Chicago Fire Recap 11/10/21: Season 10 Episode 8 “What Happened at Whiskey Point?”

Chicago Fire Recap 11/10/21: Season 10 Episode 8 "What Happened at Whiskey Point?"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 10, 2021, season 10 episode 8 called, “What Happened at Whiskey Point?,” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire season 10 episode 8 as per the NBC synopsis, “Severide and Herrmann clash over office space; Boden looks at Pelham’s past as he considers making him permanent; Gallo’s resentment of Pelham comes to a head; Brett and Ritter force Violet to confront her true feelings for Gallo.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 10 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) is talking to Capp and other firefighters about how he needed to register the baby before it was even born for preschool. He’s encouraged to just send his kids to real school. Randall McHolland (Christian Stolte) finds Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) who is struggling to remove something out of his vehicle. They are greeted by Lt Jason Pelham (Brett Dalton) who offers his help and Herrmann is kind to him, but refuses his help.

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) speaks to Pelham, saying he heard he might be staying for a while. Pelham says that Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) told him their other Lt is sidelined with another project, puzzling Severide. Meanwhile, Mouch and Herrmann express their feelings about Pelham to Boden, saying he is a good guy but in the past two years he has only had 6 temporary assignments and no one trusts him enough to give him a position of his own; they get out of Boden’s hair.

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is subjected to Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and Darren Ritter’s (Daniel Kyri) need for a taste tester of their new beer. She reminds them there is no drinking in the firehouse and it is the morning shift; they plead since it is for the winter fest. Brett opens it, takes a swig and tells them it was good and tasty, covering up when Pelham walks by. She questions Gallo, who promises to be a good soldier for Pelham as long as he is there; alarms sound and Pelham reminds Gallo to listen to his every word and they are there to get to know each other.

They arrive at their call, which is a construction accident, where the scaffolding has fallen on a pedestrian and continues to fall as the CFD is on scene. Severide and Pelham give out their orders as Pelham continues to pick on Gallo, telling him to stay and clean up the debris instead of working on the scene to help their victim. Cruz worms his way through the debris to Stacy, who is 7 months pregnant with her first baby. He speaks about how amazing it is to have a baby at home, talking sweetly about his newborn baby, Otis. Violet and Brett are asked by a gawker to move out of his way so he can record the scene she screams at him to be a human and she will not move, getting clapping and approval from the audience. Stacy is extracted, as Joe talks to Violet and Sylvie about their patient. They are all quiet until Violet informs them she can hear the baby’s heartbeat; the rest of the scaffolding falls where Joe and Stacy just were and Sylvie gets them in the ambulance and to Chicago Med.

Violet is washing her face when Brett and Ritter come to do an intervention in the bathroom, saying they cannot allow her side pain to continue so she needs to have a real conversation with Gallo. She says the bystander was a jerk but cannot come up with another reason, admitting they may be right. Mouch comes into the office and hands an envelope to Boden, wanting to know what it is. Boden says it is a confidential file but he needs to see Pelham.

Severide finds Herrmann moving into Matthew Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) office. Kelly is a bit frustrated as he didn’t get consent from Boden and he figured that office was going to the next truck Lt. Herrmann gives him a history lesson, saying what was the engine quarters and that according to office vacancy this dictates to be his office; Severide reminds him the last time he took an unauthorized room for an office he almost burned down the firehouse.

Jason Pelham comes to see Chief Boden who asks him to close the door, questioning how he likes 51. He admits he has been thinking about bringing him on full-time but found out about his multiple suspensions. Jason has great respect for him, but the files are light and Boden won’t bring him on without some kind of explanation so Pelham walks towards the door, saying he has nothing to say on the subject; puzzling chief. Pelham says he fits in at 51, saying he is tough, loyal, honest and honor will all the men and women he worked with. He has bee a floater in a lot of houses but he will fight his ass off to be a part of this one’ Boden saying everything but what happened at whiskey point? Pelham remains mum and walks out without another word.

