Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Tuesday, February 9 – Gwen’s a Killer, Laura’s Accidental Death – Xander’s News Stuns Sarah

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Tuesday, February 9 – Gwen’s a Killer, Laura's Accidental Death - Xander's News Stuns Sarah

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers update for Tuesday, February 9, teases that Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) will find herself with a serious crisis on her hands.

Gwen just opened the door to Laura Horton (Jaime Lyn Bauer), who wants to offer her version of events and make Gwen understand why she wrote those checks to Tiffany Rizczech (Emily O’Brien).

Since Laura made quite a mess, she’ll hope she can convince Gwen to back off the Deveraux family. However, Laura can’t undo her big mistake or change the difficulties Gwen faced. This visit will only succeed in riling Gwen up even further, so some dangerous drama is about to erupt.

It looks like Laura will try to leave after Gwen hurls nasty insults and threats. Of course, Gwen will refuse to let Laura go until she’s finished lashing out.

Once Gwen clutches Laura by the arm, Laura will do her best to pull away. She’ll warn Gwen to release her, but there’ll be struggle that takes a deadly turn instead.

Laura could easily trip and fall after Gwen gives her a push. It doesn’t look like Gwen will intend to kill Laura, but DOOL spoilers suggest Laura will wind up dead anyway!

Look for Gwen to sound the alarm to Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) and plead for some cover-up help by mid-week.

In the meantime, Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) will insist on supporting Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) once he’s ready to head home. Brady’s been through a scary ordeal thanks to that case of mistaken identity and the bullet that was meant for Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson).

Chloe’s the reason Brady got involved in the mob mayhem, so she’ll feel obligated to help him recover from his injuries.

Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) may back Chloe up since Brady will definitely need someone to assist him for a while. Brady won’t want to be a burden or risk enraging Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) again, but he’ll probably be outnumbered here.

Besides, Chloe can be pretty persistent when she wants to be. It looks like Brady will indeed lean on Chloe for recovery help in the coming weeks.

This is exactly the kind of thing Kristen was afraid of, so it’s good that she’ll call Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk) to the slammer and push for an alliance. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Susan won’t understand at first, so Kristen will try to make her see the full picture.

Kristen is stuck at Statesville and can’t really protect her relationship. She’ll be worried about Chloe pouncing on Brady, so that’s why she needs Susan to watch over them for her.

Kristen might even arrange for a switcheroo with Susan sooner or later, but it looks like she’ll try this less risky approach for the time being.

Susan can keep tabs on what’s happening between Brady and Chloe around Salem. Then, Susan can report back with updates on what she’s learned. It’ll seem like a good plan to Kristen, but Susan may be hesitant to get involved in one of Kristen’s messes.

Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) assured Susan that Kristen had undergone a real transformation, but Kristen’s past could still leave Susan concerned. Nevertheless, Kristen will manipulate Susan and apparently convince her this alliance is the right call.

Other Days of Our Lives spoilers say Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) will decide to ditch Titan Industries. From Xander’s perspective, he’ll feel like Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) is always going to coddle Philip and let him get away with far too much.

Victor is allowing Philip to stay at Titan despite the mob chaos that almost killed Brady, so this is the last straw for Xander. Days spoilers reveal that Xander will choose to leave his co-CEO job, so this opens up some new career opportunities in Salem.

Naturally, Sarah will be the first person Xander fills in following his surprising announcement. Sarah will be stunned over Xander’s big news, but she’ll probably be proud of him for standing up for himself and following a different path.

Once the career pressure’s off, Xander can concentrate on what’s really important: his relationship with Sarah.

Days spoilers say Xander will propose down the road, so his priorities will definitely shift after resigning at Titan. CDL will have other sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news for you, so make us your hotspot for DOOL details.