and now he’s a father. His one and the only child spend so much time with the babysitter that Craig’s brother Deran told him he wasn’t a good father. Which is true.

Craig is a terrible father and his girlfriend is a terrible mother. The two of them are constantly focusing on the wrong thing. They each wanted to do a job and when Craig told his girl that she couldn’t join them – she decided to go back to dealing with drugs. There was just one problem with that, though. No one wanted her back in the business and she got turned away.

Ren got so mad afterward that she stole the drugs she wanted to sell. She stole from right under another drug dealer’s nose and so there might be blowback from that. Craig meanwhile decided to return to his roots. He invited everyone to the house for an infamous Cody party and he didn’t bother to tell anyone in his family. J woke up the noise.

He asked what was going on and Craig said they were celebrating having the house back. They finally got the woman to sign over the house to them. Craig, therefore, wanted to celebrate the only way he knew how. He threw a huge party with illegal drinking and drug-taking and he called it a Cody Classic. Craig’s brother Deran didn’t show up.

Deran was dealing with his own crisis. He kinda/sorta stole booze from another bar and the bar owner found out about it. The guy came to Deran asking for his booze or to be compensated, but Deran pulled a knife on him and told him to leave the bar and never come back.

Deran’s business has been going slow. He was losing clients. He didn’t know why and so he asked a friend who told him the truth. It turns out everyone believed Deran killed a man with his brothers. Knowing Deran, he probably did kill this person and his family is covering it up but sadly that decision was costing him business. No one wanted to drink at a bar owned by a murderer. Then there was Pope. Pope’s new friend was actually a mother.

A mother lost custody of her son to her ex-husband because she dared to divorce a rich man. Her ex-husband was vindictive and he went out of his way to keep their son away from his mother. Pope felt bad for his new friend. He wanted to do something about it and nothing good would come from that.

And unfortunately, J learned some bad news. J learned that the DEA is interested in his family and that they’ve started asking questions about Deran.