Chicago Med Recap 11/10/21: Season 7 Episode 8 “Just as a Snake Sheds Its Skin”

Chicago Med Recap 11/10/21: Season 7 Episode 8 "Just as a Snake Sheds Its Skin"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 10, 2021, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 7 episode 8 called, “Just as a Snake Sheds Its Skin,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Scott’s loyalty to Med and the police department is challenged; the annual random drug testing puts a doctor’s career in jeopardy; Choi tries a risky old-school method on a patient; Halstead helps Hammer search for her mother.”

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) is at the bar enjoying drinks with Avery Quinn (Johannan Braddy) when Dr Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) walks in, talking to family and friends who are still in the police department. They talk about his Uncle Joe and feel that the positions in authority are trying to make an example of him. Crockett gets a text from Avery’s mother, declining a nightcap with Avery. Suddenly there is an argument erupting between Dylan’s Uncle Joe and a patron who assaults him. Avery is worried about his Uncle who is bleeding from the forehead and they stop the fight as Dylan escorts his uncle from the bar and Crockett tends to the other patron; Dylan concerned about his Uncle and how far down the rabbit hole he has gone.

Dr Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) tells Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) that he will return to see his patient after his wife leaves. Will is certain that his patient, who is Dr Matt Cooper (Michael Rady) was definitely about to come clean about the Vas Com scam; but they are interrupted when Jessa Rinaldi (Angela Wong Carbone) arrives to see Matt. She is in shock, believing Matt felt fine at the convention center, concerned this was her fault on how she questioned his role in another patient’s death. Jessa is relieved that it is not her fault and goes to visit Matt, leaving Will smirking in the hallway.

Dylan visits Uncle Joe, who is hooked up to IV. He thanks D for him and his father for always looking out for him. They discuss the incident that happened about him fighting with a rookie who lipped off and how he had to meet with a shrink. Uncle Joe didn’t reveal anything as he would go out to pasture sooner; Dylan suggests him seeing Dr Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt). He says doing this would make his wife, Marsha happy and since he has to wait on plastics to stitch him up, he agrees.

Dr Dean Archer (Steven Weber) finds Dr Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) at the nurses station, asking about how he is working so well after returning so soon. Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) interrupts them with an incoming trauma, Choi saying he is good to take it on and Archer agrees. They bring in Marcus Clemons who was involved in a vehicle car accident; Crockett joining them. Crockett welcomes back Ethan but refuses him to lift the patient board onto the gurney. Crockett attempts to produce the hernia manually and they feel it is the manual but when it doesn’t work, they attempt other methods and more testing.

Sharon has everyone gather, including Dr Vanessa Taylor (Asjha Cooper) saying people are there to conduct their random drug testing; something Maggie will oversee and assign their timeslots. Everyone must give samples today and before signing out that day, causing Vanessa to panic. Meanwhile, Dr Stevie Hammer (Kristen Hager) is in the doctor’s lockerroom where Will finds her on the phone, trying to locate her mother who disappeared after their fight the night before. She admits that her mother could be trying to score as she has turned to drugs before when things have gone bad before. Will offers to go with her but when she declines, he says everyone, including the Hammer, needs backup and agrees to meet her out front.

Dr Charles arrives to meet Uncle Joe, Dylan excusing himself so they can speak privately. Joe is hoping he will just prescribe meds explaining how Marsha left him but wanted him on medications; and maybe if she heard he was listening to her advice for once that she would let him move back in. He back tracks on his words as Dr Charles explains he would feel the same way about someone new trying to teach him to do things.

Maggie hears Vanessa vomiting in the bathroom; she claims to have food poisoning as Maggie voices her concerns. Vanessa asks to test another day and Maggie says she will change her time slot and then she can go home. Maggie gives her a bunch of medical advice as Vanessa suddenly feels better and says she will stay around.

