Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Tuesday, June 8 Recap – Chanel Discovers Paulina’s Blueprint – Xander Poses as Dr. Snyder’s Patient

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Tuesday, June 8 Recap – Chanel Discovers Paulina’s Blueprint – Xander Poses as Dr. Snyder’s Patient

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Tuesday, June 8, reveals that Chanel Dupree (Precious Way) discovered Paulina Price’s (Jackée Harry) shocking blueprint while Xander Cook Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) posed as Dr. Clay Snyder’s (Michael Lowry) patient. Here’s how it all went down on Tuesday’s Days episode.

In the town square, Lani Price-Grant (Sal Stowers) grumbled about not being able to wake Chanel up this morning. Chanel was supposed to join Lani and Abe Carver (James Reynolds) for breakfast, so Abe sensed the tension as Lani griped about her sleeping in.

Lani got updates on Chanel’s application and was hopeful about her finding somewhere else to live soon.

At Paulina’s new place, she had a flashback to when she pushed Abe to help her get past the zoning issues with the town square. Paulina was sorry for not telling Abe about her true plans and muttered to herself that it was just business, nothing personal.

After Abe showed up with good news, he revealed that Chanel’s application looked great and would be submitted to the city council for final approval. That led to Paulina expressing doubt about her daughter’s commitment to the project since she’d never committed to anything before.

On Tuesday’s DOOL episode Paulina argued this was a whim at best and a con at worst! She insisted it was way too big of a risk to let Chanel be part of the project, but Abe wanted to know the real reason Paulina wanted him to turn Chanel down.

Paulina confessed that she didn’t really think Chanel was that big of a risk; the truth was she didn’t want to see Chanel fail. However, Abe felt like it was better to let their kids experience failure and learn from mistakes.

Abe had a feeling that Chanel might really surprise Paulina and thought she should believe in her daughter.

Paulina agreed that Chanel was a grown woman, so she had to let Chanel decide – come what may. While Abe was out of the room changing Carver Grant’s diaper, Paulina told Jules Grant that Chanel had picked a fine time to get her act together.

Paulina felt like she would just have to find a way to make it up to Chanel somehow.

At Lani and Eli Grant’s (Lamon Archey) apartment, Eli took his towel off following a shower to clean up a spill in the kitchen. Chanel appeared and once again saw him naked, so he lashed out since she was supposed to be out with Lani and Abe.

Chanel admitted she slept in because she was up all night working on ideas for Sweet Bits Bakery and impressed Eli with a folder full of them.

Eli found out Chanel was going into business with the girl she kissed and warned her about the risks of working with someone she’d been romantically involved with.

Chanel downplayed it since it was just one kiss, but she acknowledged that Eli had a knack for getting her to open up.

When Lani arrived, she wasn’t pleased to see Chanel in her robe and Eli in his towel. Lani forced Chanel to scooch over and let her in the middle of them on the sofa.

At the hospital, Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) ran into Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) and was hopeful about grabbing dinner together later. Allie seemed uneasy and told Tripp to text her before she dashed off.

Once Allie was gone, Tripp found Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) and admitted he thought Allie was interested in someone else.

Tripp also mentioned how Allie pulled back from their kiss due to a weird memory flash that he instantly knew was related to Charlie Dale (Mike Manning). That made Tripp angry over everything Allie had been through.

Tripp was hopeful that Kayla could give him advice, but Kayla pointed out that Tripp had already been with a survivor. She recalled Tripp saying and doing all the right things with Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal), though Tripp pointed out that Ciara still pushed him away.

However, Tripp felt it was different in this case since Tripp already knew what Allie had gone through. Kayla brought up Tripp’s earlier admission that Allie seemed to be into someone else, but he didn’t know why he said that.

Tripp promised he’d never pressure a woman and assured Kayla that he wanted to make sure Allie was 100 percent comfortable. Kayla felt like Tripp already knew what to do and didn’t really need her guidance.

Dr. Snyder came over and ranted about Tripp’s penchant for extended coffee breaks, but Tripp pointed out his rounds weren’t scheduled for another 30 minutes.

Dr. Snyder warned Tripp to not be late and sauntered off, so Kayla offered to intervene since Dr. Snyder was being so hard on Tripp.

Tripp didn’t mind if Dr. Snyder went after him, but he had to draw the line when it came to patients. He confessed to witnessing a tense encounter between Dr. Snyder and Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien).

Tripp got a weird vibe from them and thought it seemed like Dr. Snyder was threatening Gwen.

At the Horton house, Xander kept trying to get Gwen to reveal who was forcing her to deliver drugs and what they had on her. Gwen once again pushed Xander to let it go since Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) would suffer the most.

Xander finally relented, but he listened and seemed pensive as Gwen took another threatening call from Dr. Snyder.

Afterward, Xander posed as a patient and told Dr. Snyder his name. Dr. Snyder wondered what the problem was as Xander flashed a sly smile. “I am so very glad you asked,” Xander said on Tuesday’s Days episode.

As for Gwen, she was cornered by Kayla at the Horton house. Kayla admitted she came to talk to Gwen about Dr. Snyder.

Back at the hospital, Allie told Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) that her memories of Charlie were still just under the surface and would show up out of nowhere.

Allie was eager to find out how to make them go away and revealed what happened with Tripp.

Marlena wondered if this was the first time since London that Allie had tried to have something physical with another person, so Allie thought back to her kiss with Chanel and confessed it wasn’t.

Allie acknowledged that she was catching up with her old bestie and it just felt so comfortable. She explained how Chanel leaned in for a kiss and suddenly stopped telling the story.

Marlena worried that Allie thought she’d have a problem with her kissing a woman. She assured Allie that she was fine with it, but what mattered was what Allie thought about it.

Allie insisted it was fine, but she was quick to add that they were just friends. She also brought Marlena up to speed on how she intended to open a new business with her friend.

Allie talked about her attraction to Tripp and how great he was with Henry Horton (Jayna and Kinsley Fox). She just didn’t know how she was supposed to move forward with Tripp if she always had to worry about Charlie flashbacks.

Marlena couldn’t tell Allie how long it’d be until the flashbacks stopped, but she was glad Allie was able to open up about them. She felt like if Allie was comfortable enough, she should tell Tripp how she feels about him and help him understand.

Allie hugged Marlena for the help as they expressed their love.

Soon after, Allie found Tripp and apologized for brushing him off earlier. She was up for that dinner invitation, so he smiled and said it was a date.

Back at Paulina’s place, she set the alarm system and left for a stroll with Abe as well as the twins. While Paulina was gone, Chanel showed up and found the clearly labeled plans for the Horton Town Square on the table.

Chanel looked perplexed as she tried to make sense of a huge blueprint that revealed Paulina’s true motives.

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Paulina will race to stop Chanel’s discovery soon, so stay tuned to DOOL on NBC. CDL will have tons of other sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news to read up on, so stop by again soon.