Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap 10/05/21: Season 7 Episode 11

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap 10/05/21: Season 7 Episode 11

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Tuesday, October 5, 2021, episode, and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 11 as per the ABC synopsis, “Paradise is coming to a close and after last week’s shocking breakup of the couple “Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After,” the remaining beachgoers have some serious thinking to do about their futures. But first, they’ll need to make it through the season’s final rose ceremony.

Who will choose to spend the night in a fantasy suite? Who will leave Paradise heartbroken? Who will get down on one knee? All these questions and more will be answered on the special three-hour season finale.”

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 11 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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Tonight’s episode begins with the end of the prom celebration from the last episode. Everyone is dancing and having fun, but Anna feels this weird tension in the air, she doesn’t know what it is but she hasn’t seen Noah and Abigail and she is worried. Joe says it wouldn’t be a prom without someone crying.

Noah sits down with Abigail, she says she was going to tell her that she was falling in love with him too. She tells him that if he feels like they are in the friend zone he shouldn’t have told her that he loved her. She says he is right, he is not her person, she just wants to forget about this and move on. Noah hugs her and says goodbye. He wouldn’t change the experience, he doesn’t regret trying to make it work, he is not walking away with any regrets. Noah leaves.

Abigail tells everyone else that Noah has left, she says he was thinking they were in the friend zone for a while now and just decided to tell her this evening. The women assure her that she did nothing wrong, this is all on Noah. Mari doesn’t understand it. If Noah has been feeling this way for a while now, why tell her at the end of paradise and why tell her the day before that he was falling in love with her. She doesn’t think it is cool, he didn’t tell anyone else, he didn’t face them, he ran like a coward. Abigail leaves as well, she says it is going to take a while to get over this, she was blindsided and doesn’t know why he got her all happy and excited, then pull that away. She really thought they would leave there together.

Joe says Abigail and Noah breaking up is a reality check for everyone. The next day, Becca thinks it is very weird that a strong couple went home and now everyone is scrambling to figure things out.

Everyone gathers for a cocktail party, Joe tells everyone that they owe to themselves to have real conversations tonight. Wells arrives and asks Serena if she had fun, she says yes, but she felt bad for Noah and Abigail. Wells says they have reached a crossroad, are they in love, do their partner feel the same way, will they take their relationships to the next level. Wells says he is canceling the cocktail party, he hopes they have all said what they need to say to each other. He gives them a few minutes to gather their thoughts, then they are going into the rose ceremony.

Time for the fifth rose ceremony. Time is running out in paradise and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Are their relationships ready for the next step? Can they see an engagement in their future, or is it time to go? The men have the roses to give, at least two women will be going home tonight. In the end, the roses are all predictably give out and both Chelsea and Natasha head home. Becca tells the remaining cast that it is great that they are all there now and toasts to them.

During breakfast the next morning, Wells breaks it up and says he has an announcement. He says last night was an emotional rose ceremony. Today they have to make decisions that will affect their lives forever. But he is bringing friends who know how they feel, Caelynn and Dean. He tells the group that they are more in love than they have ever been before and there is not a day that goes by that he isn’t grateful for paradise. Caelyn announces that there will be fantasy suite dates, they have to look hard at their relationships and decide what they want.

The men sit together, Kenny says he is worried, he is 40 years old and Mari is 25 years old, which is a big difference, she might not be ready for something serious at such a young age. That is his only concern, he doesn’t know if she is ready. They sit down together and she says she feels good about them. Kenny tells her he felt good about her from day one, maybe love at first sight. He voices his concern about her age, with fantasy suite tonight, it is the next step to solidify what happens when they leave paradise, they need to be a thousand percent on the first page. She says she always wanted to get married at a young age, she wants to go to the fantasy suite and she hopes they both come out of it making the same decision. Mari is hoping that she will wake up an engaged woman, she is certain how she feels about Kenny, if he proposed, she is saying yes.

