Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Paulina Derails Chanel & Johnny’s Hot Date – Daughter Tells Mom to Back Off

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Paulina Derails Chanel & Johnny’s Hot Date – Daughter Tells Mom to Back Off

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Paulina (Jackée Harry) will derail Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) and Johnny DiMera’s (Carson Boatman) hot date. This embarrassed daughter should push her overbearing mom to back off, but Paulina might deliver a warning to Chanel’s new man before she goes.

Paulina has been accepting of Chanel’s “no labels” approach to her love life. She was thrown over Chanel’s interest in girls as well as guys, but she was mainly upset that Chanel kept that a secret from her.

Of course, Chanel was mostly just trying to keep things private since she knows how her mom can be!

Days spoilers say Paulina will once again insert herself in Chanel’s business when she crashes her daughter’s date with Johnny.

Although Paulina may simply stumble upon this romantic development, she’ll no doubt grow curious about Johnny and what he’s like.

After all, we can’t forget that Chanel married Xander Cook Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) not too long ago.

Paulina perhaps has a right to worry since her daughter married a man she barely knew for money he didn’t have.

When Paulina spots Johnny and realizes Chanel may have a new main squeeze, she’ll probably want to make sure he’s good enough for her baby girl.

The DiMera name doesn’t exactly conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings for most people in town.

Paulina has probably heard some horror stories by now, so she might battle concerns and warn Johnny to treat Chanel right.

However, Johnny is awfully cute and can be pretty charming. He may put Paulina under his spell or at least convince her he’s a far better option than someone like Xander!

Paulina might still wonder what the deal is with Chanel and Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold), but the best thing she can do it butt out and let Chanel handle her love life on her own.

Fortunately, Days spoilers say Paulina won’t kill the mood between Chanel and Johnny. He may even be more attracted to Chanel based on how she handles everything with her meddling mother.

Whatever the case, Chanel and Johnny will get their date back on track, so look for these two to share some sizzling scenes before the night’s over.

That’s all coming up during the week of August 23-27, so stick with DOOL.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Allie will have a thing or two to say about Chanel and Johnny’s romance as well, so stay tuned!

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