Chicago Med Recap 10/27/21: Season 7 Episode 6 “When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail”

Chicago Med Recap 10/27/21: Season 7 Episode 6 "When You're a Hammer Everything's a Nail"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 27, 2021, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 6 called, “When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Hammer’s worlds collide when her mother becomes her patient; Scott’s history with the father of a patient interferes with his perception of a case; Crockett’s allegiances are challenged when his patient’s liver is a potential transplant match.”

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode, Dr. Stevie Hammer has a complicated relationship with her mother. She was a doctor. Her mother on the other hand was living in the van parked in a homeless area and didn’t believe in being treated. Not even when she needed it the most. Hammer visited her mother and she saw an infected wound on her mother’s arm. She called for an ambulance.

She made them bring her mother in and her mother started screaming the whole time. She said she didn’t want to be there. She wanted to return to her van. She yelled things at her daughter that no mother should ever say and yet Hammer still hand her mother transferred to her hospital. She didn’t have her taken to another hospital because she trusted place like she trusted Chicago Med.

This also meant a lot of her co-workers got an upfront understanding of where Hammer came from. Dr. Halstead had been in med school with her and he never knew about her mother. He just assumed that she was so put together that she had parents were the same. It wasn’t until he talked about it with Dr. Charles that Charles reminded him that he said Hammer was on full financial scholarship.

You have to be experiencing financial struggle to get those. Halstead later told Hammer that if she needed him for anything that all she do was call and she thanked him. She’s been dealing with her mother for years. Her mother was difficult to say the least. Hammer had Student Doctor Taylor treating her mother.

With Taylor being in charge, it allowed Hammer the chance to oversee her mother’s case. Her mother’s infection was serious and he needed several treatments over a period of weeks. But her mother didn’t want to take it. Her mother said she didn’t want to give Hammer a string to pull her back in. She likes her life in a van. She likes living in a homeless area.

She was going to stay there and she wasn’t going to use her illness to stay in a nice clean hospital. Hammer had no idea how to get her mother to stay and so she sought out Charles. Charles was the head of the psyche department. He would know how to reach Hammer’s mother. Hammer said her mother suffers from alcohol and drug use and she suspects that there might be some underlying mental health problems.

Hammer reached out to Charles because she wanted him to force medical intervention. Her mother was in no position to make choices for herself and Hammer thought she was better suited. Her relationship with her mother is very complicated. Dr. Scott ran into another complicated parental relationship. He was treating a young girl name Siobhan. Siobhan came in with a broken arm.

She also said she was feeling foggy and that she couldn’t remember how she fell and so they ordered a CT. The CT was clear. Scott also learned that Siobhan suffered an injury a year ago and that she had been taken to another hospital for hitting the back of her head on the counter. Her parents told some outrageous story about how it happened. They also told one about her latest injury.

It seemed suspicious to Scott. He called Child Protection Services and they were going to open a file into Siobhan and Maggie thought he had been too hasty to call it in. She said the parents seemed nice. She also said that the little girl didn’t contradict them when they said what happened. Scott had to tell her that either she called CPS or he does. He used to be a cop. He knows to hone his gut and his gut was telling them that the family wasn’t being truthful about Siobhan’s “accidents”. He called it in. CPS showed up and they were investigating around the same time that Dr. Halstead was having another run in with Dr. Cooper. Cooper responded when Halstead sent out for a pulmonologist.

Cooper is not a pulmonologist. He responded because he said he was up first and so he consulted on Halstead’s case. Halstead’s patient Gordon was having problems with breathing. Cooper suggested that the paralyze the man to help with his condition. Halstead questioned this decision. Gordon’s wife Marielle also questioned this decision. Everyone besides Cooper thought paralyzing someone was a drastic step.

It didn’t sound right to Marielle. Halstead meanwhile knew there were other treatments that were less risky. He tried to talk Cooper into something else and Cooper remained firm. He went ahead with his way of doing things. Halstead just had to sit back and watch. He was doing the same thing with Hammer. Hammer’s mother refused to track her medication. She didn’t want her daughter to track it.

Charles spoke with the woman. She was suffering from what he suspects is bipolar disorder and that explains her addictions but it doesn’t give Hammer the right to take her medical decisions away. Charles wasn’t going to help her do thar. Hammer was trying to find other methods as Halstead’s patient made it through. It turns out Cooper knew what he was doing. He saved the patient’s life and it made Halstead question his suspicions.

Halstead spoke with Goodwin. He told her that they might be wrong with Cooper. Cooper could be innocent of things he’s accused of. Goodwin told Halstead to continue on with the investigation and in the interim he kept a close eye on everyone Cooper treated.

Scott later found out he had been wrong. He had been quick to judge Siobhan’s parents because he arrested the father years ago and that’s why the parents had been nervous around him. They remembered him from back then. Scott was confronted about his history with his father by Maggie. She asked him if he was using that same history to see what he wanted to see and so he checked.

He had been wrong about the parents. They weren’t abusing their daughter. She suffered from a condition called Tay-Sachs and that meant she was losing brain cells. There was no cure for it. The fact that it showed later in life than at birth meant it wouldn’t kill her as quickly as if it showed when she was a baby.

Crockett also experienced a moral dilemma. He had a John Doe come in brain dead and the patient could have been a match for a transplant donor that was a patient of Dr. Blake’s. Blake wanted that man’s liver bad but she couldn’t do anything about it because he was a John Doe. They needed a family member to sign over a donation. Crockett went to great lengths to contact John Doe’s family.

He even identified him. The family signed off on donating the man’s organs and he hadn’t been a match for Blake’s patient but Crockett still stayed with the man until he officially died. And he made sure the organs went to the right place.

Hammer meanwhile had her mother’s van towed. This forced her mother into moving in with her and then she guilts trip her into taking her medication.

But Cooper’s other patient Eleanor died and Halstead’s suspicions were raised.