Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, February 15 – Lucas Attacks Charlie – Ben Rescues Claire – Rafe Surrenders to Nicole

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, February 15 – Lucas Attacks Charlie – Ben Rescues Claire – Rafe Surrenders to Nicole

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Monday, February 15, tease that Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) will struggle to hear Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal) on the other end of the line.

It took plenty of work, but Ciara finally managed to pull that table close enough to grab Rhodes’ (Jason Downs) phone and make a call.

Ben suspected it might be Ciara after he saw that it was from an unknown number, so he’ll hope to hear Ciara’s voice on Monday. Days spoilers say Ciara will frantically try to tell Ben she’s alive and being held captive, but the call will have a bad connection.

Ben will barely be able to hear Ciara, but he’ll indeed believe it’s her voice – no matter how faint it sounds. Meanwhile, Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) will deliver a desperate plea to Claire Brady (Isabel Durant).

Charlie was trying to call Claire when he ran into her in the park, so this will give him a chance to beg face to face.

DOOL fans know Charlie denied assaulting Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) and even pretended he’d never seen her before at the Christmas Eve gathering.

Charlie tried to act like it was Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) who went after Allie that night, but he just changed his story while talking to Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun). Now Charlie suggests that if anything did happen, then it was consensual.

Of course, Charlie is clearly all over the place with his way of thinking. Charlie insisted he wasn’t a murderer and came up with an elaborate plan to send Ava to a mental institution – all to avoid killing his mom. Now Charlie’s threatening to murder Ava after all and has been trying to strangle her right in her hospital bed.

Likewise, Charlie told Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) that Ava wasn’t his mother before eventually claiming he was so concerned about his mom’s well-being that he tied her up so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

In other words, Charlie changes his mind quickly and is constantly working whatever angle he feels he can pull off in the moment.

With all that in mind, we have to consider what will Charlie tell Claire on Monday. Will Charlie go back to the previous version of events where Tripp’s the guilty party? Will Charlie really stick to the story he told Ava and suggest that Allie’s lying – that what happened was consensual?

Charlie isn’t going to win Claire over either way because Allie now remembers that night vividly. It’s clear that Charlie is a lying dirtbag any way you slice it, so Claire will reject him on Monday.

That’s not going to go over well with Charlie, who’s already sensitive to rejection due to his history with Ava.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, February 15 – Lucas Attacks Charlie – Ben Rescues Claire – Rafe Surrenders to Nicole

Since Claire won’t be willing to move forward as a couple, Charlie’s violent side will come out. He’ll grab Claire’s arms and threaten her, but Ben will arrive in the nick of time.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ben will chew Charlie out and get rid of him, so Claire will be grateful.

This will also give Ben a chance to offer updates on his phone call from Ciara, which will send Ben and Claire off looking for Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk) soon enough.

As for Charlie, he’ll have a heated encounter with Allie and Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) in the town square. Lucas will fly into a rage and attack Charlie for what he did to Allie back in London.

It’ll be Allie who intervenes and most likely tells Lucas that Charlie isn’t worth it. Allie won’t Lucas landing in prison for doing something he might regret. Other undated Days spoilers that point to Charlie seeing Henry Horton (Jayna and Kinsley Fox) for the first time in the week ahead.

Charlie might catch a glimpse of Henry in a nearby stroller, but it’s also possible that first look will come later in the week.

Regardless, Lucas will make himself a suspect in Charlie’s inevitable murder case by grabbing Charlie and delivering some vicious threats. The suspect list is already starting to form since Ava and Nicole Brady (Arianne Zucker) have been making some deadly threats of their own.

Speaking of Nicole and Ava, Rafe is now in an awkward situation involving these two. Nicole felt like Ava needed to stay somewhere she could be protected and suggested Rafe had room at his place.

That’s true, but Rafe will still be uncertain about bringing someone like Ava under his roof. Charlie may be the current bad guy, but Ava’s done some pretty terrible things in the past as well.

Rafe will be upset with Nicole for springing this on him, so it looks like they’ll step aside to bicker in private. Nevertheless, Days spoilers state that Nicole will work her magic and get Rafe on board. Nicole is quickly becoming someone that Rafe can’t say no to, so he’ll surrender and agree to take Ava home.

Finally, Allie and Lucas will head to Marlena Evans’ (Deidre Hall) townhouse after their Charlie run-in. That’ll give Allie a chance to voice any frustrations and have another therapy session with Marlena.

Allie values her grandma’s support – and Marlena will indeed be happy to provide it on Monday’s DOOL episode.

As other DOOL news becomes available, we’ll keep you in the loop. Days of Our Lives spoilers say some tough scenes are ahead for Allie, so stay tuned to see how she copes. CDL’s your hotspot for the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news, so pop back in frequently.