Cruz is looking up preschools when Sylvie walks up. She tells him she cleaned up the rig, finding Stacy’s purse and hopes he would return it as they had such a great repore. He jokes that maybe she will have a hookup to the preschool.

Gallo calls over Violet, while he is attempting to do laundry at the firehouse. He shows her different logos for the beer. They end up laughing and being very close, him apologizing for being too close as she says that there is something between them but she tries to ignore it but then there is a pain in her side. He thought she meant heart and says if he understands what she is saying he is kind of seeing Kara right now. She then says she is not there neither it was Ritter and Brett who got in her head and the pain is in her side.

Severide calls Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), questioning if she is keeping Boden in the loop about when she plans on coming back. He shouts for Herrmann, demanding him to turn down his music which is blasting through the offices. Cruz asks Severide to join him on the ride to return Stacy’s purse and he agrees since he is not getting any work done anyways. They take the truck and deliver her purse back. She happily thanks him, when he notices how empty her apartment is and that she is not working anymore. He encourages her as she invites him and the whole team in, which he declines. She says that if they are ever in her neighborhood she will always keep a cup on for Squad 3. She wishes good luck to him and his little boy; Joe pauses before he gets back into the rig.

Ritter and Sylvie ask Violet to give Gallo some space to think about things and that they got winter fest and something could come of it, both asking about her side pain but are interrupted when Chief Boden asks if she berated a bystander at the scaffolding collapse call. She learns he filed a complaint and that Chief Hawkins will be by later to speak to her. She complains that this is the worse day of her life.

Mouch rushes to Boden’s side to reveal Pelham punched his superior officer in the face at Whiskey Point and no one knows why but the superior left a week later, no explanation. Mouch says Pelham punched him clearly right out of the CFD.

A call comes in and the truc finds the smoke detectors are going off but no one has been home; Gallo is ordered to stay at the truck if he needs any tools fetched but Gallo disobeys and climbs the side of the house, taking the battery out of the smoke detector, saying all clear. Pelham demands that he wipe that grin off his face and wait in the truck.

Severide who was sleeping in his quarters is awakened by Herrmann nailing pictures into the wall. Cruz comes into the firehouse with a ton of baby stuff from the shower feeling they could deliver it to Stacy’s house so she has everything she needs. As soon as the truck returns, Pelham goes directly inside demanding to know if Boden is there but he isn’t; Gallo confronts Pelham, wanting to know his problem is after he simply went into the house and solved the problem.

Gallo insists that he can handle himself and is not a little child anymore. He was riding 81 long before he got there and long after Pelham is gone. Pelham looks deep into his eyes, refuses any more words and walks inside the firehouse as Mouch looks on.

Boden comes to see Capt Will Stafford about Pelham, who says the argument started when he was accused of pocketing antique jewelry at one of the fires in a storage unit. Stafford waited two years for someone to show up and now that he is there, he wants to know what happens to him now. Boden is shocked to learn that he actually stole the jewelry. Stafford says Jason Pelham is the most stand up guy in the CFD, instead of having him charged, he had him return the goods, early retirement and he would keep his mouth shut; which cost him so much of his career. Stafford says Chief Gilborn was on the scene and must really have it in for Pelham and no one deserves it less than Pelham.

Mouch relays the story to Herrmann, saying he can admire Pelham for this; both curious on what Boden found out about Pelham; Herrmann surprised as it has kept him from finding out about him setting up shop in Casey’s office. He confesses that Severide is cranky about it as Mouch says that Casey was his best bud and probably misses him.

Hawkins interrogates Violet, understanding that this is frustrating but if she gets another complaint like this one; but before he can finish she clenches her side and drops to the floor. She reveals it is all on the right side and Hawkins thinks her appendix just burst and they need to get her to the hospital immediately, she nods. Sylvie takes her to Med as Gallo offered to go with her, but Hawkins goes with, giving her pain medications. Hawkins is in the back listening to a very drugged up Violet, who is loving towards him but very angry with Sylvie. He assures her that she will survive.