Becca is talking to the women, she tells them that she is anxious she really didn’t think she would find someone that she would like to spend time with. But, she needs more and doesn’t know if she can get it from Thomas. They walk away and go for a talk, he cherishes all their time together, he knows what he has with Becca and knows what it could be. It is special and something he has never had before. He tells her that he is happy, he knows how he feels about her and it is not just an end of their time there. It could be something special, he was looking for that, he didn’t know it would feel this good. He says his cards are on the table, he wants to know how she feels. She says she came to get a nice tan and meet some friends, he was unexpected and he is so good and being supportive and positive. But sometimes, it feels be good to true and she doesn’t feel confident leaving with someone that she doesn’t fully know. She thinks the best thing for the two of them is to not go to the fantasy suite and not being there tomorrow. He says when he looks at her everything inside of him screams that he is falling in love with her. She says she doesn’t feel it. He says he can’t make sense of them throwing everything away. She says something is lacking, she feels like she knows a part of him, not all of him. He tells her that he trusts the decision that she is making, it’s going to suck. He tells her that he is going to go, he gets up and leaves. Thomas up and leaves the beach, Becca runs after him. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to leave thinking that she doesn’t care. He is crying and tells her to let him go. She says she has to trust herself in this decision right now, she kisses him, he leaves. She gets into another car and she leaves as well. She is crying, she says it sucks that she didn’t see the other side of Thomas that she wanted to see. She was pretty confident in her decision, but then when she told him she saw another side to him and now she is torn.

Ed goes off to speak to Mykenna, Kenny says classic Ed is going to try to go to the fantasy suite with a girl he just met. Ed tells her that he didn’t think he would form a spark with her and love to see where it would go. She feels like she is struggling because they are so far from each other, she doesn’t know if they have built a strong enough bond, there is something missing for her and she doesn’t think she can be what he is looking for. He says again he has this spark with her and wants to explore it outside of paradise. She says she wants to say let’s try this, but she thinks it is better just to end things there, she doesn’t think she is his person. He wants to make plans to see each other. She says she thinks she should leave alone and they should go their separate ways. She walks away and he gets up, shouts to the men that he has been dumped.

Anna and James are next, she is so glad that he is there, he has made her calm down and be comfortable. She wants it to go well so badly, but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. This past year not much has gone right for her and she really wants this to go right. She tells him that she likes him and would like to see where this can go. He says he is not in a place right now where he could fall in love and they owe it to themselves to find the right one. She says she feels let on, he says he is sorry and it wasn’t an easy decision. They get up and both walk in different directions. Anna is upset, she feels like she can’t catch a break. She came there ready to make something work and this stung more than she thought it would. She says she should have known better, she just wanted it so bad and she wanted it to be real. Hurting Anna was hard for James, but the last thing he wants to do is tell her that he wanted to explore a relationship with her when he knows that she is not his person. Jamie goes to speak to Aaron and tells him lets go. Aaron says ok, but give him a minute to speak to Tia.

Aaron tells her they need to do this fast, he says the last couple of days have been great and he cares about her, but James is waiting and they are about to bounce right now. She asks him if he is kidding? James and Aaron leave, Maurissa calls them tweedled dee and tweedled dumb, they can’t live without each other. James piggybacks Aaron off the beach. They say bye to Wells and leave. James says the only love he found is a best friend in Aaron. In the car they both tell each other they love each other and laugh. James says it was the only way to leave paradise. Tia says she is done trying to find love in paradise, she is single and no more men, see ya never paradise.

Riley and Maurissa go off for a talk. She is confident with their relationship, she loves what they have and doesn’t want it to end. He tells her that it has been an interesting day and got him thinking about them. He says there was a spark between them. She says she doesn’t want it to end. He says it came out of nowhere when they hit it off. She says she would love to go to the fantasy suite with him. He says they have to know for sure if they want to continue this, he has been thinking all day and all he can say, he is in love with her. They hug each other and kiss. She tells him that is the meanest thing he could have done, they both laugh.

Joe calls Serena for a talk. He tells her that part of what attracted him to her is how she handled it when his ex, Kendall, showed up. He says it has been worth it this time because of her, he is happy that he let his guard down and let it happen. She says he is the only guy that she has butterflies about, she is happy they are together and it is just right. The moment they told each other that they loved each other was the highlight for him and he wants to spend the night with her in the fantasy suite. She tells him that she is in love with him, he says he loves her too, very much so. She feels so good with Joe and this relationship has brought out the best in her, she is very happy.

Caelynn and Dean rejoin the final three couples, they tell them it is time for the fantasy suites, they need to have open and honest conversations. Sadly this is the last time they are going to see each other there. The next time they see each other will be at their own private rose ceremony. Riley says it is a scary feeling that paradise is over, tonight they have to have grownup talks; how they want to raise kids and the more important things in life. Kenny is very excited to have the night with Mari, but his only concern is if she is ready or not. Joe is excited to have the night with Serena, the last time Kendall broke up with her on the beach before fantasy suite, so this is scary for him.

