Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, July 21 Recap – Ciara Crushed by Hope, Mom Misses Wedding – Paulina’s Demolition Off

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wednesday, July 21 Recap – Ciara Crushed by Hope, Mom Misses Wedding – Paulina’s Demolition Off

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Wednesday, July 21, reveals that Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) received crushing Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) news and learned why her mom couldn’t make the wedding. Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) also revealed that the demolition was off, so here’s how things played out on Wednesday’s Days episode.

At home, Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) walked in and wondered what Ciara thought she was doing. Ciara insisted she was getting ready for her wedding, but Claire objected to her doing it in that house.

Ciara argued that she already got approval from Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) and thought Claire should “kindly get the hell out.”

Claire grumbled about this “farce” of a wedding and predicted Ciara would end up hurting both Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson). She warned marrying Theo would be a terrible mistake and a huge disaster.

Ciara refused to listen and took a jab about Claire trying to set her on fire twice. Claire decided to throw Ciara out and grabbed her arm, but Ciara demanded that Claire let her go or else. “Or else what?” Claire asked angrily on Wednesday’s DOOL episode.

“THIS!” Ciara said as she slapped Claire across the face. Claire responded by grabbing Ciara’s bouquet and beating her with it, so Shawn walked in and broke up the confrontation.

Ciara argued that this was her mother’s house and wondered where Hope was since Shawn was supposed to pick her up from the airport.

Shawn had bad news since Hope’s plane had mechanical problems and had to turn around. Hope said to go ahead with the wedding, which Claire was shocked by.

Claire felt like Ciara was trying to hurt Ben by choosing the same wedding date as her old one – mainly because she was afraid she’d remember how much she loved him.

Ciara didn’t care what Claire believed, but Claire warned that all she saw was a coward when she looked at her.

At Shawn’s urging, Claire left the house. Shawn had to admit he thought Ciara should postpone the wedding, but Ciara flipped out and cried until her brother apologized for saying so.

At the Horton house, Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) opened the door to Paulina and promptly slammed it in her face.

Julie eventually opened it again and wondered if Paulina was there to turn the Horton home into a Waffle House. Paulina was actually there to apologize, but they were interrupted when Julie got a shocking phone call.

At Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) and Lani Price-Grant’s (Sal Stowers) apartment, Lani felt like her husband should put some clothes on before Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) woke up.

Chanel sat up on the sofa wearing a sleeping mask and admitted she’d taken precautions.

After Lani left, Eli joined Chanel for breakfast. He found out Chanel threw herself at Theo without knowing he was engaged, but she admitted she was just upset over Allie Horton’s (Lindsay Arnold) rejection.

Eli felt like there was someone smart, beautiful and fun out there for Chanel. He suggested that maybe it’d be Allie’s loss, so Chanel smiled and hugged Eli for the pep talk.

Back with Ciara, she hoped nothing else would go wrong before the nuptials. Julie arrived and admitted Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) was in the ER awaiting an x-ray following a racket ball injury.

Julie was sorry they wouldn’t be able to make the wedding, so Ciara briefly worried this was all a big conspiracy to make her postpone.

Julie handed over a gift from Doug and insisted they supported her.

Once Shawn was alone with Ciara, he suggested maybe the universe was trying to tell her something.

Ciara didn’t believe in omens and argued that this wedding was happening no matter what. She didn’t think there was anything the universe could do to stop it.

At Julie’s Place on Wednesday’s Days episode, Abe also tried to convince Theo to postpone the wedding. He worried about Theo getting hurt, but Theo was willing to take the risk.

Lani joined the table and wanted to focus on the celebration. She suggested they should forget all about Paulina, who appeared right after she said it.

Paulina had an announcement to make and revealed that as of an hour ago, she had called off the demolition. She assured Abe, Lani and Theo that the Horton Town Square was there to stay.

Paulina was willing to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if it meant another chance with the people she cared about. She was going back to her original marketplace idea and plan for diversity.

Theo thought that sounded like a good first step, but Abe wasn’t sure what to say.

As for Lani, she felt like this was Theo’s big day and wanted to focus on that. Once Paulina congratulated Theo and headed for the exit, Lani expressed doubt that Paulina was even telling the truth.

Lani feared this could be another ploy, but Abe called the lawyers and confirmed Paulina’s claims were true.

Even so, Lani worried Paulina could have some kind of agenda. When Abe suggested that Paulina seemed genuinely sorry, Lani was taken aback.

“You aren’t really thinking about forgiving her, are you?” Lani asked. She felt it was too late for Paulina to make amends, but Abe thought they should concentrate on Theo’s wedding for now.

Suddenly, Theo got a phone call that seemed to include bad news. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Theo said with a scowl.

At Ben’s place, he dreamed of his wedding to Ciara before Allie arrived. Allie wanted to give Ben a heads-up since she agreed to be Ciara’s maid of honor.

Ben was upset briefly, but he eventually understood that Allie just didn’t want to hurt Ciara by turning her down.

Allie also admitted that she tried to get Ciara to remember her first wedding to Ben. She didn’t want to get Ben’s hopes up, but she thought she saw a hint of reaction – like Ciara was remembering something she didn’t before.

Allie was so sorry for what Ben was going through and ran into Claire on her way out.

After Claire learned Allie was serving as Ciara’s maid of honor, Allie confessed she just couldn’t say no.

Once Allie was gone, Claire filled Ben in on her earlier fight with Ciara. She ranted about Ciara treating them both like dirt and was beginning to think Ben was better off without Ciara.

However, Ben argued this wasn’t the real Ciara. He felt Ciara hadn’t given up on them in the past, so he refused to give up on her now.

Claire warned that Ciara was determined to marry Theo today, but Ben was just as determined to stop her.

Ben had an extreme plan, but Claire said extreme was her middle name and was willing to help.

Ben reminded Claire that he was tempted to kidnap Ciara and take her to the cabin to jog her memory.

That was back before Ciara left for South Africa, but Days fans will recall he ultimately backed out of the idea. Since this had become a “now or never” situation, Ben intended to kidnap Ciara before she could marry Theo.

Claire thought extreme was an understatement when it came to this scheme, but she also thought it was kind of traditional.

Claire mentioned that Ciara’s dad once kidnapped her mom to stop her from marrying another man.

Hope was royally ticked off at Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) for a very long time, but Ben could deal with Ciara being ticked off. He just couldn’t deal with losing Ciara forever.

Claire still seemed a bit wary considering how wild the plot was. “Ben, do you really think this is a good idea?” Claire asked.

When Chanel ran into Allie carrying a bouquet of flowers, she asked if Allie and Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) were getting married.

Allie explained that she was Ciara’s maid of honor and apologized for how things went down between them after their moment on the Fourth of July.

Allie was hopeful they could still be friends, but Paulina interrupted before they could really talk.

Paulina had some positive updates since the marketplace was moving forward and that meant Sweet Bits Bakery was still happening.

Once Paulina left, Allie assured Chanel that she still wanted to be involved in the bakery – though she understood if Chanel didn’t want that anymore.

Allie suggested Chanel didn’t have to answer right now and started to leave, but Chanel stopped her.

“Hey, Horton. Let’s do this,” Chanel said as she exchanged a smile with her bestie.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Allie and Chanel’s partnership could bring more romantic temptation, so don’t miss what’s in store.

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