Big Sky Fall Recap 02/02/21: Season 1 Episode 7 “I Fall To Pieces”

Big Sky Fall Recap 02/02/21: Season 1 Episode 7 "I Fall To Pieces"

Tonight on ABC their new thriller by David E. Kelley, Big Sky premieres with an all-new Tuesday, February 2, 2021 episode and we have your Big Sky recap below.  On tonight’s Big Sky season 1 episode 7 ‘I Fall To Pieces,’ as per the ABC synopsis, “Cassie and Jenny work against the clock to find Ronald and prove Legarski’s guilt, calling on Grace to join their efforts and bravely help them in the process.

Just when all the pieces start falling into place, Ronald’s emotions get the best of him as he makes an unthinkable decision, even for him. Merilee plays an unwilling and life-changing role in turning the case on its head.

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In tonight’s episode Legarski can hear Merilee speaking to him, the nurse checks his eyes and then says she will get a doctor. He starts mumbling and then says, “shot me.” Jerrie is at home, sitting in a chair with a baseball and thinking back to when Ronald yelled at her, “you don’t learn.” Cassie gets a call from Jenny, Legarski is awake. Dr. Wong checks in on him and says they are going to help him, but they need him to help them.

He turns his head, the doctor says his eyes are open but his brain looks like it is shut. Merilee says he spoke, the doctor says he will do an EKG to see what is going on, just then he starts squeezing the doctor’s fingers really hard to the point that he is hurting him, then he starts mumbling again.

Cassie and Jenny show up at the hospital, Tubb tells them to stand down they are not cops. Jenny tells him they are going to see this through weather he likes it or not. Then he says, Grace Sullivan is going to identify the body of the fisherman and asks If they could be there. He says she could use support.

Ronald is home watching TV, he knows that Legarski is awake, but not out of the woods yet. His mother walks in and asks him what he did to himself, he says he needed to change his appearance. She say it is not a good day. Then she asks him how they got to this day, he says he valued him and said he was an asset and he fell for it after all the years that she said he was off. She says his only leverage will be to give him up.

Merilee tells her husband that he kidnapped three girls and kept them in a torture dungeon, and he is connected to a sex trafficking ring. And, when a man tried to save them, he killed them. He denies it, he says he was a Montana State Trouper. He says it never happened.

Jerrie walks in to see Cassie and Jenny, she shows them the note that was left at her door, he clearly knows where she lives. Cassie tells her it is good that she came to them. She says the other girls didn’t see his truck in the daylight or get up close like she did. She is the bigger problem for him. Jenny tells Tubb and he says he can have them periodically check her residence. He tells her that if she decides to be a cop again, he is happy to talk to her. She tells him, one patrol car every hour.

A lawyer, Penelope shows up to see Merilee, she says she was assigned by the troopers association and she will give her husband best efforts. She says he shouldn’t be talking to the police.

Ronald is in his truck listening to music very loudly, his mother knocks on his window and asks if she can join him for a minute. She climbs in beside him and she turns down the radio. She tells him the truck is impressive, very clean.

Then she says whatever their differences, she is on his side and they will find their way through this. He says the only way out of this is to stop dancing through the mud. He has hurt people, but he has never killed anyone and that might have to change. She tells him not to push it. He tells her to get out of his truck and yells in her face, so he can focus.

Cassie and Jenny are in the car driving, they arrive to be with Grace. Tubb says they are going to four wheel it as far as they can, then they will go on foot. The end up finding the body, Jenny ties to pull Grace away but Tubb tells her that Grace has to identify the body. Grace says she will do it, she identifies the man, it’s the fisherman.

Merilee is in the hospital with her husband when Ronald calls her and asks him to meet him at the river, she tells him that she will call him back. She goes back in to see her husband, he tells her that she should call his father and tell him what happened. She tells him he died three years ago.

Penelope confronts Dr. Wang about information he gave to the police and she puts him in his place and warns him to never get on her bad side. She then goes to see Legarski and tells him that he is not to speak to the police.

Merliee is taking a walk with Ronald, she tells him that he doesn’t remember anything from the last few years. She says she doesn’t know where to go. She says she just found out her husband is a murderer, kidnapper and maybe a sex-offender. She tells him that he must have some serious questions for her. Why she is married to such a monster. She asks him what he is doing, what he wants from all this. He says he is bringing her comfort and she can turn him back into a stranger any time she wants.

Legarski is sitting in his hospital bed and just staring into space.

Ronald is home, his mother tells him that Legarski is continuing to improve. They get into an argument, she says she will not sit by and watch him now start to talk of murder. She says she will pray for him and calls him filth, then she goes up the stairs.

Grace and Danielle are at the hospital about to go in to see Legarski. His lawyer reminds him not to talk. Merilee wants to go over and tell the girls she is sorry, the lawyer advises her against it. Grace goes in the room with Tubb, she sees him and says that is him, she is sure. Tubb says that is all they need. Merilee is getting into her call, Ronald calls and she says she can’t talk. She tells him that her husband’s lawyer said that maybe she should get her own laywer. He asks where she is, she shouldn’t be alone.

Ronald tells his mother she invited him to her house, he needs to get into Legarski’s safe room. She tells him that she loves him and it is unconditional, she is going to save him. She has decided to report him to the police. She says she cannot allow him to go into the trooper’s house and kill his wife. She tells him it is over, he grabs her by the neck and breaks it, then tells her look at what she made him do. Then he tells her to wake up but she is dead. He leaves his mother in the living room and heads over to the trooper’s house.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Jenny finally have a drawing of the other guy. Jerrie in the meantime is staying with friends for now.

Ronald show up at Merilee’s home, he tells it is beautiful. She tells him it was kind of him to come. He hugs her and then kisses her. She tells him she can’t do this, but she can do tea. He asks for the restroom and heads upstairs while she makes tea. She hears a noise and she calls out to him. Jenny and Cassie knock on her door and ask if they can talk, its important. Jenny shows her a sketch of her husband’s acomplance, she tells her that he is in the house, upstairs.