Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Thursday, October 28 Recap – Devil’s Message for Johnny & Allie – Chanel Rages Over Maid of Honor Snub

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Thursday, October 28 Recap – Devil’s Message for Johnny & Allie – Chanel Rages Over Maid of Honor Snub

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Thursday, October 28, reveals that the devil had a message for Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) and Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold). Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) also raged over a maid of honor snub, so let’s talk about all Thursday’s DOOL action.

At the townhouse, possessed Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) was dressed as the devil and suggested that with John Black (Drake Hogestyn) out of the way, she could finally be her true self. Marlena looked at John’s watch and suggested he wouldn’t be needing it now.

When Belle Brady (Martha Madison) walked in, she was stunned over Marlena’s appearance and urged her to take out those creepy contacts.

Marlena left the room and came back after pretending she’d removed them. She assured Belle that Abe Carver (James Reynolds) was going to be fine and pointed out she wanted to get in the holiday spirit.

Belle still didn’t get why Marlena would want to dress like this after everything she went through. However, Marlena said she was done being ashamed of the past. She thought people should know more about what happened to her and offered updates on Johnny DiMera’s (Carson Boatman) possession movie.

Belle found out John disapproved of Marlena’s decision and wondered where he was now. Marlena claimed John was off working on a case for Black Patch and noted that Belle must be tired from her flight home.

Belle felt like Marlena was trying to get rid of her, but Marlena asked why she would do that.

In the DiMera crypt on Thursday’s Days episode, John woke up with his hands shackled above his head. He recalled what went down at St. Luke’s and snarled over the devil underestimating him as well as Marlena.

In the town square, Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) and Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) finished handing out pumpkin cookies for Halloween.

Allie was bummed since there were none left to try, but Chanel admitted she saved one for her bestie. Chanel fed Allie a bite as they moved in close, but Johnny appeared wearing a mask and shouted to scare them.

Johnny was eager to have some Halloween fun and pulled out a Oujia board he found. He reminded Allie of when they used to play with it as kids, but neither Allie nor Chanel was keen on the idea of messing with it now.

Johnny convinced Chanel and Allie to humor him, so they all gathered around the board as he asked the spirit world some questions.

When Johnny wondered if the devil really possessed Marlena, the board told them yes. Allie and Chanel accused Johnny of moving the planchette, so he let them do the next questions without him.

Johnny asked if the devil knew about his movie, so the planchette moved in Chanel and Allie’s hands to say yes.

Johnny asked if the devil approved and got another yes, so he laughed over the devil being cool with his movie. Allie insisted Johnny had to ask something besides yes or no questions.

Johnny decided to ask who Chanel really wanted to be with: him or Allie. Chanel and Allie yanked their hands off the planchette before Chanel announced she was done with this.

Chanel stormed off to check on Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) at the hospital, so Allie thought Johnny was a “dumbass” for even asking something like that.

Johnny called Allie out for what looked like an intimate moment when he first walked up, but she denied it.

Allie suggested Johnny wouldn’t be with Chanel for much longer if he kept acting like this. Johnny said he’d apologize to Chanel, so Allie snapped that they’d see if Chanel accepted it.

Allie eventually forgave Johnny, who wanted to get back to devil-related questions. He asked if the devil was there in Salem, so the board confirmed it. When Johnny asked where, the planchette guided them to spell out “DiMera crypt.”

Back with Marlena on Thursday’s Days episode, she joined restrained John and recalled how he once thought he was Stefano DiMera’s (Joseph Mascolo) brother.

Marlena suggested John was just a pawn instead and thought the DiMera crypt would be fitting for his final resting place.

At the hospital, Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson) embraced Lani Price-Grant (Sal Stowers) before they joined Abe in his hospital room. Paulina was there as well – and they all learned that Abe didn’t want to postpone the wedding.

After Lani stepped out to the waiting area with Paulina, she asked what her auntie wanted to tell her before all the shooting drama. Paulina had to think fast and come up with an excuse, so she blurted out that she wanted to ask Lani to be her matron of honor.

Lani accepted the offer, but she wondered if Chanel would be upset that Paulina chose her instead. “That is an excellent question,” Chanel said as she got off the elevator.

Lani left the two of them to talk, so Chanel admitted she was hurt over Paulina’s decision – especially since her mom didn’t even give her a heads-up.

Paulina argued that she didn’t plan this and acted like she just wanted to reach out to Lani in some way due to what they went through with Abe. Once Paulina apologized, she asked Chanel to walk her down the aisle.

Chanel also wanted to make the wedding cake, so Paulina pulled her daughter into a hug as they laughed.

Back in Abe’s room, he spent some time with Theo before Lani came back with her matron of honor news. Abe asked Theo to be his best man and was excited to have his children standing up for him on his big day.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) were in Halloween costumes – though Chad was eager to take them off.

Abigail agreed as they prepared to make love, but EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) barged in wearing a priest costume. He insisted he was Father John Black and was there to perform an exorcism.

EJ suggested Abigail should really be dressed as the devil and thought they should prepare for their scenes together. He gloated about sharing the big screen with Chad’s wife, but Chad threw him out of the bedroom.

Later, Abigail joined EJ downstairs and announced she was quitting the movie.

EJ reminded Abigail that she was on contract and that he could sue her as the producer. Abigail told EJ to “go for it” and maintained that she was done with him as well as the film.

Chad came in moments later and argued that if anyone was going to quit, it should be EJ.

The brothers bickered, but Chad insisted Abigail should play the role since she was talented and wanted to get out of her comfort zone. Chad assured EJ that he trusted his wife and that nothing would come between them.

EJ said he’d see Abigail in rehearsal and sauntered out. That left Chad to share a warm moment with Abigail as he promised EJ would never be a threat to their relationship.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say EJ could cause more trouble than Chad anticipates, so don’t miss what’s ahead on DOOL!

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