Bachelor in Paradise Recap 08/30/21: Season 7 Episode 4

Bachelor in Paradise Recap 08/30/21: Season 7 Episode 4

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Monday, August 30, 2021, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 4 as per the ABC synopsis, “When it comes to “Paradise,” the more, the merrier as they say. Two new men arrive, promptly choosing a pair of lucky ladies to take on a hot and heavy double date and one coupled-up cutie contemplates if she’s ready to stop exploring other options.

Meanwhile, things fall apart as one hopeless romantic learns the object of his affection visited the Boom Boom Room with someone else and guest host Lance Bass gives his best advice to a woman who’s dying for her man to make a move. With a rose ceremony on the horizon, romantic tension is building on the beach, but the biggest conflict of the night is about much more than a rose – just ask Aaron and Thomas.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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In tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise episode, the episode begins with Maurissa and Riley, everyone is looking for them and they are in bed. Demi says they are in the boom boom room, for Connor’s sake, hopefully, she lets go of him. Karl thinks it is a little overwhelming because the women have the roses this week. Meanwhile, Ivan thinks he and Jessenia are solid and they could walk out of this engaged.

Chris C. was from Claire’s season, barely, and he is here, arriving on the beach and he is 100% going to scoop up Jessenia. Chasen is so excited to see Chris, one of his best friends from the show. Noah sees the two guys and calls them to tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. Serena remembers Chasen, he called Tayshia a smoke show. They have a double date card, “when it comes to paradise, the more the merrier.”

Chasen pulls aside Deandra, after a little chat Chasen finds they are on the same page and she thinks he is cute. Next, Chasen asks Mari to talk and Kenny is super stressed, he thought they had a great connection. Mari tells Chasen that the women have the roses this week, he lets her know he is there to be serious and find someone to make a connection with. He asks if she is pretty far in with Kenny, she says she doesn’t think they are on the same page about exploring new things; Kenny wants to be exclusive and she wants to look around and find her person.

Chris C. asks Jessenia to talk, if he pursues her, he knows that he is going to come out on top. She tells him that she has a connection with Ivan and she feels comfortable with him. He tells her that she is the main person that he wants to spend time with, he does want a rose and he wants to stay on the beach. He feels for Ivan, but he has to steal her away.

Chasen chooses Deandra, Chris C. chooses Jessenia for their double date. Jessenia is really excited about her date, she says she had a pit in her stomach, she is comfortable with Ivan, but she is open to getting to know Chris C. Ivan can’t imagine that their date is going to be as good as theirs was.

On the double date, things get intimate when they do intimate couple exercises together. Deandra is a person that doesn’t like to be touched, but oddly enough she loves what Chasen is doing. Jessenia loved getting blown on her neck by Chris. Meanwhile, Ivan is locked in with Jessenia and he really hopes nothing happens on the double date.

Chris C. continues to woo Jessenia and tells her that he wants to continue to get to know her. He says he has never gotten a rose and he hopes she can change that. She tells him that she is filling the missing thing that she has with Ivan. Chris C. feeds Jessenia fruit and she leans in for a kiss, says it is the best strawberry she has ever had.

Demi tells Ivan that if Jessenia was 100% with him then she wouldn’t have accepted to go on the date. Maurissa thinks Ivan should be worried, he put all his cards on Jessenia. Tahzjuan thinks the guys should be worried, two more guys on the beach and the girls have roses, the guys need to up their game. Mari has the power this week, things have been going great with Kenny, but now she is having second thoughts. If someone else shows interest Mari would be open as well, she doesn’t want to close a door because of Kenny.

Mary sits down with Kenny, she tells him that if they end up together, she wants to be 100% sure and will be open to dating other men. He says she can’t go about her business and he sits back and waits to see what she is going to do, it has to be a two-way streak. He says she can’t have her cake and eat it too. He reminds her that the grass is not always greener. Mari is now wondering if she just messed things up with Kenny.

Mari sits down with Demi and tells her what happened with Kenny, she says it was a hard conversation, but she had to do it. This is Demi’s opportunity, she is falling for Kenny, he is so sexy, he likes to be naked and so does Demi. Kenny and Demi sit down and he tells her that he told Mari that he is not just going to sit in a corner while she dates other guys.

Mari sees the two and now she is upset, she doesn’t know what to do or think. Demi tells Kenny that she really wants to kiss him, he says he wants to kiss her first. Mari sees them making out, she can’t believe it, Demi was really cool and giving her advice. Demi wants to go to the boom boom room tonight and get it on. Meanwhile, Mari is crying her heart out.

