Extreme Sisters Recap 05/30/21: Season 1 Episode 6 “It’s Time To Let Go”

Extreme Sisters Recap 05/30/21: Season 1 Episode 6 "It's Time To Let Go"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series Extreme Sisters airs with an all-new Sunday, May 30, 2021, Season 1 Episode 6 and we have your Extreme Sisters recap below. On tonight’s Extreme Sisters season, 1 episode 6 called, “It’s Time To Let Go,” as per TLC synopsis, “Baylee decides she’s Brooke’s birth coach.”

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In tonight’s Extreme Sisters episode, Perth, Australia, Anna & Lucy are visiting their older sister, Vanya, they love her, she gives great advice. Vanya says the twins are always together, she doesn’t remember them ever being separated, except for going to the washroom. Lucy says they are trying to start a family, well they both are, they need to be pregnant at the same time. Vanya says that is probably not going to happen at the time.

Jeana is there, their mother, and she says miracles do happen. Vanya thinks they should face reality, they probably not going to get pregnant together. Anna and Lucy don’t plan on stopping until they get what they want. Vanya thinks they will good moms, they are kind, but it is hard work. They plan on sharing the babies, like a whole family. Vanya tells them that the children can have two moms, they say what hers is hers and what mine is mine. The twins don’t even want to know whose baby is whose. Vanya tells them to do whatever makes them happy.

Gig Harbor, WA, Jessica & Christina are folding the laundry. Jessica tells Christina that she was emotional last evening. John doesn’t know that Christina is a psychic, it’s been so long and she feels like she should have told him, but she is embarrassed to tell him, she doesn’t want to look like the weird one. They talk about how they are co-dependent, and Christina doesn’t want their kids to be that way. When their mom died, Christina was able to work through her co-dependency issues, but Jessica wasn’t. Christina tells Jessica that they have to forgive their mother. One of her dying wishes is that their mom wanted her ashes spread on her property in the backyard.

Smith Mountain Lake, VA, Briana & Brittany just moved into this big spacious house and now they get to fill it. The women go shopping for furniture with Jeremy and Josh. They are looking at privacy enclosures because they want to have a large closet for everyone, with a male side and a female side. They enjoy it being the four of them and that is why they live together.

Oklahoma City, OK, Brooke & Baylee are waiting for a birthing coach to come to the house, Brooke is 52 days away from giving birth. When her first daughter was born, Brooke kept her placenta, she was going to eat it, but she stuck it in a cabinet in the living room instead. The Doula, Courtney, arrives at the house. Brooke tells her that she wants her baby to be safe first and foremost. Baylee is not happy that she cannot be at the hospital for this pregnancy for Brooke. They start talking about the placenta, Brooke brings her over and shows it to Courtney. Booked tells her that she was going to eat it. Courtney says that she encapsulates placentas, then she gives them back to the client in seven days for consumption.

Gig Harbor, WA, Christina & Jessica are making the trip to Oregon to spread their mother’s ashes. Their mother’s house was her sanctuary, and even though she didn’t want them to sell the house, they had no choice. The present owners are letting them spread the ashes. They dump the ashes, the two of them start laughing, they say they laugh when they are really sad. They forgive their mom and tell each other that they couldn’t have made it this far without each other. The two are crying now, they hug each other.

Perth, Australia, Anna & Lucy are very upset about their conversation with their sister and mom about the baby. They tell Ben about the conversation. Ben tells them that if they are both mothering the child, then they are both be mothers. Ben tells them to stop listening to everyone else, they are going to get judged no matter what. They wonder if one day they can get married legally to Ben in Australia.

They feel like they deserve a nice wedding. Ben says marriage is not a big deal to him, it is just a piece of paper. They have been together for ten years and that is a commitment to him. Ben says he doesn’t care about anyone else, about gloating about their relationship. They say they want to get married to show everyone how much they love him. Ben tells them to take a step back and look at the whole picture.