Crockett runs into Dr Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty) who is frustrated that he didn’t return her call because he missed a once in a lifetime case. He claims he was too drunk to drive as she felt she might be misunderstanding something as she feels he might not appreciate the opportunity as he chose to drink and party over the opportunity; Marcel reminds her that he wasn’t on call but if he is shadowing her, he needs to be on call no matter what and if that is a problem he needs to tell her as she doesn’t like her time wasted.

Ethan gives scans to Crockett who evaluates them, feeling their patient needs an emergency procedure, something Ethan disagrees with. Crockett is determined to do his surgery as Ethan wants the shot to do the old school way. Crockett worries about Ethan’s injury and apologizes saying if that can even possibly negatively impact the patient he cannot do it and books the OR.

Joe continues talking to Dr Charles about his superior, who is a lot younger than him and using money the department is supposed to give to the department but he is using for himself. Joe voices that he is going to do something if this isn’t corrected, but when questioned he just asks about the medications again.

Stevie learns her mother is trying to hawk a gold bracelet so she is definitely trying to find money fast for drugs. She admits to Will it is her bracelet but her mom is not a thief, he suggests calling his brother Jay Haldstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) who is Chicago PD but she refuses saying she already did a stint one time before and she will not do it to her again.

Daniel catches Joe attempting to leave the hospital, saying the medication is their last option and wants to call Dylan but Joe doesn’t want to bother him and leaves anyways. Dr Choi finds his patient, explaining that he will see Dr Marcel in the OR. His wife will not come to the hospital because she could go into labor at any moment and he is scared for her but feels he doesn’t have any other options. Ethan looks at him, frustrated as he cries.

Dr Charles goes to see Sharon, explaining Joe’s rage and how he knew in surprising detail the sergeant’s habits and that of his wife’s pretty sure he is stalking them; Sharon saying that without it being a specific threat they cannot commit him but Daniel has a duty to warn the Sergeant which is a syndrome; worried that Dylan will never forgive him nor send him an officer in trouble again. Sharon feels horrible for the situation but promises to have Daniel’s back regardless the outcome.

Maggie finds Vanessa crying on the roof, saying they have been looking for her. Vanessa begins to panic, as Maggie tries to help her through the attack. Vanessa admits that she has been taking Adderall, without a prescription for the past few weeks to get through schooling and residency. She blurts out that she threw all the drugs out but took one that previous night and she won’t pass this test. Maggie stands up, thinking for a moment as Vanessa frets that she will not pass the test. Maggie promises they will figure it out, telling her what to do and they will do an off-the-books test and see where she is at but this is the last Adderall she ever takes and goes to take care of her.

Will and Stevie arrive at a trap house, where she shows photos of her mother; Will goes to search the house upstairs. Stevie wanders through the rooms of various drug addicts laying over destroyed furniture. She finds a young girl, who points to her mother, who is drugged out, laying completely out of it on the couch. Will returns and sees who Stevie is talking to.

Crockett finds Dr Archer with his patient Mr Clemons, who should have been in the OR already. Dr Archer says that Ethan made a very compelling case for the reduction and Archer agrees to say it is still safe and if it doesn’t work out there is no harm nor foul and he can still perform the procedure but Ethan is doing his first.

The alert sounds and Maggie is with Vanessa, reading the results it shows the Adderall is still present in her system but it still is only a tiny amount as Vanessa says she will still lose everything. Maggie gives her lasiks to dilute her urine and directs her how to do it to pass her drug test; Vanessa promises to never do drugs again.

Marcus cries out as Ethan continues to try with the hernia, asking for better leverage and angle as Crockett suggests going upstairs. Ethan removes his own brace, saying it is too restricting and is able to wiggle the hernia, saying they got this and shouts out as they are able to put everything back, Archer ordering Crockett to cancel the OR. Ethan shakes hands with Marcus, reminding him to take care of his little one. Crockett is about to congratulate Ethan who suddenly gives him a blank stare and breaks down crying from the pain, saying he needs an MRI on himself and Crockett helps him move.

