Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, July 19 Recap – Brady Busts Xander with Cash Briefcase – EJ Grills Sami About Nicole’s Clue

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, July 19 Recap – Brady Busts Xander with Cash Briefcase – EJ Grills Sami About Nicole’s Clue

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Monday, July 19, reveals that Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) managed to bust Xander Cook Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) with the cash briefcase – and EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) grilled sinner Sami Brady DiMera (Alison Sweeney) after Nicole Brady’s (Arianne Zucker) clue. Let’s talk about all the hot drama that played out on Monday’s DOOL episode.

At the Brady Pub, Xander publicly accused Nicole of shagging another man and eventually revealed it was him. He told the story of comforting drunk Nicole after she got the call about Eric’s Africa mission extension.

Xander pointed out that Sami could back up his claims, so Sami admitted she saw Xander and Nicole going in the Salem Inn together.

Nicole tried to deny everything and gave her usual cover story of sleeping off her drunkenness at the hotel, where she supposedly paid with her Basic Black card.

Sami thought it was suspicious that Nicole had the receipt ready and waiting to show her, but Brady lied that he asked Nicole to hang onto it.

Xander asked why Brady was covering for Nicole and assumed it was because he felt guilty for coming between Nicole and Eric in the past.

Xander insisted that Nicole was furious with Eric and wanted to get back at him for leaving her alone with his niece and the two “brats.”

Xander assured Eric that he showed Nicole a “damn good time” and added that Nicole couldn’t get enough of him.

Eric finally punched Xander before he was led out of the pub – but not before Xander yelled out that he blackmailed Nicole into giving him a job.

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) didn’t think Nicole would ever let Xander touch her, but she got the feeling Brady knew something. She asked Brady if Nicole hired Xander to keep him quiet.

Brady simply suggested that Xander would do anything to destroy Nicole’s marriage.

While Brady took off after Xander, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) told John Black (Drake Hogestyn) that it was easy to see the pain Nicole was in. She admitted that for once, she thought Xander was telling the truth.

Back with Chloe, she defended Nicole to Eric.

Chloe noted that they were short-handed due to her recovery and tried to act like the only reason Nicole hired Xander was because he knew all the operations for their competitor, Gabi Chic.

Sami insisted that Nicole needed to tell Eric the true story, but Marlena thought her daughter should mind her own business.

After Marlena urged everyone to give Nicole and Eric some space, Eric turned to Nicole and hoped for honesty.

“Did you hire Xander because you were short-handed or to shut him up?” Eric asked.

After Nicole started crying and told Eric she was sorry, Eric ran out the door in anger and despair.

Belle Brady (Martha Madison) hated to see Eric in so much pain and asked John how Nicole could do this to her husband.

John defended Nicole a bit since Eric’s time away took a toll, but Belle argued there was no excuse for sleeping with the worst person on the planet.

Nicole eventually confronted Sami for putting Xander up to his latest spectacle. “You did this, you bitch!” Nicole shouted on Monday’s Days episode.

Sami insisted that Nicole couldn’t blame her for her own cheating. She asked if Nicole had ever heard of the 10 commandments and mentioned that “thou shalt not commit adultery” was one of them.

Nicole fired back with “let she who is without sin cast the first stone” before chasing after Eric.

At the Horton house, Xander gave himself a pat on the back for making a cool million in exchange for a few minutes of work and a punch to the jaw.

Xander briefly worried Sami might’ve cheated him out of some money, but he counted and realized it was all there minus the bail Sami took out.

Brady arrived to question Xander about why he’d blow his cushy new job by revealing the truth – and why he’d do it now.

After Brady confirmed that Xander was done at Basic Black, he pushed to find out Xander’s motive for destroying the anniversary party.

Brady eventually decided it had to be money and scooched Xander over so he could see the briefcase with cash sticking out.

Brady assumed someone paid Xander to ruin the relationship and wanted to know who it was.

Chloe rushed in as backup, but Xander didn’t think Brady’s songbird would be much help with a broken wing and sauntered out.

Afterward, Chloe and Brady discussed how Sami might’ve been the one who paid Xander. Brady confessed if anyone could get that kind of cash fast, it was Sami.

Meanwhile, Sami made her way home with EJ and suggested they shower together since she was all worked up.

EJ thought back to Nicole’s comment earlier and grew curious about what Sami might be keeping from him. “What sin have you committed now, Samantha?” EJ asked.

At home on Monday’s Days episode, Eric looked miserable as he heard a knock at the door. He yelled “go away,” but Marlena and Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) refused to leave until Eric talked to them.

After Eric let his parents in, he ranted about “Pig Xander” and felt he now knew what his marriage really meant to Nicole.

Marlena suggested that Nicole and Eric’s love could get through anything, but Eric didn’t think that was true this time. Since Eric wanted to be alone right now, he pushed Roman and Marlena to leave.

Once Eric was on his own again, he gazed at a framed wedding photo before hurling it across the room to smash it. Nicole ultimately showed up and cried in the doorway as Eric looked back at her.

Over with Belle again, she fumed over Sami not giving one thought to how this mess would hurt Eric.

Belle complained to John about how Sami should’ve handled the matter privately. She felt certain that Nicole was right about Sami and Xander being in cahoots.

We’ll fill you in as other Days news and updates emerge. Days of Our Lives spoilers say payback is brewing for Sami soon, so stick with DOOL.

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