Chicago Med Recap 11/03/21: Season 7 Episode 7 “A Square Peg in a Round Hole”

Chicago Med Recap 11/03/21: Season 7 Episode 7 "A Square Peg in a Round Hole"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 3, 2021, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 7 called, “A Square Peg in a Round Hole,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Marcel helps Blake replace a patient’s liver; Taylor tries to prove herself; Halstead continues to pursue the truth about Cooper; Choi gets closer to returning to life in the ED.”

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode, Mothers and daughter relationships are complicated. Dr. Hammer called to get her mother’s van towed because that was the only way to force her mother to move in with her and take care of herself. Dr. Taylor was still a newbie at the hospital, but she worked alongside her biological mother. The same mother who put her up for adoption because she was sixteen and single. Taylor went on to become adopted by good people. They raised her right and she’s now a doctor.

She isn’t angry or accept about the adoption. She knew that Maggie did the right thing for her and she was glad to have Maggie in her life and so the complication arose because Taylor didn’t want anyone to know that Maggie was her biological mother. She was afraid they would think she got the job ta the hospital due to an unfair advantage and she was very careful about being hired for the right reasons.

Taylor and Maggie were talking after a coffee break when someone mentioned they look alike. This person was being kind and she noticed that the two could pass for sisters. This freaked out Taylor because she thought that meant this person knew the truth and so Maggie reassured her.

Maggie said that person didn’t know. She also confessed that she did tell someone the truth. She told Goodwin. Taylor asked if that was the reason she was actually hired and Maggie assured her that wasn’t so. She said Goodwin knowing the truth would mean that Goodwin would judge Taylor harsher than she normally would. Maggie thought she was doing a favor by saying and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Taylor lives in constant self-doubt. She beats herself up for the littlest mistakes and she’s medicating. She was supposed to have gotten rid of some ADHD medication. She instead chose to keep it and she’s been using it to study. Taylor has gone to great lengths to hide her drug use. She hasn’t told anyone about it and so not even Maggie knew. Maggie thought everything was okay.

Maggie was also distracted. She was distracted by running into Dr. Choi again. Choi ran the ED and he’s been out on leave since he got shot. Choi is currently going through physical therapy to get back his full mobility and he came to the hospital to do some tests. Choi met up with everyone. He told them how he’s been doing and he promised to be back before long.

Choi ran into Archer as well. Archer was the reason why he was shot. Archer forced a patient into a surgery he didn’t want and that angry patient and albeit unstable patient returned the favor of saving his wife by bringing a gun to the ED. He tried to shoot Archer. He ended up shooting Choi. But Choi wasn’t angry.

He was prepared to forgive and forget. He was back at the hospital now because he wanted to see if he came further in his physical therapy to be able to handle the job and so he ran some exercises with Archer and it turns out he wasn’t ready. He was still in a lot of pain. He couldn’t stand for long without feeling it. Choi was going to need some more time before he’s back to his old self.

It’s a shame Dr. Halstead wasn’t there to see him come in. Halstead and Choi are great friends. Halstead also needed someone to talk to about his secret investigation. Halstead and Goodwin were looking into Dr. Cooper. Dr. Cooper brought in Vas-Coms. There a new machine for heart patients and it was suspected that they were reason why so many on the machine have died. Halstead and Goodwin also suspected that Cooper knows this and is intentionally ignoring the flaws for his own purposes. The latest victim was Eleanor Holt. Holt died after doing so well and she was on the Vas-Com. Halstead and Goodwin think that Cooper purposely put her back on the machine to kill her. They think that Cooper might just like killing people.

Goodwin ordered that Vas-Coms were no longer to be used in the hospital while Cooper was away at a conference with Halstead. There was just one problem, though. The hospital’s board of directors were seemingly worried about a lawsuit from the owner of the new machines if they stopped using them and the guy leading the charge just happens to be Cooper’s father-in-law.

Goodwin was told to bring back the machines and she just might have to, now. Halstead meanwhile tried to get Cooper on tape admitting to the flaws in the machine and the guy wouldn’t go there. Not even when he was deeply drunk. Halstead was still trying to get a confession out of a guy snorting pills when Cooper passed out after feeling a tightness in his chest. And so Halstead was forced to call 911.

Back at the hospital, Halstead’s old friend Hamer was trying to do the best for her patient as well as his son. Nathan Daniels came in after getting into a car accident with his son. His son EJ is fine. He’s also the only family that Daniels has and so Hammer didn’t want to give up hope on the guy because that’s all the son has. She fought to maintain his mobility. And she was right to do so because her actions helped save that’s man mobility and now his son doesn’t have to worry about taking care of him.

Hammer made that call because she has been the child that takes care of a parent and she didn’t want that for EJ.

Choi was barely back for a day when he helped save Cooper’s life.

Taylor also ran several tests on a patient because of her fears of being a good enough doctor and she helped find out that a patient showing psychiatric issues was in fact suffering a physical disorder. But Dr. Charles noticed that she has feeling of self-doubt and that coupled with witnessing her take a pill has made him aware of her situation. He tried to talk to her about it and she shut him down. She wasn’t ready to accept help or believe in herself.

And Hammer finally tried to be open with her mother and it resulted in her mother accidentally cutting her and then running away. Probably to go back onto the streets.