Extreme Sisters Finale Recap 06/13/21: Season 1 Episode 8 “Our Happily Ever After”

Extreme Sisters Recap 06/13/21: Season 1 Episode 8 "Our Happily Ever After"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series Extreme Sisters airs with an all-new Sunday, June 13, 2021, Season 1 Episode 8 and we have your Extreme Sisters recap below. On tonight’s Extreme Sisters season, 1 episode 8 called, “Can’t Live Without You,” as per TLC synopsis, “Brooke goes into labor, and Baylee struggles with not being in the hospital room.

Anna and Lucy get stood up. Patrica gives Patrix tough love. Brittany and Briana confront their biggest fear.”

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In tonight’s Extreme Sisters episode, Atlanta, GA, Patrica, and Patrix; Patricia is upset, it has been two days that her sister went to Orlando and there have been no calls or texts. Ron tells her to just keep trying. Patrica wishes she would just answer the phone so she knows that she is safe. She cries on Ron’s shoulder and says she wouldn’t do that to her. Their son, Jeremiah comes in, he says all is good. Jeremiah says she is in Texas and he has been sworn to secrecy.

Patrica thinks Patrix is with Tony, he moved to Texas two years ago. Patrica sends another text and says she knows that she is in Texas. All of a sudden, Patrix calls Patrica and says she is engaged to Tony, she needed some time to clear her head. She is on her way back to Georgia and will talk then. Ron says Tony is quirky, he likes to hug a lot and he doesn’t like the on and off with Patrix. Patrica says she wants her sister to be happy.

Gig Harbor, WA, Christina, and Jessica. Christina is upset, John is not welcoming to her sister, which made her feel more welcome. She wants them to mend everything, he says it takes time and you just can’t drop the fights that they have had. Christine is not mad at John, but she is thinking if their relationship doesn’t work, this is why.

Smith Mountain Lake, WA, Briana, and Brittany; Brianna is showing some dresses that she hopes to fit into them. Brittany talks about how happy she was to be in the delivery room, to see baby Jack born. They are settling into life. They finish the shared closet just before Briana gave birth. They love their closet. They are still working on what their children will call each other’s sister. One of the best things about having two mom’s in the house is that they help each other breastfeed each other’s baby. They feel like since they share DNA, she shares the same mile. Both babies are falling asleep. They both don’t feel like one is more their son than the other.

Perth, Australia, Anna, and Lucy are at the park, they see Ben in the distance. They find Ben in the park, with candlelight, pillows, champagne; everything the girls could ever want. He says he wanted to show them how much they mean to him. They say they thought they were being too pushy, they thought they might lose him. He assures them that they will never lose him, they mean too much to him. He wants to reassure them he is there for the long run.

Ben says the talk about babies and marriage is not going to make him run away. They wonder what will happen if they can’t get pregnant, he doesn’t care, he takes them no matter what. Ben is their hero, their prince charming. Ben has got them both a ring. The rings are massive diamonds. He tells them that he wants to spend the rest of his life with them, he loves them. They can’t legally be married there, this is the best that he can do. But he will do whatever it takes. Ben pops a bottle of champagne and cheers to them.

Oklahoma City, OK, Brooke and Baylee; Brooke says her baby smiles so much at Baylee. Denver is there as well, he says the baby smiles all the time for him. In the kitchen, Brooke has her placenta, Denver doesn’t like that she kept it, he thinks it is gross. In front of Ace, Brooke puts the placenta in a jar. Brooke was pushing for her sister to get engaged, but when she finds out that Baylee’s boyfriend might have to move out of state and take Baylee with him, Brooke is no longer on board and tells Baylee to wait on the marriage thing.

Christine tells Jessica that she thought they would get closer after spreading their mom’s ashes. Jessica says going there made her feel closer, but she is also alone all the time. Christina finds out that Jessica slept with John and she is surprised. The two get into an argument, at the end of the day, Jessica doesn’t like John and can’t wait for Christine to break up with him so she can have her sister back.

Patrix is back, Patrica wants to know why she didn’t say anything to her, and she wants to see the ring. They both admit that they missed each other. Patrica loves the ring, she thinks Tony is the perfect guy for her sister and hopes that he doesn’t disappoint her. Patrix didn’t mention anything because she didn’t want her sister to talk her out of it. Patrica is worried that Patrix will move to Texas and the sisterhood will be crushed.