Chrisley Knows Best Recap 10/14/21: Season 9 Episode 10 “A Brand New Todd”

Chrisley Knows Best Recap 10/14/21: Season 9 Episode 10 "A Brand New Todd"

Tonight on USA Network Chrisley Knows Best returns with an all-new episode on Thursday, October 14, 2021, season 9 episode 10 called “A Brand New Todd” and we have your weekly Chrisley Knows Best recap below. On tonight’s Chrisley Knows Best episode as per the USA Network synopsis, “Todd struggles as the brand ambassador for a new mocktail line; Grayson gets busted playing hooky..”

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In tonight’s Chrisley Knows Best episode, Nanny Faye believes apple cider vinegar was a cure for everything. She used to torture Todd with it when he was growing up and now she wants his kids to use it. But the one thing she doesn’t use it for was perhaps a biggest vice. Her biggest vice was drinking. She calls alcohol her special water and so Todd may have an answer to help give her the specialness without getting drunk.

He introduce to mocktails. Todd was asked to be a brand ambassador to a mocktail company and mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks. It’s the same taste just without the buzz. Todd was proud of being asked to be brand ambassador and he did several podcasts for it. He was actually feeling good about it all when he began reading the comments section. And he found out that trolls have been making fun of his accent.

They called his accent “redneck”. Todd was left offended. He was also hurt. Todd wanted to take his job as brand ambassador very seriously because the mocktails company was a refined brand and so he started working on his accent. He sounded so strange towards the end that his kids asked him why he was talking like that. They told him to ignore the trolls and just be himself. Only he ignored them. Todd went to film a commercial for the mocktails brand and he sounded so weird that his whole commercial had been a train wreck. He even said the word cocktails wrong. He said it like he was trying to imitate a British accent and so eventually they had to call it a wrap because no one could understand him.

Todd was the only one suffering with his new job. Todd got his youngest son Grayson a job because he wanted to his son the value of money and Grayson hated it. He missed hanging out with his friends. Grayson ended up playing hooky by calling out sick and he didn’t tell his parents. His parents were friends with his boss. His boss called them to see if Grayson was feeling better. They played along and all the while they started plotting how to use this to make Grayson feel guilty. Grayson later came back. He tried to claim he had been at work and that he was tired and so they called bull. They revealed they spoke to his boss. They know he called out sick and he asked them why he did it. He said he missed his friends.

Grayson got a job in order to afford things to do with his friends, but now he’s working all the time and he couldn’t hang out with him or spend the money he was earning. Grayson hated it. His parents made him stick with the job and so he was back at work at the country club. His family went there and toyed with him by making outrageous demands that he had to follow through with. They also tried to get Faye to drink something other alcohol but she was still refusing to do that. She doesn’t even like water unless its her special water. Todd tried taking his mother out to lunch at a French restaurant and she hated the food there because she likes good old country food. Faye and Todd while out to lunch.

Todd told her about shooting the video. He mentioned how horrible it had gone because he was trying to work on his accent and she told him to be himself. Faye asked him not to forget where he comes from because it made him who he is. Todd took her advice and he spoke with the mocktails brand. They agreed to let him do another video. He used his real accent that time and he even included his mother who had fun drinking the mocktails. And so they did manage to get her off her “special water”.