Chicago PD Recap 11/10/21: Season 9 Episode 8 “Fractures”

Chicago PD Recap 11/10/21: Season 9 Episode 8 "Fractures"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 10, 2021, season 9 episode 8 called, “Fractures” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 9 episode 8 as per the NBC synopsis, “As the team investigates the stabbing of a father with two young daughters, they begin to suspect there is more to the story than meets the eye; the FBI investigation into Roy Walton’s death intensifies while Voight, Upton and Halstead feel the heat.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) walking into the building demanding to see Walker North, showing his badge but they demand real ID, asking him to secure his service weapon. Voight is led up in an elevator and sits in a hallway for what seems like hours before he is able to see Special Agent North. He learns he is there because of Roy Walton’s disappearance and it all went down with Sam Miller. They now feel that Walton never left Chicago, and people don’t just disappear. North knows it was a tough case as they almost lost one of their own but they need to put together a tight timeline and the FBI needs to speak to the IU. Voight gets a call, saying they are an open book and they can have anything they need, shaking hands before he leaves.

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) arrives on the scene with his partner, Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), running up the stairs, announcing who they are. They work to clear the house as one of the CPD is with a stabbing victim claiming his girls are upstairs. Hailey checks downstairs as Jay shouts that he sees blood upstairs and is checking the scene. Hailey shouts when she sees one of the girl’s shadows, trying to reassure her that things are okay with her dad.

A neighbor tells Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger), and Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) that Harvey Clark was a good man as Jay and Hailey are saying the daughter is just trying to still breathe. Voight arrives and is given the details of the case thus far, saying it sounds like a home invasion gone wrong. Clark lives there with his two daughters, Candice and Darlene, and a guy who looks to be Hispanic busted in the side door and stole his late wife’s jewelry. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) joins the group, saying two cash counters in the garage so whatever the victim does, he deals it in cash and there is no sign of forced entry; whoever did this walked right in. Voight makes the orders, sending everyone off except Jay and Hailey who are told to meet him a few blocks away.

Jay and Hailey find out about Agent North as Jay worries about the disbanding of the entire unit and prison time. Voight is positive this is a fishing expedition as long as they stick together; Jay and Hailey walk away without any words. Meanwhile, back at the IU, they work up to speed on the case when Special Agent Walker North arrives with his files, telling everyone to be careful as he may never leave. He looks at the team, looks at Kim Burgess, shakes her hand, thanking her for her sacrifice and he won’t stop until they catch Roy Walton, she says she hopes that is true and will help him in any way. The IU is asked to continue on their current case.

They post information about Harvey Clarke’s nightclub and his head of security happens to be a small Latino gang shot caller, Lorenzo Santiago who is 26 years old. Voight learns they have Harvey in an induced coma for at least another 24 hours but feels they have enough probable cause and to bring in Santiago; which once the team gets a positive ID, they move in but he races off and forces them to give chase and shots are fired as he heads for the roof. Santiago stumbles down the roof, has to either toss the gun or drop, Jay gives him the option and he does give up the gun, holding the pole to be saved.

Voight brings him into interrogation, questioning him about Harvey Clarke. He says he didn’t run because of Harvey. He didn’t bust him into the house and stab him, but Voight says they know he wasn’t. Santiago says he drops the money off and they wash it there, explaining how Harvey is skipping out on taxes.

Hailey and Jay arrive at CPS to see the Clarke sisters; Darlene says she was gone early for band practice but Candice hid in the pantry, wishing she was braver as she only hid when she heard her father and the man yelling. The doctor arrives and informs them that their father had too much damage and didn’t survive; both break down as Hailey observes.

Voight is met by Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) at the riverside. He insists she doesn’t want to know why he asked her to pull all this intel. She reveals North pulled everything for everyone who worked for IU weeks ago and he may as well be sleeping on Voight’s couch. Voight needs to know what North knows, he looks on concerned.

North slowly interviews everyone on the IU, pressing them, saying that they would have been tempted to cross the line to save their colleague. Everyone says it was just good old police work that saved her. He interviews Hailey, saying she is the only one who he doesn’t have her whereabouts that night. He pulls up Mark Irwin’s papers, someone she was supposed to make contact with that night; but before she can answer Voight knocks, saying they have a break in the case. She’s concerned that this is making her look bad but Voight ignores it, asking for an update from the team.

Special Agent North walks in the room, noticing there is no real updates, only telling them to scoop up a Ridrigo Deleon who is 16 and is on Candice’s profiles, looking like her boyfriend. He is interrogated, saying he was there the other day to pick them up for school and now they know he is lying. He says he is lying because he is not supposed to be there but he doesn’t know why that night. He did id after he was told not to because he likes Candice. He knocked on the door and was told not to go in and is very insistent that it was Darlene that told him not to be there; which contradicts her earlier statement.

At the grandmother’s house, Candice and Darlene keep reassuring the grandmother that the police are only there to help find the man who did this. Jay questions the girls, Darlene trying to set the narrative as Candice says she heard things but when Jay brings up Ridrigo her demeanor changes, as Candice says people think they sound the same. Hailey wants to see her arms, which she hesitates at first, then Hailey asks for both arms, which reveal cuts and bandages on Darlene’s arms. She claims she was cutting and these are definitely knife wounds.

