Bachelor in Paradise Recap 09/28/21: Season 7 Episode 10

Bachelor in Paradise Recap 09/28/21: Season 7 Episode 10

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Tuesday, September 28, 2021, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 as per the ABC synopsis, “Time is running out in paradise, but before these beachgoers can look toward the future, they’ll have to deal with the present. Ahead of the rose ceremony, the tension between Aaron and Ivan escalates, but it’s not long before a shocking discovery has everyone switching sides.

Later, those still on the beach will dance the night away at a totally rad ‘80s-themed prom where, just like in high school, there will be plenty of laughter and tears, a shocking breakup, and enough drama to fill three hours.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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Tonight’s episode begins with Aaron being very upset with Ivan for his going over to Chelsea and kissing her. Aaron says Ivan is just rose hunting since Kelsea left. Aaron hopes Chelsea sees what Ivan is doing. James thinks Chelsea will see the truth because Ivan did say to the group that there was no girl there for him.

Ivan says Chelsea came up to him and asked him to talk, he claims it wasn’t his fault, it’s not like he was going to ignore her. Aaron says it is a betrayal of trust. Natasha thinks Ivan is just desperate for a rose, she doesn’t think he has true feelings for Chelsea. Ivan claims Aaron is just a kid and he is unraveling and needs to leave.

On the beach, Aaron confronts Ivan and reminds him of what he said, that he wasn’t interested in any of the girls. Ivan tells him straight up that Chelsea wanted to talk to him. We get a replay and it’s not true, Ivan asked Chelsea. Ivan tells Aaron that he looks stupid, he should just be quiet. Ivan says again that Chelsea asked to talk and she surprised him in many ways. Aaron is crushed because the scene of the make-out happened right in front of him.

Chelsea arrives on the beach, Natasha tells her that Ivan says she pulled him, she says that didn’t happen, Ivan asked her to talk. Looks like Ivan is straight-up lying to everyone.

Aaron sits down with Chelsea and tells her that Ivan said she pulled him to the side. Chelsea tells him that they were at the bar and Ivan asked her to go talk. He says everyone was laughing at him, ganging up on him and taking Ivan’s side and he was lying. Chelsea says she is very willing, to tell the truth. When Ivan looks at the two, Aaron leans in for a kiss.

Chelsea goes to speak to Ivan and tells him that everyone is saying that he said Chelsea pulled him. He lies again, he says he didn’t say she pulled him, he says he said that she had an interest in him. Natasha thinks that Ivan is playing a strategic game, he is lying. Wills comes in and tells everyone to get ready for the Rose Ceremony.

Time for the Rose Ceremony, there are two love triangles; Tia with Blake and James, Chelsea with Ivan and Aaron. Maurissa is shocked, she never thought she would see Ivan in the middle of this. Will says he sees a lot of upset and stressed-out faces. Rose Ceremonies are not easy, but something has come up that he has to deal with first. Something happened at the hotel last night when they were sheltering from the storm. Will calls Ivan away, everyone is confused. Noah was his roommate, he has no idea what is happening. Will goes down to the beach and asks Ivan to take a seat. He asks him if he has anything to tell him. Joe says Ivan does break him as a guy who breaks the rules. Joe asks if anyone got a knock at their door from Ivan, they say no. Back to Will and Ivan, he tells him to be completely honest with him. Ivan says he was in a place last night where he was feeling lost, he had no connections, he didn’t know where to go, last night he spent time with Alexa at the hotel. He says he genuinely wanted to meet her. Will says she is not here yet so how did this come about. Ivan says there was a producer’s phone, he grabbed it, saw Alexa’s name, got excited, and called her. Will asks him if he knows the problem here, the gravity. Ivan says he was wrong, his mind was in a weird place. Will says it would mean a lot if he gathered everyone together and tell them what happened, it is better to form him. Ivan says he came there with the purest intentions.

Ivan returns to the group and tells them what happened and he apologizes to all of them and says sorry for letting them down. He tells Chelsea that if she gave him the rose, he wasn’t going to accept it. Chelsea says Ivan did her a favor and showed his true colors. He goes on to say that he is leaving paradise. Will tells Ivan that he appreciates his honesty and candor. Ivan says his goodbyes. Ivan feels like he let a lot of people down, a lot of people wanted him to find love at Paradise.

Riley feels blindsided, he stuck his neck out for Ivan, he is disappointed.

There are eight women and eleven men, three more men will be leaving paradise. Serena gives her rose to Joe, Abigail to Noah, Maurissa to Riley, Becca to Thomas, and so on. Natasha gives her rose to Ed, ending the threesome and sending Dr. Joe home. Tia gives the rose to James, Blake is out in this love triangle. Demar didn’t get a rose either, so he heads out with Dr. Joe and Blake.

