Chicago PD Recap 10/20/21: Season 9 Episode 5 “Burnside”

Chicago PD Recap 10/20/21: Season 9 Episode 5 "Burnside"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 20, 2021, season 9 episode 5 called, “Burnside” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 9 episode 4 as per the NBC synopsis, “As the team works to solve a deadly shooting in Burnside, Atwater realizes he has a very personal connection to the case.”

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Tonight Chicago PD’s episode begins with Atwater looking for real estate. He is with Ruzek who has to go because he has a late dinner with Burgess. Atwater stays at the bar and meets a woman, they hit it on and stay at the bar talking. He asks her how they can talk for hours and not know each other’s names.

He asks her to dance, she says yes but not there. They leave the bar and make out together. The next morning they wake up together. He looks around her apartment and sees all the photos on the wall, he comments on it. She is an art teacher. She asks him what he does and he says he works for the city. He asks if he can call her, she says no, he can come find her again and keep it interesting. As Atwater is leaving he sees sirens and sees sirens pass him. He responds to a shooting,

A paramedic arrives on the scene, one man is dead and the other seriously wounded. Voight arrives on the scene and Atwater tells him it was a drive by, four victims. Upton says the daughter of one of the victims, Brooke Carlson, saw a red SUV, two offenders, both wore masks. The victim was Wiggins Anthony, he was in a gang, Burn City Hustlers, and probably the target. Halstead says there are surveillance cameras near by they just need to get the footage.

Atwater sees a young man walking off fast and asks him what is going on, he won’t talk. T wo days ago Wiggins confronts Moe Hubbard, who was arrested six times but never did time. There was a video posted on Instagram of Wiggins confronting Moe and now Wiggins is dead. Voight and Atwater pay Moe Hubbard a visit. Moe says they must be there about that shooting. Atwater shows Moe the video and he makes a joke about it.

Moe’s alibi is that he was in his studio finishing up some songs. Atwater later tells Upton that Moe basically laughed at them and admitted that he did it. Burgess has some video surveillance, they see the RED SVU, the passenger shooting and the driver has a mask but you can see the upper part of his face and there is a logo on his hat, it reads Chi Teen Arts, it is run by Celeste Nichols, the woman Atwater hooked up with the night before.

Atwater takes Ruzek to the side and tells him that he knows Celeste and she doesn’t know that he is a cop. Ruzek tells him that he’s got this. Ruzek and Burgess visit Celeste and show her a photo of the boys in the red SUV. You can tell she recognizes them but doesn’t want to give them up.

Ruzek tells her that if she doesn’t talk he will questions all 175 of her students and make them all persons of interest, put them on the record. Burgess says they can avoid that if she goes down to the station and talk to them. At the station, Upton and Voight question Celeste who says she is there only because the safety of the kids was at question. Voight tells her four people were shot, and she tells her about the dead and shows her photos. She still won’t talk, she says she has 175 kids in her program and the photo doesn’t show enough of the boys face for her to recognize him.

Burgess ran Celeste’s name on social media and it’s true, she is her student’s safe place. But, 73 of her male students were inn CPS at the time of the shooting, she ran the remaining 27 and four of them stood out. Celeste spends extra time with the four, they are into art and music and could have crossed paths with Hubbard. Voight says they need more. Atwater says he knows her, they met in a bar and she doesn’t know he is a cop so he will work her, ger her number off her cell phone. Voight tells him to do it, it’s a good idea.

Atwater goes back to her place and says he never got her number. She starts talking about the kids she works with and what they go through. He says he raised his siblings so he gets it. She gets a call from one of her students and she says she has to leave. He offers to help, he says no matter who the kid is he believes he could help. She says the student’s name is Louis, he has been her student for two years. They arrive to see Louis and he admits to Celeste that he was in the SVU, she asks him how it happened. Atwater asks him if he touched the gun and why did the guys he was with shoot the victims. Louis says they were Hubbards guys and they were going to kill him. Then, the PD breaks in the door and guns raised. Atwater, Celeste and Louis all hit the floor, Celeste whispers to Atwater that she is sorry.

Inside the station, Atwater gives Louis advice, he tells him if he listens to him it is the difference between living his life and being in a penetentary. Louis does what Atwater tells him to do, he gives up Eric Boyle who was in the SUV with him and Hubbard. Sadly, for Atwater’s efforts, Louis is going to be tried as an adult. Voight tells Atwater they are going to transport him to county. As they are approaching the gates of county Louis is freaking out. Atwater tells him to keep his head down and he will be fine. Louis admits that he lied to him, he told him he dumped the gun but he didn’t, he got scared. All of a sudden, shots are fired and Louis killed. Atwater gets out of the car and runs after the shooter and throws him to the ground while shouting why.

Voight tells Atwater that sometimes this job chews out his soul differently than it does him. Atwater says Louis was just about to tell him what he did with the gun, he didn’t dump it. Atwater and Voight head to the art school, a safe place for Louis, they find the gun hidden in a box. After checking the gun, Hubbards prints were on it, they have him.

Atwater goes to see Celeste, she is furious that Louis was killed in police custody. She is sad that she didn’t protect him, the police didn’t protect him. She says she heard that Louise was riding in a patrol car with two black officers. He asks her why he is looking at her like that, he says he is sorry but she says don’t say it. She tells him that she wants some beers and to sit in silence together. He takes her hand and walks out of the room with her.