Chicago Med Recap 10/13/21: Season 7 Episode 4 “Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In”

Chicago Med Recap 10/13/21: Season 7 Episode 4 "Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 13, 2021, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 4 called, “Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Charles helps Dylan with a longtime patient who was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Stevie, Maggie and Vanessa investigate the legitimacy of a patient’s cancer diagnosis. Crockett is caught off-guard. Will pitches a new medical technology.”

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) meeting with Dr Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) who admits there is nothing jumping out at him on paper regarding vas com and Dr Matt Cooper’s (Michael Rady) shady involvement with the corporation. She feels relieved as Matt walks in the door and meets with Jessa Rinaldi (Angela Wong Carbone); Will revealing that he has been asked to pitch vas com on grand rounds and they want to review his pitch today. Sharon thinks it is a great idea but he is not to agree to anything. Jessa joins Will, saying she is excited and if everything goes well he can immediately start pitching it to department heads; Dr Dean Archer (Steven Weber) notices their exchange as Will offers her the table and he goes to his shift.

Dr Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) walks into the ER where he is greeted by Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett), who is trying to set him up with her cousin, he quickly shuts her down as she encourages him to have fun even though he is no longer a cop. He bolts out the door, explaining that there is a family he is dealing with and their son, Roland is in trouble. He asks Maggie not to call anybody. Dylan finds Roland on the street as his mother keeps him occupied; there is a crowd all around him as CPD arrives. They order Dr Scott to step back and draw their guns as he explains Roland is experiencing a psychiatric episode and asks to work with him. The CPD holster their guns as Dylan asks Roland to focus on his voice and breathe deep. Roland opens his eyes and begins to regroup and focus; Roland crying, asking “D” to help him. He breaks down in Dr Scott’s arms, who reminds him that he has him and that they are safe.

Dr Vanessa Taylor (Asjha Cooper) finds Dr Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) at the nurses’ station, giving him all the information on the patients in the ER and what she is doing with them. He is confused on how he is 30 minutes early and why she has tripled up on patients; reminding her that at this stage residents need to get rest and it is required. Maggie catches the whole scene and talks to Dr Stevie Hammer (Kristen Hager) about it, feeling that a 1st-year resident shouldn’t fall for their mentor as it never ends well for the resident; Stevie agrees.

A patient, Ashley Barnsley arrives in the ER being seen by Stevie and Vanessa. Vanessa is concerned about her arm, but Maggie and Stevie both tell her that it is life over limb and they will deal with her arm after the CT scan is done.

Dr Halstead meets his patient, Pete Channing who has been vomiting but his temperature is up. Will wants to run some labs and see what is happening before they give him any medications. Once outside the room, Archer tells Will he saw him with the device rep but didn’t want to be a 3rd wheel as Will says it was only business; something Archer doesn’t buy.

Dr Scott brings in Roland into the ER, Maggie giving them a room and informs him that she already paged Dr Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt). The Psych tech comes down and offers restraints, which Dylan refuses and calms Roland down saying he is safe and okay. Dr Charles arrives as Dylan explains he was diagnosed as schizophrenic three months ago and shows his medications. Daniel introduces himself to Roland’s mother and then goes to see Roland himself.

Meanwhile, Will shows his presentation to Dr Cooper and Jessa. She loves his it while Matt questions him; they are interrupted by Dr Archer, who ends up staying and scrolling through the paperwork, commenting on how expensive the device is. Will is forced to defend the price as Dr Archer mocks it, calling it a “Swiss Army knife” and why should they complicate things when they have another device that has been working for decades. Dean says he is old school and prefers to remain that way.

Vanessa has the results from Ashley’s xray and plans on casting it; but they see her CT scans and she has lesions on her brain, also showing that she has scars from previous removals; 3 previous biopsies and now cancer may be back.

Dr Charles thinks Roland is having an adverse reaction to his medications and is having a hard time controlling his muscles. He is coming down off the reaction as Dylan explains that Roland has always been a good kid, shy and sensitive but his neighborhood has always been a war zone. Daniel is sorry he had to go it alone but he thanks Dylan for doing a good job when he was a cop and he will be back to check on him.

Dr Marcel comes to see Mr Kumar, explaining that he is the surgeon on call today. He reveals there is a widening of the partition between his lungs and given his symptoms, suggesting they do a CT of his chest and abdomen and they will go from there. Mr Kumar says he would be on his bike right now as he was supposed to be in a biathlon today.

Ashley explains to Stevie and Vanessa her medical history and how cancer has been part of her life since 1991; they cannot be sure if it is benign or cancerous without doing a biopsy, which is something she refuses as each one of them has left her worse for wear. She just doesn’t want to risk any more damage, agreeing for them to treat her arm and then send her home. Stevie looks at Vanessa but agrees and they leave the room. Both doctors feel bad for her, but Stevie doesn’t think she has AA as it is fatal and at most people live a couple years and she is past 30; Vanessa decides to go find the paperwork.

Dr Scott tells Roland’s mother that he is sleeping now and in a few hours Dr Charles would come back to check on him. He hasn’t left the apartment since his diagnosis and she was hopeful that this was a new beginning for him but the bus was crowded and there was traffic. She fears that had Roland not come, it was almost her family today. He is a sweet, kind boy and she wishes they weren’t the only ones who knew that.