Joe says he is not someone who talks about his feelings, but It is easy with Serena. She on the other hand says she is so in love with Joe, if he proposes, it will be hard to say no.

Kenny says nobody expects him to get married or have kids, but meeting her has changed the course of his life. He says he wants to make sure that she is in a place where she wants this with him. She says she knows she is twenty-five, she has friends who party all the time, but she is not into that. Nobody expected her to come to paradise and be serious about someone but there is this undeniable feeling with him, she has such a good feeling about this. He says his family doesn’t say I love you to each other, they express their love by calling each other names. It is not something he says or throws around very often. He knows that he loves her, she says she loves him too and they kiss. He says it took him forty years to find the love of his life, he doesn’t know how this all happened. She loves that they said they love each other, she feels more secure about her future with him.

Maurissa tells Riley that she wants to be there with him no matter what, an engagement is a reassurance. She knows that he is her person, one hundred percent. He says he is so close to having everything he ever wanted, this is a start of a family. He had this dream since he was young, it is Sunday morning, his wife is sleeping and he hears the pitter-patter of little feet and he gets up to make his kids breakfast, then they go play wife. For him, it is quality time with family, he doesn’t need or want anything more than that. When he is with her, he sees Sunday morning, which feels unbelievable. He knows for certain, there is no question that he loves her and he could get engaged to, this is it.

The three couples head to the fantasy suite, pope open champagne, and spend the night together.

The next morning, Joe tells Serena that he thought he would be nervous but he is not. He is in love with Serena, there is no denying that, but are they there yet, at an engagement. He tells her that last night was great, he had a really great time with her. He was happy to be alone with her, it was like being in the outside world. Joe says they took their relationship last night to another level, emotionally and mentally. He feels confident to get engaged to her and leave with her.

Kenny and Mari are awake, she says she is nervous, she has never been engaged before. She is in love with Kenny, he makes her feel loved and she feels so confident. If Kenny decided not to move forward with her beyond paradise it will be heartbreaking.

Riley and Maurissa are awake, she asks him if he can imagine this every morning. She tells him she got her person, the best one ever, he says him too. She says last night was so head over feels and she cannot imagine her life without Riley, she could be engaged by the end of this. He tells her that he is going to think some more today, she says what? And he walks away. He doesn’t know if he is ready and if he can actually go through with a proposal, she is crushed, his being unsure about a proposal means he is unsure about her. It hurts that he is unsure. She was excited, ecstatic, and confident, but now she is very unsure.

It’s time for Kenny and Mari to meet down on the beach for their final rose ceremony. She tells him that she came with an open heart and high hopes, and he is worth fighting for and she hopes they can have a relationship outside of paradise. Kenny says as soon as she came through the gates of paradise, he was blown away by the sight of her and felt something he never felt before. They were tested in paradise, with all that being said, he is so in love with her and can’t see his life without her. He gets down on one knee, takes a ring out of his pocket, and asks her to marry him. She says yes, then she says the ring is huge.

Riley and Maurissa are next. She tells him that her life has been full of letdowns and broken promises until she met him, fairytales do exist. She really didn’t believe in love at first sight, she knew she loved him the first night she met him and she was going to do whatever she could to make him hers. He says what he is looking for is not always what you can see. It is his heart beating fast, goosebumps on his arms, that feeling is love and he loves her. He has loved her since his very first date, but he just needs to be sure. That said, he gets down on one knee and he proposes to her. She says yes.

It’s time for Joe and Serena, he says it is one of the biggest moments of his life and he is ready to get engaged to Serena. But it is not Serena walking down the stairs, it is Kendall. She waves to Joe and walks right up to him. She says probably not what he was expecting. She says when she first arrived in paradise she thought they could find a closure talk, but that didn’t happen. She came down to the beach and she was surprised by how it made her feel, she came there to fully let him go. The beach has so many memories, and he is an amazing person. She is excited for him and Serena and just wanted to tell him that. He says nothing was fake with them, they tried and it wasn’t for a lack of love. She says there is a part of her that will always love her. He says she is a catch and always will be. Kendall leaves. Serena arrives down at the beach, she tells him that between bad breakups and failed relationships she was doubtful that she could open herself up to finding love, but then she met him and she is excited about their future. She is head over heels in love with him and falls more in love with him every day. He says when he left last time he told himself he would never come back. But he did and honestly he didn’t think he would fall in love, what are the odds of that. When he thinks about it forever, it is scary, but he thinks about it with her and it feels right. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She says yes. All three couples went with their hearts and got engaged.

In the end, three couples leave engaged and are still engaged today.