Connor shows up at the bar in his best outfit, he came dressed to impress, in a silk romper-looking thing. Aaron and the boys call him a kimono convict. Connor finds out from Tahzjuan from Maurissa and Riley spent the evening in the boom boom room and he is devasted.

Natasha loves spending time with Brendan but he won’t initiate anything with her and she is getting worried. Brendan gets up and walks away, Lance moves in to speak to Natasha. She tells him that she likes Brendan but they are lacking intimacy, she doesn’t know if it is a timing thing. She says the rumor is that he is in a relationship with Piper and it crossed her mind that maybe he is still pursuing her. Lance tells her it is 2021, she could lean in and make the first move.

If she gives her rose to him, she wants to feel good about it. Later, the two sit down together. She offers to massage him, he takes off his shirt. She starts massaging and he says things are hot and heavy. She is done, lying beside him and he leans in for a kiss and thanks to her. She admits that each day he does open up a bit more, he is just very slow.

Joe gets a date card, “it’s time to fight for love.” No surprise to anyone, he asks Serena to go on the date with him. Serena is excited to go on the date, she thinks the two of them are strong, but really wants to build a stronger connection. The two arrive in a room, there is a wrestling rink and a table set for dinner in the middle of it. They both agree that they are there for the right reasons and are over their ex relationships.

All of a sudden, the lights go off in the ring. Joe and Serena are dressed up to wrestle each other, Joe looks embarrassed to be dressed up in his shiny gold outfit. Joe is 100% falling for Serena, he thinks they both are ready to fall in love.

Connor goes and pours his soul out to Wells at the bar. Ivan thinks things between him and Jessenia are really good. He searches her out, wants to tell her that he wants to go all-in with her. Jessenia tells him that she feels a spark with Chris before he even gets a chance to tell her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to leave having regrets. He tells her that he appreciates her sharing that. Noah finds out what happened and can’t believe it, he thought they were one of the strongest couples there.

Karl is pouring his heart out to Deandra when Chasen walks up and Karl asks for a few minutes. Karl tries to get out what he wants to say and Chasen is back. Karl gives Deandra a bracelet, she thanks him and Chasen walks up again as Karl is explaining what the bracelet means, awkward. Karl tells Chasen to go away and respect him. Karl kind of finishes with Deandra and she walks away with Chasen.

At the beach, everyone gathers and talks about the craziest place they have had sex. Kenny and Demi were making out earlier and Mari doesn’t look happy. Demi arrives at the beach with a chocolate cake, she tells him that she got him a birthday cake because he spent a special birthday in quarantine. Mari thinks it is comical that Demi is trying so hard.

Demi tells Kenny that she wants to go show him her other surprise, the rest can eat cake. She takes him up to an area where there is a couch and a pinata, when he hits the pinata condoms fall out. Mari knows Demi is on the Kenny train right now and she hopes it crashes. Mari is mad as hell, she thinks there is no going back and fixing it. Mari goes and takes the chocolate cake, she walks down to the fire and throws the cake in the fire.

Mari walks up to Demi and Kenny and tells Demi that she wants to talk to her quickly. Mari tells her that she feels betrayed, hurt by her. Mari asks her if she is cool at being a second option. Demi tells her that she is insulting her and she doesn’t think they are going to get anywhere, hates her, she doesn’t care.

Mari walks up to Kenny and tells him that she want to talk. She tells him that she is a little confused. She just wanted to be able to say yes to a date. He says what if she likes the person and she kisses him. He tells her that she created this. She says he misunderstood what she said to him. He says he still likes her, but at this point, she should just go do her thing. He says he didn’t want this to happen, she knew what he felt for her. Now he says it has become too toxic and it needs to go away, there is nothing there anymore.

Aaron sees Tammy straddle and make out with Thomas and is disgusted. Tre can’t believe it, he is watching also and can’t believe how Tammy is blindsiding Aaron. Meanwhile, Demi pulls Kenny into the boom boom room and gives him a special gift of her own.

Time for the Rose Ceremony, Demi says she knows where her rose is going, she feels confident about it. The women are all sitting down, ten of them, when the fourteen men walk in. Kenny says that he and Mari split and he is with Demi now. Mari tells him that it Is inappropriate to talk about that in front of everyone. Lance walks in, he tells the guys that their booty is on the line tonight.

He wishes them well and says he will see them later. Aaron asks Thomas if he can speak to him. Thomas says Tammy kissed him, he wanted to pursue a romantic level with her, but he was bringing reserved. Aaron says it was extremely disrespectful for them to make out on the day bed in front of him, he deserves respect and communication. Thomas tries to act innocent. Aaron tells him that the fact she made out with both of them on the day bed is mind-blowing. Tammy decides to go down to the beach to calm the two men down.