Will finds out that his patient, Pete’s WBC is over 21,000 and sees his chest xray but not much to see as he was moving too much. Will attempts to touch his belly but it is too painful, Will asks Nurse Trini (Marie Tredway) to grab Mike who does the xrays. He pleads with Pete to stay still so they can do the test; he quickly sees there is a tear in his GI tract and asks Trini to page Dr Archer. Will thinks one of the pieces of ice Pete has been eating is what tore his GI tract. Will spots Matt and begins to push for the vas com but Archer quickly declines, saying he will stick to his own device.

Dr Cooper approaches Will, calling Archer a “ballbuster” and gives Will a little advice. He informs him how the old device has flaws and no mishaps has happened to him because he uses the Vastik device. Marcel shows Dr Bidman, telling him to send the patient up to his lab and he will put in a stent and he will be as good as new.

In the meanwhile, Vanessa reveals to Stevie that she only found 4 other patients who had AA, two of which were misdiagnosed and odds are that Ashley is not another miracle; suddenly Maggie knocks on the window and has something, causing Stevie to rush off. Dr Marcel comes in and offers Vanessa some food, telling her to take 5 and recharge as a worn-out doctor is no good to her patients.

Dr Charles comes to see Roland, who is sorry for his behavior and welcomes Daniel in to see him. He admits that he is close to D but doesn’t get to see him much now that he is a doctor. He wishes he was like D, not afraid of anything, including Shadow. Daniel learns that Shadow is always waiting outside to attack him, but doesn’t get him while he is in the house. Daniel questions him about Shadow, who is just there watching, doesn’t make any noises. He wants to talk to Dr Scott and promises to come to talk to Roland again. Roland is surprised he doesn’t have a checklist as Dr Charles explains they do things differently there. After Dr Charles bounces things off Dr Scott, he doesn’t feel Roland has schizophrenia at all, so Dylan is sending him off for imaging and they hope they will have more answers then.

Will is met by Trish, saying he is not there for her but waiting for Pete. Archer is going to change his scrubs revealing that Will was right. The CVP is not working properly as Archer attempts to reset it but finds there is a kink in the line and fixes things; giving Will a sour face. Trish stays behind with the patient.

Mr Kumar says he’s back in on fire as Dr Marcel comes in, positive this is not an aneurysm, and demands that they go for an MRI. Marcel finds a tumor and there is blood leaking, causing the numbness and if the tumor doesn’t come out he will be permanently paralyzed.

Dr Charles and Dr Scott reveal they believe that Roland has bipolar disorder and the other doctor was wrong. She is furious to learn that African American males are more likely misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and that is why the medical dose was so high as he was deemed a threat. She is sad to feel that today could have been avoided and they want to do a reassessment to make things right. Daniel suggests a clinic where he thinks Roland would do great in. Dylan encourages her, saying he believes Daniel sees the same thing in Roland they see.

Stevie explains to Ashley that they believe she doesn’t have AA, but they don’t know if she has cancer as they don’t have any tissue to test from back then and need to do a biopsy to do that. Ashley is not happy and frustrated as Dr Hammer explains that people who have AA simply don’t live as long as she has; Ashley reluctantly agrees to the biopsy.

Dr Simms meets Dr Marcel for the aortic tumor and says he is taking over the case from there as Marcel thought he was performing the surgery, but he is reminded he is a general surgeon and not a specialist. Simms says he is free to watch from the observation room and stop wasting time arguing a fight he is not going to win.

Sharon comes out to see Will on the rooftop, saying its a great view as you can see almost every spot in the city, but its also the best spot to be alone. He confesses that rehearsal didn’t go well that morning so he flirted but didn’t sabotage Archer’s machine. She knows he will always keep the patients’ interests foremost. She reminds him that if this ever gets to be too much for him, she will put a stop to the whole thing.

Ashley learns from Dr Hammer that it is true, she never had cancer this whole time. She is completely in shock, for 3 decades she faced death every day with every headache, every seizure. Stevie apologizes but reminds her that at least she is no longer on borrowed time and her future can be whatever she wants it to be.

Dylan comes to visit Daniel, who offers him a drink as he explains had he not gotten to the scene before the police, Roland would be in the system or worse, and a happy ending it hard to come by these days. They both know the police are not equipped to handle mental illness and they are in need of some updates. He knows CPD has created a great crisis prevention program that is stuck on the table. He doesn’t know the time commitment, but before he can finish his pitch, Dr Charles says he is is “in”.

Vanessa comes to grab a snack and admits to Marcel she has 4 minutes to go on her break. He confesses he is not okay. His patient’s surgery was a success but he was not able to see the case through to the end. She is sympathetic and touches his hand, which he pulls back. She is immediately sorry and backs out of the room as he tells her it is okay. She rushes past Maggie and Dr Hammer, telling them she needs a minute. Stevie knows it will sting for a minute but she will be okay and goes to see her outside.

Vanessa reveals she made a fool of herself in the doctor’s lounge as she is a cliché crushing on her advisor. Stevie says she was the same and didn’t handle it the way Vanessa did, she married him. Stevie and Vanessa bounce back into it when an ambulance comes in with some sirens.