Everyone is starting to realize that they are running out of time, they toast to what they all deserve and finishing what they started. The next day everyone lays in the sun and soaks in the pool. Wells shows up and introduces their new hosts for the week. They head down to the beach and find only Wells, he is the celebrity host this week. He tells them to have hard conversations to make sure these relationships work outside of paradise. More ladies are coming in and Wills will still be bartending. Kenny is distant and Mari has all these things in her mind, she is worried that something could be wrong. She sits down with him and he says he had a weird feeling the last two nights, she backed off a bit, maybe he is in a different place than her. If they are going to get engaged, he wants them both to be in the same place and he thinks it is her that it is off. He says it is fizzled, there is no passion anymore. Early on, it was really passionate, and in the last few days, it hasn’t been there. He asks her if they need to pump the brakes. Mari is blindsided, she doesn’t know where this is coming from. She knows she pulls back when she wants to protect her heart, but she doesn’t feel that this is the case with Kenny.

Anna arrives in paradise, she is from Matt’s season. Mari recognizes Anna, they were on Matt’s season together and Mari remembers all the drama that she caused and how it got her sent home. Anna asks Kenny for a talk. She asks him if he would go on a date with her and he says no, he can’t do that to Mari. Next, she speaks to Thomas, he says he is not open to date. Next is James, and he tells her that he hasn’t found his person yet, he forgot about Tia. In the end, she asks James to go on the date.

James and Anna are on their date, they are getting a massage together. There is a pit full of cinnamon and sugar, and a pitcher of melted chocolate.

Tia is not feeling good about James and Anna going on the date. Meanwhile, the first part of the massage is over, next a hostess brings boa snakes to walk and slither all over their backs. Later, James toasts a crazy day with Anna, the two are in the hot tub. James says that it is the first date that he will never forget. He says he was excited to see her because he struggled to find his person. She claims that he caught her eye right away. James pulls her to him and kisses her.

Mykenna arrives in paradise and she has a date card. She asks Thomas if would like to chat, it’s a no. Ed is next, he says he is coupled off. Aaron goes to speak to her, and she asks him to go on the date. He asks her to chat first real quick, weird answer. He tells Mykenna that he has had a hard week, but he feels like emotionally he wouldn’t be able to put himself completely on the date with her, so it wouldn’t be fair to take that away from her and someone else.

Mykenna is crying down at the beach and Ed asks her if she will take him on the date. She feels bad and wants to go home, but she gives in and hugs him. He tells her that she can’t be crying and he shouts that they are going on a date and they are going to have a good time. They hold hands and walk away.

Mykenna and Ed go rollerblading, then have dinner and share a kiss on the dance floor. Mykenna has so much fun that she doesn’t want the date to end. Meanwhile, Natasha is on the beach and says that when she gave Ed her rose, she planned on spending the rest of her time in paradise with her. She feels played.

A witch arrives in paradise she asks Kenny and Mari to go with them, she had a special calling to check in on them – she senses negativity. They go through a ritual together and admit they are both in love with each other and want a relationship off the island.

Noah tells Abigal that he is falling in love with her and she just freezes, he was hoping that she would step up, it is not a way to progress in a relationship and now he doesn’t know what to do.

The islanders find out that they are all invited to the paradise prom with an 80’s theme. Everyone is excited and says it is bittersweet. Abigail and Chelsea say that they were never asked to prom, so they are super excited. Aaron has been to prom before and he hasn’t been to the ’80s. The islands are given an array of 80’s clothes and jewelry to wear.

Wills invites everyone to prom and he tells the islands that they will be crowning paradise’s prom king and prom queen. A slow dance comes on and poor Tia walks away, she has nobody to dance with – she says she deserves to be happy and dancing too. Aaron grabs Tia, Chelsea has no idea what is going on, she has no idea what is going on and where his head is. Aaron sits down with Tia and he gives her a hand corsage and kisses her. She did not see that one coming. She kissed him more in five minutes than she kissed anyone on the island. Aaron says he is going to speak to Chelsea, he knows that she is going to be mad. Chelsea says it is rude and disrespectful, he could have at least had a conversation with her.

Everyone is dancing, everyone is having fun, the vibes are good. Pictures are taken, voting for prom king and queen. Wills calls everyone to the front and tells them there are paradise superlatives. The biggest flirt is Kenny. The best kisser of toes Maurissa. The two most likely to live happily ever after, Abigail and Noah, that is the validation that she needed. The prom king is Joe, the prom queen is Serena. Paradise’s first-ever prom king and queen.

Noah asks Abigail to go chat. He tells her that he has feelings for her and is falling in love with her. He tells her that he has had the most fun with her and he is surprised by everything and he has strong feelings for her that took him off guard. He pours his heart out to her and tells her that he isn’t sure that he is her person. She takes off her hand corsage and tells her that she is confused about him saying that he has this gut feeling that he is not her person. Abigail leaves him and goes to the bathroom. We can hear her crying inside.