Chicago Med Recap 10/20/21: Season 7 Episode 5 “Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow”

Chicago Med Recap 10/20/21: Season 7 Episode 5 "Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 20, 2021, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 5 called, “Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Scott and Charles treat patients suffering from glass child syndrome and misdiagnosed ADHD; Crockett has to navigate hospital politics when he cares for a surgeon’s daughter; Halstead and Hammer must lay egos aside to help save an elderly patient.”

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode Goodwin checked in with Dr. Halstead. He was both a friend as well as one of the doctors under her purview and so she checked in with him. She asked him about Dr. Cooper. They didn’t get to discuss the man properly before they were interrupted but Halstead did say so far things have been fine. Halstead was usually a hothead doctor who rushes in before thinking and funnily enough another doctor has taken over that role.

Dr. Blake is a transplant surgeon. She surprised everyone when she demanded to take over a case involving a young woman and abdominal bleeding. What her excuse? She said the patient Avery Quinn and that she would be handling her case from now on. Blake wanted to treat her daughter herself.

Not only was this against hospital policy, but its also a general rule for doctors that they don’t get to work on family members and so Blake was being pretty unreasonable in demanding to take over her daughter’s care. She also stepped on some toes. She managed to push Crockett to the side and he knew that Blake’s reaction was unreasonable.

Its why he quickly notified Goodwin to the problem. Goodwin didn’t waste any time in getting to Blake and stopping Blake from performing surgery on her own child. Blake did try to give her reasons like she did with Crockett. Only Goodwin wasn’t having it and she said Dr. Archer was a great trauma surgeon. Blake was forced to stand aside when facing against Goodwin and her daughter still received excellent care.

It just wasn’t from Blake. The emergency room saw several people come in with unusual complaints and one of them was a young boy named Alex who had gotten hit in the head by his brother with a small toy. His brother Ryan has ADHD. He tended to take all of the parents’ attention and so Alex getting injured was perhaps the first time his parents had noticed in a long time. Alex’s doctor was Dr. Scott. Scott spoke with Dr. Charles about the boy under his care.

He was worried about the young boy’s emotional well-being what with being so overlooked and Charles said he would give the parents a list of referrals. Charles hadn’t been watching the family that long when Alex’s case took a turn for the worse. Alex suffered from a bleeding disorder that meant his blood was hard to clot.

The small toy created a brain bleed. Alex needed surgery and so the boy confessed to his doctor. He said he purposely made his brother mad enough to hit him because he wanted his parents to pay attention to him. He didn’t know it would turn into such a big deal and so he was sorry. He told Dr. Scott everything and that helped clear things up for Charles.

Charles suspected the younger boy didn’t have ADHD. He thinks the younger boy has some kind of emotional disorder and he wanted to help. Dr. Taylor wanted to help as well but she wasn’t needed. Taylor hasn’t been the same since she came onto her mentor and got turned down. She started to come into work early. She focused on more than one patient trying to do everything and that’s why Alex’s condition worsened.

Taylor was supposed to be overseeing Alex’s case. She instead got caught up with other things and that’s why Alex’s brain bleed got worse. Taylor blames herself for that happening. She tortured herself with it. She wouldn’t let Maggie comfort her and so she stormed off. She also wasn’t alone in being in a huff. Dr. Hammer also got upset when she found out that Halstead pulled her patient off of Vas-COM. He did it without consulting her and she later accused him of being the same guy from med school. The rash and unthinking one. Halstead said he’s changed since then and he even apologized for not clearing it with her first before he treated her patient. The two were still together going over the patient’s chest scans when their patient started to go into organ failure.

They were treating Eleanor as Dr. Blake’s daughter was waking up. Blake didn’t get to perform the surgery yet she still managed to make sure that Dr. Archer did everything she wanted to be done. Archer also went against Crockett and so Crockett asked him why he gave in. Archer explained that the military was a lot like the hospital in that it was based on politics. Archer hadn’t wanted to stand up against Blake then and he later had to when her methods proved not to be the best for her daughter. Crockett had been right all along. He also decided to ignore Blake as a policy and it worked in her daughter’s favor. It turns out the daughter knows how demanding Blake is. Her daughter dropped out of med school after three years because she realized she was doing it to make her mother happy and so she became a malpractice lawyer. And her mother eventually forgave her.

Ryan, Alex’s brother, also forgave himself. He was suffering from an anxiety disorder and he freaked out when he saw his brother in the intensive care because he had a panic attack. He blamed himself. He thought his parents and his brother wouldn’t forgive him. It was until Charles spoke with him and his own parents reminded how he loved he is that the boy forgave himself. The whole thing ended confirming Charles’s suspicions that he did have an anxiety disorder. Charles was able to convince Ryan’s parents to get her reassessed. With proper treatment and proper medication, Ryan and his brother Alex will both get to enjoy the rest of their childhoods. And Taylor meanwhile continued to struggle.

Taylor was taking on so much that she looked at Ryan’s old ADHD medication with envious eyes. She managed to grave one when no one was looking and so its going to be a long fall for her.

Crockett won Blake’s respect by treating her daughter his way and not only did he make a connection with the daughter, but Blake later asked him to join one of her surgeries.