Stevie helps the little girl, removing a splinter from her foot when the mother wakes up. She wants to take her for food when the little girl refuses to leave her mother. Stevie holds onto the little girl as the police arrive and raid the house, Stevie apologizing as she cries out for her to let her go and for her mother.

Dylan is in a conference room, shouting at Dr Charles, asking what the hell did his uncle say that was so bad that he had to report him. He said Joe is rough around the edges but no danger to anybody. Charles says he couldn’t risk him doing anything. Dylan berated him, saying that Daniel would help Joe but instead he destroyed everything he worked for.

The CPD takes the young girl as Will thanks them. He looks back at Stevie who is extremely upset when he tells her about DCFS having a placement for her already. Stevie knows how she feels but Stevie feels she abandoned her mother but Will holds her, reminding her that it was her mother’s job to protect her.

Several of Ethan’s discs are swollen and it will set him back months. Crockett is furious with Archer, saying this was no freak accident and should never have allowed Ethan to push himself like that and as acting chief, he should be watching out for the doctors and if they cannot know when to stop, he is supposed to know when to; it was that simple! Crockett leaves angry.

Stevie and Will return to the hospital, her promising Will she is returning home but before he leaves she admits she is glad he was there today. Vanessa gave her sample and Maggie says they did everything they could and all they can do is wait. Vanessa apologizes to Maggie for how she has treated her for months and now owes her. Maggie says she doesn’t owe her anything.

Will comes to see his patient, Dr Matt Cooper; saying he gave him quite the scare, questioning him about what he had on his mind yesterday. Matt says he can’t keep his eyes open. Dylan called his Pops who reveals no one has heard from Joe at all; his dad promised to check a few more places, they exchange sentiments as Dylan says he is going to check on Marsha.

Daniel returns to his office where Joe is behind the door with a knife, he points at Dr Charles. Dylan calls his dad and figures out that Joe is at the hospital. Joe tells Daniel they are no longer talking and Daniel is just like everyone else who is just trying to screw him over. He demands that Dr Charles is going to call the CPD and get him his life back. Dylan comes to the door, knocks on it and then realizes the door is locked, he calls Joe’s phone and hears the ringer; using his body he slams the door open and tackles Joe down, pleading with him to stop; Dylan looking at Daniel.

Sharon sees Dr Yang who has the results. She promises to follow up with her Primary when Will passes by. She calls him in, asking Will that they put the issue with the Vas com they need to put on hold as it is taking its toll on both of them. Sharon says she is having trouble with her diabetes, claiming it may be stress. Will protests but Sharon is not willing to allow him to take the risk alone.

Dr Marcel finds Dr Blake, asking if this approach usually works for her saying pushing a doctor past their edge is not the price he is willing to pay. She believes him and her are cut from the same cloth and he will do what she wants, telling him there is an email about a kidney transplant at 6am the next morning and she leaves.

Dr Scott comes to see Dr Charles, apologizes about coming at him earlier; feeling he never thought his Uncle Joe was capable. Daniel forgives him saying it is hard to see people they are close to to see them in a certain light. He spoke to Marsha who said she saw and heard the threats too and he is glad Charles didn’t press charges. Daniel invite shim to sit down and he is in a tough spot about loyalty in both worlds and it is a tight spot to be in. Dylan begins to open up as Daniel thinks he should take it easy on himself.

Jessa spots Will, asking him about the tree lighting downtown and if he would like to join her. He agrees to the date in honor of his childhood memories. Sharon spots Ethan outside and confesses he spot to Dr Abrahms and has decided to have the multi-level spinal fusion. He needs at least 2 months post-op, she apologizes but he knew the risks and this was his decision. She says they will be thrilled when he is ready and he agrees, escorting her into her car; wishing her a good night.

Stevie is walking home when she sees her mother. She hands Stevie money, saying she took something of her, as she only needed enough money to get the van back. Stevie offers her to come up but she says she is going up but she says she has the itch to be on the road again. Stevie wishes her well as they exchange I love yous. Stevie promises to always be there as her mom smiles and leaves in her van.