Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, April 28 Recap – Rafe Plays Belle Killer Recording to John – Ava Trashes Nicole Marriage

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, April 28 Recap – Rafe Plays Belle Killer Recording to John – Ava Trashes Nicole Marriage

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Wednesday, April 28, reveals that Sami Brady DiMera (Alison Sweeney) ranted at Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) over the phone about his fake brain tumor.

Sami wasn’t happy about Lucas coming up with such a crazy lie, but she still appreciated Lucas’ help and acknowledged that she dragged him into this mess.

Meanwhile on Wednesday’s Days of Our Lives episode, Belle Brady (Martha Madison) was convinced that Sami must’ve been the one who set her up.

Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and John Black (Drake Hogestyn) weren’t as certain, but Belle argued that Sami hated her enough to try selling her on the black market! She felt like Sami was the only option, but Sami walked in and defended herself.

Sami insisted that although they had their issues, she’d never let Belle take the rap for Charlie Dale’s (Mike Manning) murder. Plus, Sami would’ve found a more credible fall guy if she’d actually been looking to frame someone.

Sami didn’t have time to wait around on the apology she felt she was owed and took off to see Lucas.

As for Belle, she worried about going down for this and learned John didn’t want to say anything to the cops about his memories of that night. Marlena agreed it was best to hide John’s hypnosis findings until the real killer was caught.

At the Salem PD on Wednesday’s Days of Our Lives episode, Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) clashed with Jan Spears (Heather Lindell), who remembered pointing out the missing button on Belle’s coat.

Shawn insisted the button evidence was flimsy and that no other proof would be found.

DA Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) sauntered over and scolded Shawn for spilling police details to a civilian. She didn’t think Shawn could remain objective, so she took him off the case.

After Shawn left, Jan told Trask that she could help put “that bitch” away. She stepped into the interrogation room and was given three minutes to convince Trask this conversation was worth it.

Jan claimed that she overheard John and Marlena discussing his memories of seeing Belle shoot Charlie. Trask didn’t seem to buy Jan’s story about an eyewitness. She suggested it was hearsay and coming from a known liar, but Jan insisted there was a recording.

Jan lied about seeing the recorder running on the desk, so Trask warned that Jan had better not be messing with her and needed a statement. However, Jan acted like she feared for her safety if John found out she was the one who tipped off the DA.

Trask relented since if what Jan was saying was true, then there’d probably be no need for the statement after all.

Shawn made his way back to the townhouse, where Belle offered updates on John’s hypnosis memories. That left Shawn chuckling since he’d just been taken off the case and had no obligation to report what he’d just heard. Shawn assured Belle that Trask would never know anything.

At Rafe Hernandez’s (Galen Gering) place, Nicole Brady (Arianne Zucker) showed up right as Rafe had pulled apart from a kiss with Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun).

Once Nicole entered, she seemed to sense the strange vibe. Nicole talked to Ava and Rafe about the murder case before Rafe was summoned to the police station.

As Rafe got up to leave on Wednesday’s Days episode, Nicole told him he had jam or something on his lips. It was obviously lipstick, but Rafe simply wiped it off and went on his way. Afterward, Ava admitted to Nicole that Rafe had kissed her – and she kissed him back.

Ava worried maybe it wasn’t a good idea since Rafe had just found out Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) wasn’t coming home. Nicole agreed Ava shouldn’t have done that and argued that Ava came from another world than Rafe.

Ava thought Nicole was saying she wasn’t good enough for Rafe, but Nicole just felt like Rafe had a tendency to feel sorry for people and wanted to help them. Things escalated since Ava thought Nicole was being condescending.

After Ava finally got the picture, she suggested that Nicole wanted Rafe for herself. Nicole said Ava was forgetting that she was married, but Ava snapped that Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) seemed to have forgotten that, too. She quickly tried to take it back since that was hitting below the belt.

Ava apologized, so Nicole insisted it was fine. She argued that she was just trying to protect Rafe and that it came out wrong. Ava felt like Rafe could take care of himself and swore to Nicole that she wouldn’t take advantage of him, but Nicole seemed uneasy.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Nicole will confess her jealousy to Rafe in the week ahead, May 3-7, so we’ll see how he reacts!

Back with Lucas on Wednesday’s DOOL episode, Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) caught the end of his phone conversation with Sami. Lucas covered by claiming he decided Chloe was right and that he shared the brain tumor news with the mother of his children.

Chloe wanted Lucas to listen to her on something else since she’d made an appointment for him to see Dr. Dun today, but Lucas insisted he already had a doctor.

Chloe didn’t think Lucas’ doctor was a very good one since he gave Lucas no hope. She argued Dr. Dun was the best and didn’t understand why Lucas was fighting her on this.

Lucas tried to tell Chloe the truth, but Sami arrived and claimed the doctor warned her about this. She suggested the brain tumor was already affecting Lucas’ behavior.

Lucas argued that he wasn’t dying, but Sami insisted that the doctor said Lucas might start acting irrationally. She convinced Chloe to call Dr. Dun and push back the appointment, so Chloe agreed and stepped out.

That gave Sami a chance to insist that if Lucas told Chloe the truth, then she’d kill Lucas herself!

When Chloe returned, Sami pretended that Lucas had nearly fainted and wasn’t up to an appointment right now. Although Sami had to leave, she praised Chloe for being such a saint about all this.

Later, Chloe was glad to see Lucas drank his green juice. She gave him a damp towel to dab his face and helped him upstairs so he could rest.

Over with Trask again, she got a search warrant and forced Rafe to go on the hunt for more evidence. Rafe ultimately got the recorder and wound up at the townhouse, where he said he needed to take John down to the station.

After Rafe confronted John with the recorder, he played a snippet of the hypnosis session – the part where John recalled Belle shooting Charlie.

At the hospital, Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal) angrily wondered what Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) was doing there. Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson) reminded Ben that he’d warned him to stay away.

Ben promised to go, but he wanted to give Ciara something first. He pulled out the washer that he’d used as an engagement ring, but Ciara snapped that she didn’t want it.

Ben encouraged Ciara to take it anyway since it came from her dad’s bike, so Ciara reluctantly extended her hand. As Ciara took the washer, her mouth dropped slightly as she locked eyes with Ben.

There seemed to be a bit of a spark between them before Ciara ultimately got on the elevator. Ben stared at Ciara until the doors closed – and then he stood there in despair alone.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ben and Ciara’s love story isn’t over, but Ben will have to suffer on his own for a while. CDL will have lots of other sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news to read up on, so stick with us for more DOOL details.