Chicago PD Recap 10/13/21: Season 9 Episode 4 “In The Dark”

Chicago PD Recap 10/13/21: Season 9 Episode 4 "In The Dark"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 6, 2021, season 9 episode 4 called, “In The Dark” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 9 episode 4 as per the NBC synopsis, “When Upton and Ruzek answer an emergency call to an abandoned house, their investigation leads them down a dark path.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) struggling to sleep, quietly sneaking into bed beside Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) as she continues to revisit what happened with Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and killing the man for Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe). She tries yoga, watching TV, but nothing helps. She quietly gets dressed and heads into the precinct where she runs into Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger); it’s 2 am and working on the arrest package from the drug case. He welcomes her to her evening as they review papers and listen to the scanner at the same time, a call is coming in for detectives and they take it, calling homicide dicks lazy.

They arrive at this place called “Death House” an urban legend. He thinks it is a prank call and feels this is not the call that is going to wake her up but they go to check it out anyway. They find a young officer vomiting outside and proceed inside to where she is pointing. A patrol officer (Nick Combs) knows they are from the Intelligence Unit and brings them up to speed, informing them that they heard screaming and thought it was some teenager, but when they came to the house the locks were busted; both officers went down but he is letting them go down this time. Hailey and Adam both gag on the air and find blood, chains, and cuffs hanging from the ceiling and a small child’s bed and toys in a small room; both realizing a small child was held there.

Voight arrives on the scene, along with Jay, Kim, and Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins). Voight points out that there are signs of a struggle, someone was holding a child down there, abusing them and they tried to escape and silenced. Voight wants forensics down there, wants the 911 call, and wants all sex offenders in the area called.

Jay and Hailey learn from a witness named Billy about how this is called the death house and he heard screaming, but no one believed him. Jay gets a call about a child in a neighbor’s yard. He is sure it was a child but seemed like there was something wrong with them and the way they were moving. He has rifles in the garage but they are not secure as he never thought a child would break in there; Hailey takes it as Voight and Jay surround the garage.

Hailey calls out that she is a police officer and just wants to help them. She finds the child, quickly turning off the light as they are frightened. She says she wants to help and approaches, promising not to touch and only wants to make sure they are okay. She encourages them to come out and go somewhere safe, extending her hand.

Hailey looks as they have identified their victim as 9-year-old Christian Alban. Adam checks to see if she is fine as Kevin reveals he has been missing for 9 months and it’s likely he has been there since the day he disappeared. Voight wants to know who held this child and wants everyone in the area checked as Jay finds who has access to the house, a man named John Larkin who is the real estate employee who is in charge of the house.

In interrogation, John says he hasn’t been in the house for about 2 years when he swung by to make sure it wasn’t falling over as the firm is keeping it for profits. He admits they are waiting for the legend of the house to die before they sell. His alibi is that he was home and Hailey demands a list of everyone who has access to the house but both Jay and Hailey feel he is not good for this. Kevin reveals to the unit how it’s believed to be a stranger abduction. Christian is awake and Hailey and Kim are told to see him at the hospital.

Kim brings Christian a couple of toys as she tries to get him to talk, asking who he was running from and who was the person who kept him in that cellar as they want to make sure he will not hurt anybody again. Hailey walks towards him and shows him some pictures, hoping he will recognize the “bad person”. Christian verbally tells them he doesn’t know who the man is and the only name he knows is “Sir!” He says it was always dark and doesn’t know what it looks like but Hailey presses to see if he remembers when he was first brought there or if he can tell them what happened last night. Christian cries saying he was going to take him to the dark water and kill him as he had a new boy.

Voight puts them on speaker revealing everything to the rest of the team. Christian is very vague at first but was able to tell them about the dark water as his abductor drove him there before. It sounds like a quarry, something with a stone tunnel and there can’t be many that close by. Voight wants them looking for any boys gone missing in the past month that look like Christian and he will go find the quarry.

Voight is at a quarry with Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton), Hailey, and Kim with various police and K9 units scouring the area. Hailey finds a rope and suddenly dogs start barking like crazy, several of the officers, including Hailey calling out that they have found bodies. When daylight comes, Hailey looks over the water as the CPD copes with too many bodies and the FBI has been called. Jay encourages Hailey to go home and catch some sleep but she declines. She is bleeding by her mouth and excuses herself as Voight debriefs them.

They are officially looking at a serial killer. The FBI will work the bodies as they will stay focused on the offender and their current missing child. They have a sketch from Christian and each one of them will have to take a path to find “Sir”. Voight wants Hailey to head back to the precinct as Larkin insists only 4 people had access to the house and wants her to press him for more information. Hailey is pushing him but he begins to yell at her and demands to know what is going on. She leans in and tells him exactly what happened to Christian and they found 7 other bodies and he needs to forgive her if she doesn’t care if he’s only had a Coca-Cola. She says she needs all the names or he doesn’t leave.