Voight wants to put the girls on ice, keep them separate to see who cracks.

Trudy sits with Voight in the car, saying she heard that North is ambitious as hell and was not initially assigned this case; he asked for it. He wants a cop or a scalp, not caring which one. They spot a woman they are looking for and Trudy leaves, pretending to be FBI, speaking to a woman named Carmella Cutana. She already spoke to North, saying that she CPD murdered Roy Walton and she was with Mark Irwin and it was Upton who promised she would tell the world what happened and seconds later Mark was killed by IU; both shaking their head.

Voight searches his car and spots a tracker on it in the police garage, he opens the door searching and finds a wire; something Jay spots him doing, and realizes that all the cards have trackers and thinks it is Voights plan until the FBI stops caring and this to blow over. Jay demands to know what the Fed has and learns they have everything but it is circumstantial but they don’t have a body but they will try to say it. Voight reminds him they need to hold the line for Hailey because if one of them cracks the whole thing comes down.

Jay gets home to a worried Hailey. He leads her back to the bathroom where he turns on the shower, saying Voight found a tracker on her car and bets they have bugs in the house too and she is the target. He is sure they have a lot more intel than they are telling them and if they are led to under oath, everything will be on her. She looks Jay in the eyes and finds out that he doesn’t want her to turn herself in. He wants to start a marriage with her without her being in prison but she says that forever feels like a long time if he thinks there is no coming back.

Hailey takes Darlene and Jay takes Candice for questioning; both pushing them hard and you can see them cracking. Jay says he knows this is Candice and her sister and she says Darlene was just trying to protect her. Hailey watches as Darlene breaks and confesses that her dad hurt her badly. Both girls are sobbing as Hailey asks about the knife wounds, saying Darlene did this to end her sister’s pain and dad doing it. Darlene confesses to taking a knife from the kitchen and stabbing her dad in the back. Hailey doesn’t feel right about the confession.

Hailey goes to the FBI building to do her full indictment, which is recorded. Hailey remains mum, staring blankly at North as he produces pictures of Carmella and her version of events. He says men have hurt Hailey, starting with her own father, and she has seen it her whole life. Seen what Roy Walton and what he did to those women, including the one woman on her team and she fights for women who cannot fight for themselves. North thinks Roy Walton is dead and she helped cover it up. He gets it in some ways and admires it, but it is still a crime. He says if she talks now he will try to protect her. She says a lot of truth in that but he doesn’t have a case. She was brought to the IU because real cops get dirty and she made that promise to Irwin because he had a gun pointed at a civilian’s head and that is textbook police work and she does hope Roy Walton is dead and is turning to dirt someplace and everyone is where they should be.

She says she is a great cop, in the middle of working a murder and he is wasting her goddamn time. She stands up and leaves the building. CONFIDENT!

Jay exits his car, meets with Hailey who says Voight is right that the Feds don’t have it but something is wrong with the case they are working on right now. The narrative is wrong, nobody from school or the DCFS or anything has interfered; so they rewatch them in the rooms. They see how Darlene is scratching herself with a barrette that Candice takes from her and they see everything is a script from the girls and it looks like Candice is the one in control. Hailey takes another run at them, removing Candice as Darlene says to remain strong. And one is going back to their grandmothers as Darlene is going for another stop before she goes home

Hailey brings her back to the crime scene, saying that is her dad’s blood but some of the blood belongs to someone close to him. Hailey reveals she thinks this is where she fought off Candice, trying to save her father. She thinks Darlene is the one who has been trying to keep things good in the house for a long time. She admits she is tired and reveals to Hailey that Candice was going to kill him for a long time and their father was terrified of her, but they both were. He loved her too much to ask for help; meds or to put her someplace, even covering for her afterward. Darlene said she stopped when she seen the cuts on Darlene’s arms and explains how Candice master-planned everything and if their stories and everything didn’t work, she would die too.

Darlene confesses that her father would never lay a hand on them and begs Hailey to not allow her sister to hurt them. The grandmother pleads with Candice to say this is not true. She fakes it as they put her in the truck, making Hailey and Jay look at each other.

At home, Jay tells Hailey that Candice is booked and she asks him to come home to her but is pouring rain as Jay reassures her they will be okay. He tells her he loves her as she says it too. He runs to his truck and drives home, only to get pulled over by a police cruiser. It is Special Agent Walker North who asks him to follow him as he needs to show him something and he brings him to the area where Roy Walton’s body is buried. They have uncovered a skeleton and he asks him if he knows who that is and says of course jay knows because he is the one who led him there, running Voights GPS and bringing him there the night Roy Walton disappeared. He says it is damn good police work so he doesn’t know if it is tragic or ironic. He thinks it is possible Jay is too good for the world they operate in and that he loves Hailey enough to fall in line and in the process became a full partner in a coverup of a crime and now he is going to give him a choice.

1. He arrests him and Hailey, promising them he will make a case
2. He helps him take down the man he really wants – Hank Voight!