Bachelor in Paradise Recap 08/23/21: Season 7 Episode 2

Bachelor in Paradise Recap 08/23/21: Season 7 Episode 2

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Monday, August 23, 2021, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “Knock, knock, Demi, ’s here! With a rose ceremony on the horizon and the men poised to hand out their stems, the ladies are feeling the pressure to find a potential match.

Guest host David Spade continues to bring the funny, but even he can’t quell the tension when the one and only Demi Burnett arrives, setting her sights on one of the beach’s most popular men.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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In tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise episode, the episode begins with the men having the roses this week, there are ten men and thirteen women. There are already some couples forming, even Grocery Store Joe got himself a girl, Serena P. Natasha feels confident, she thinks she is going to get Brandon’s rose. David Spade welcomes Demi to paradise, she was previously on the show and she was also on Colton’s season. She tells David that she is going to stir things up, he gives her a date card to help her with her mission.

The date card says, “Demi, welcome back to paradise, you know what to do.” She chooses to speak to Connor first. Maurissa is upset, she fell fast and hard for Connor, she put all her eggs in one basket. A lot of the guys are excited to see and speak to Demi, the woman, not. In the end, Demi asks Brandon to go on the date with her and he piggybacks her out of the beach area.

On Demi’s date, she has a blast going jet skiing. Afterward, the two sit down near the water for a light snack and a break and make out. He tells her that although he is enjoying his date, he still wants to keep his options open and Demi’s ego is bruised.

Back at paradise, they are talking about Brendan and Piper being an item before he got there and they were seen together recently. Natasha is surprised, when Brendan gets back she has lots of questions for him. Meanwhile, Demi is furious that she kissed Brendan and wasted her date card on him.

Serena C. is having a hard time seeing people couple up, she feels in jeopardy this week. Kelsey is another one who feels she could be on the chopping block.

Karl brings in a date card, it is for Jessenia, “time to make a splash,” and she chooses Ivan. They arrive on their date and are eating on a platform in the middle of a pool. They toast each other and are full of smiles.

Ivan tells Jessenia about his opening up with Tayshia. She says she experienced a lot of racism after the show, but she feels safe here with him, she feels like she can share her heart with him and she is happy that she came on the show. He says he definitely likes her and will be giving her a rose, she has nothing to worry about. He thinks she is beautiful, no matter what hard topic it is, she is willing to talk about them and he thinks it is needed in any relationship. It’s only been two days that they are together, but each feels like it is longer.

Brendan and Demi are not back, Natasha is waiting for him, she wants to ask those questions. All of a sudden, Demi walks in without Brendan. She feels like she got cheated out of a date and she is pissed off. She tells the woman that they had a lot of sexual chemistry and then he rejected her. Victoria tells her that Brendan has been going around with Piper before coming on the show. Demi is now even more upset, he wants his cake and eat it too. She is not going to be a second choice, she is not just going to sit there and take it. Brendan returns, all the other women get up and leave him and Demi alone.

Demi tells him that she was told he has a relationship with Piper and she wishes he was honest with her. He says he hung out with Piper, but there was no relationship. She tells him that if he has his mind on anyone else, then he should not tease her, and she doesn’t believe anything he says. Brendan walks away and Natasha is close by, she searches him out for a talk. Natasha tells him to tell her all about his date. He says they went jet skiing and had a good conversation afterward, he had fun with her but didn’t set his soul on fire. He goes on to say that he met Piper a month ago, they hung out but there are no labels on them.

Natasha asks if Piper showed up, would he explore that. He says again that his relationship with Piper has been super casual, and he has had more in-depth conversations with her and he is into her. Natasha is thrilled, out of everyone there, she genuinely enjoys being around Brendan and his energy. He is very nice and very sweet to her. Demi sees the two kissings on the beach and she breaks down.

Maurissa and Connor are flirting but she wants to know where they are going. He says there is a part of him that wants to go all-in, but another part is holding back.

James has a big crush on Victoria P., Tammy is looking at the two of them and she doesn’t trust Victoria P., she thinks she has an agenda and is on the show for another reason. She thinks James just got dumped by Katie and he is about to be played.

James has no idea, he probably thinks that he is developing a genuine connection.

Time for the Rose Ceremony, David tells Kenny that he doesn’t recognize him with his clothes on. David tells the women that the men are handing out the roses, so go out have a couple of drinks, he is leaving tomorrow and they will have a new guest host.

Tammy sees Aaron making out with Serena C., but she is not worried. She goes over there and makes out with him next, she gets right on top of him.

Victoria L. tries to hit on Brendan, and whenever Tahzjuan sees her she gets nervous because she knows that Victoria L. doesn’t have a man. Victoria L. makes a beeline for Tre and Tahzuan is upset, so she confronts her. Tahzjuan calls her selfish and going back to her old ways and it is affecting her relationship. Victoria L. says she feels bad and Tahzjuan says she is not genuine and trying to make a last effort to get a rose. Tahzjuan is not going to say anymore to her, it is not worth risking her relationship with Tre.

Tammy goes to speak to James, she tells him the truth about Victoria P. because he has no idea. She tells him that Victoria has a boyfriend who is an inspiring country singer, they have a dog together and were with each other a week ago. Tammy says she doesn’t want to see him played, and he doesn’t mean anything to Victoria P. James says this is a lot to unpack and he can’t trust his own judgment. The only thing that is left for him to do is to speak to Victoria P.

James sits down with Victoria P. he says he heard that she has a boyfriend back home from Tammy and Kelsey. She says no, she dated someone from February to May and they broke up and he encouraged her to come on the show. He is relaxed and calm, she is getting really defensive. James says he left his family, friends, and job, he wants to make sure he used his time wisely.

Victoria P. tells him that she is hurt that her friends couldn’t come to her first before speaking to him. Victoria P. then goes to speak to Tammy and Kelsey, she uses her therapy techniques to make this healthy for all of them. She says she is willing to own her mistakes, she is disappointed that they spoke to him before her. Kelsey says she is trying to blame her actions on them. They start arguing, Victoria tells them that she is putting a pause on this and walks away.

Victoria P. then starts crying and says she couldn’t come into this without an open heart. She then goes to speak to James, and Tammy watches on the sidelines and calls Victoria P. Madussa. Victoria P. tells James that she is ready to walk away from this, she hugs him and leaves. James tells everyone that Victoria P. has left, and he has spent too much time and energy on her. In the car leaving, Victoria P. says she was searching for something that she already has at home. Once Victoria P. leaves Demi and Kelsey move in on James.

Time to give out the roses, Wells hosts the ceremony. Ivan gives his rose to Jessenia, Noah to Abigail, Joe to Serena P. Tre to Taszjuan, and more. There are a few women that don’t feel confident and don’t know where their roses are coming from. Aaron gives his rose to Tammy, Kenny to Mari. The final rose of the evening is James’ rose, it is starting to get a little overwhelming for some of the women. Kelsey says she is not feeling well and Demi thinks it is all fake, she is just trying to get James’ rose. James gives his rose to Demi. Kelsey, Victoria P., and Serena C.