Hailey goes to her locker and takes ibuprofen as there is blood on the side of her face and from her chin. She comes into the hallway thinking she heard something but there is nothing. She looks in the mirror as she cleans herself off and feels she only needs some sleep but then she finds John Larkin bleeding all over the floor. He apologizes, saying he just couldn’t take it. She calls for help as Voight rushes in, calling in for help on attempted suicide. Hailey tells him that she thinks she hurt him as Trudy rushes in, ordering everyone to watch out and keep applying pressure. Hailey wants to know what happened as Trudy assures her they will watch the footage and realizes Hailey doesn’t remember they searched him.

Hailey is cleaning John’s blood off her arms when Jay comes in, revealing John made it to Med and doctors are hopeful. He says John pulled the screw from the table and nothing she could have done but she thinks it’s because she told him about the death house, the dead boys and she should have seen it as he changed as he pressed her for info and she missed it. She heard him slicing and she walked out of there. Jay grabs her, telling her to breathe, and thinks she is having a panic attack, asking her to squeeze his hand and reminding her that it is not on her. Voight stands as Hailey says she cannot live with it but she stops sobbing when Voight asks if she is okay and insists she is fine. Jay is very concerned and questions what that was. She says she only needs to shower and calm down and walks out of the room.

Voight stands with the unit, still believing that John was not their guy but he must have known something. Adam and Kim think he might have known the killer or let him use the house. Kevin thinks that John might be covering for his younger brother, Brad who was kicked out of various schools for behavioral problems and everyone agrees that Kevin is onto something; John knew but covered for him.

Hailey rides in silence with Jay who brings up the moment with Voight. He confronts her on her behavior, the lack of sleeping, and how she hasn’t been herself since the night she proposed to him. She says she meant everything she said to him as he questions what happened between her and Voight. She insists there is nothing else going on, just a lack of sleep.

The IU arrives at John’s brother’s house, guns are drawn, as Voight notices all the children outside playing. He spots children’s things inside and says they will ask for forgiveness later and breach the door. The house appears to be clear as Voight finds a chair pointing directly where the children are playing. He wants everyone inside and to rip the house apart. They are certain Brad is their guy as Hailey finds several pairs of boys’ underwear in a drawer. Voight puts out the orders everywhere to find him as the unit starts searching all of John’s properties.

Hailey and Jay decide to separate in an abandoned property; Jay heading up and Hailey heading down. Hailey calls for Jay as there are multiple pathways in the basement and finds blood. Jay isn’t responding as she draws her gun and follows the blood. Hailey finds the little boy after there is blood dripping on her. She finds out that he hurt somebody but he doesn’t know if they are still there. She quietly tells him she is going to come up the stairs as he holds onto the knife, but before she can she hears a noise and wanders around but she is attacked as the little boy said he heard it too.

Hailey fights with the perp and shoots him a few times, standing over him she flips him over and checks for a pulse. The boy comes down to Hailey and she holds him close to her when she takes a deep sigh.

Outside, Hailey learns from Voight that the boy’s name is Joseph Collins and he has been missing 9 days. His parents are on the way but he has been relatively unharmed. Voight knows it was close before but she reassures him that she only needs sleep; this exchange is something Jay witnesses.

After the shift, Jay goes to request GPS reports for the Milton case, even though he sent them through police mail. He leaves to get them off the printer and Jay does a search for Hank Voight that night and finds several of his locations, one of which Jay is very familiar with and goes to in the dead of night. He walks to the private area where Voight comes to meet him, knowing that Jay looked up his GPS as he had it flagged on any computer that was used. Jay confronts him about being there the night they found Kim and demands to know if he brought Roy out there that night. Voight nods but doesn’t answer. When asked if he killed him, Voight says, “Yes.”

Hailey is at home, drinking as Voight reveals that Roy is buried out in the field, asking Jay if that is what he wanted to know. Jay says this is not what he wanted. He learns that Hailey was with him and is furious that it is ripping her apart as Voight says Hailey is the one who killed Roy but it was a good shoot. Jay feels she didn’t do it. Voight explains that he kept questioning Roy which at what point they still didn’t know where Kim was but when Roy grabbed his gun, Hailey had no choice but to shoot Roy and she saved Hank’s life.

Hailey continues to drink after her shower as Voight says he never called in Roy’s arrest but took him out there to bury him. Voight tells Jay now that he knows the truth, he has to help her. Jay thinks Voight should help her and he doesn’t get to do this as he dragged Hailey down with him. Voight thinks Jay doesn’t know the woman he is sleeping with and Jay punches him. Jay reminds him that it was him and Kevin who found Kim, good police work and they found her but Voight did everything he did and what did he get?

Hailey is passed out in bed as Jay jumps in his truck. Voight nurses his lip watching him drive away. Hailey is startled when Jay walks in, he simply stares at her and she just looks back.