Big Brother 23 Recap 09/08/21: Season 23 Episode 27 “PoV and Ceremony”

Big Brother 23 Recap 09/08/21: Season 23 Episode 27 "PoV and Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 23 airs with an all-new Sunday, September 8, 2021, episode and we have your Big Brother 23 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 23 episode 27 “PoV and Ceremony,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on Big Brother it is another PoV competition and Xavier and Alyssa will be trying to win the competition so they can take themselves off the block.”

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In tonight’s Big Brother episode, the episode begins with Tiffany, she nominated Xavier and Alyssa, she went against the Cookout and she doesn’t care, she says it is her HOH. Claire thinks this is an ideal HOH, things couldn’t be better. Meanwhile, Xavier is not happy about Tiffany’s selfish motivation because he wasn’t supposed to see the block this week.

Tiffany tells Claire that she doesn’t want Alyssa to win the POV because she will then have to pick someone to replace her in the hot seat. Alyssa goes to speak to Derek F. and asks him if he picked him for POV would he play for her, because she once saved him and took him off the block. He says yes, of course, he would return the favor. But in reality, he won’t go against the Cookout and he won’t help her.

Xavier tells Derek F. that the evil side of him wants to come out after Tiffany. He has to win the POV. It’s time to pick players for the Veto competition. Tiffany chooses Houseguest Choice and she chooses Hannah. Xavier chooses Derek F. Alyssa chooses Azah.

Zingbot returns to the BB house and everyone is excited. He calls Alyssa dumb, reveals Xavier’s secret crush on himself, calls Tiffany old, calls Claire Bigfoot, calls Hannah “who” because she is irrelevant, says Derek F. spends too much time in the toilet, listening to Kyland talk is like an endless babbling brook.

Time for the Veto Competition, the players have to stack twenty-one micro cocktails in order to win the POV. Both Derek F. and Alyssa only have one cocktail left and they knock over the micro cocktails. Xavier isn’t doing too well and just laughs. Tiffany is also having a hard time. Second time Alyssa getting it to the top. Alyssa does it, she wins the POV and she is so excited, she is safe this week. Xavier loves it, this is exactly what Tiffany didn’t want and he is happy she got it.

Derek F. tells Xavier that he is bummed that he is still on the block, Xavier tells him that he is the one that should be bummed, he is on the block. Xavier says if Tiffany puts up a member of the Cookout she will lose four votes on the jury. Meanwhile, Tiffany tells Hannah that Murphy’s Law is the story of her life. And, if Claire has to go, then she has to go. Tiffany knows that she has to put up Claire, or she is going to lose her whole game. Derek F. doesn’t know what Tiffany is going to do because he says she is selfish. Hannah tells Xavier and Derek F. that Tiffany is going to put Claire up on the block.

Tiffany sits down with Claire and tells her that her target was Alyssa and as much as she wants to ride this thing out with her, she has to put her up. Claire says they are going to vote her out. Tiffany tells her that she loves her to death and she is so torn, she doesn’t want to do this, it is only a game. Claire starts crying, she can’t be mad at Tiffany or fight her on this.

Time for the Veto Ceremony, Alyssa uses the POV and takes herself off the block. Tiffany has to name a replacement nominee, she names Claire who says she may be a lamb right now but she will go out a lion.