Herrmann informs Severide that Violet does need her appendix removed. He produces two little cigars offering a chat with him; but Severide says no. He wants to talk about Stella but Severide actually yells at him, Herrmann now understanding it, leaving the room.

At the hospital, Hawkins stays with Violet who says she feels like someone stole her organs. He says he stayed because he felt it was his duty to keep his promise that she would survive the surgery. He leaves to go get her some water as she drifts off to sleep.

Chief Boden returns to the firehouse, asking the firehouse to send Violet some flowers; Pelham asks for a minute and agrees. Pelham says this should be his last shift and doesn’t fit in. Does he feel he doesn’t want to cause conflict causing Boden to ask him if that is why he didn’t report his Captain for stealing? Pelham is shocked he knows the truth as Boden just wants to know why he covered for him.

Pelham says Stafford was a great leader and mentor. His wife and kids left him and he went off the rails became no longer fit for the job. He felt Max’s life in pieces and he couldn’t send him to jail on top of that. Boden says he shouldn’t be so sure he isn’t right for this firehouse. Alarms sound and everyone heads out.

At the call, Boden watches as Pelham and Severide send out orders to their teams. Boden reminds Pelham not to waste anytime in there. He tells Gallo there might be a little girl inside the house and this might be their one chance to find her. Gallo says house fires with children are a heavy thing for him, so Pelham tells him to stick with him and Gallo agrees. Gallo pleads with Pelham to give the kids room one more search as the house is crumbling, they find her under the bed as Pelham looks utterly shocked and helps Gallo who grabs the little girl, but the ceiling collapses as she shouts for them to get down.

Gallo and pelham are working inside as Boden is demanding reports. Severide and his truck climb the ladder and bystanders watch in terror. Severide is able to rescue the young girl out the window as Gallo and Pelham are outside, Severide saying it worked and she will be okay. Gallo falls to the ground, shaking and with tears; Pelham watches him.

Stacy comes to the firehouse, saying she is feeling good and believes it was Joe that brought everything over and it was nice. She gives him a little crocheted cap for Otis, it is a Squad 3 fire hat. She reminds him that her mom said about parenting is to see the big picture and how lucky they are to bring a love child into the world because that is all that really matters. He holds the hat close and says if he ever complains about ever getting Otis into the right preschool again, they should hit him and everyone agrees.

Pelham informs Gallo the little girl is doing well and Gallo says it was just a feeling about the little girl being under the bed. He said it was Casey who taught him to work around his issue of kids and fires. He talks about Otis and how he used to feel so pissed when people made him feel like he was there replacing Otis but not his own person. He promises not to do that to Pelham if he is sticking around, who hopes he is.

Ritter and Sylvie are visiting Violet when Gallo arrives, saying the patient is hostile and groggy. She thinks it was a dream that Hawkins was in the hospital, but she thinks he is okay in her books, providing her water and pain meds. She says she hasn’t forgiven Brett and Ritter but they are her best friends, reminding Gallo that he is a good person too. He takes a deep sigh and is sorry for his actions, saying it is something; having a harder time with Casey leaving and Pelham felt it. He admits to having a tendency to go dark when the people he cares about disappear and then he distances himself. He talks about Kara and how easy she is to be around but that is because she is not in that category but Violet is. He continues to confess until he hears her snoring. He just smiles at her.

Severide comes to Herrmann’s with two cigars and they sit in his backyard, talking about things. Kelly finally opens up about not knowing when Stella will come back. He says in these chats sometimes they don’t need to have answers, that sometimes it is just enough to listen and Herrmann assures him he can do that. Kelly continues, saying he doesn’t know what is going on with Stella nor where they will be when she comes back.