Extreme Sisters Recap 06/06/21: Season 1 Episode 7 “Can’t Live Without You”

Extreme Sisters Recap 06/06/21: Season 1 Episode 7 "Can't Live Without You"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series Extreme Sisters airs with an all-new Sunday, June 6, 2021, Season 1 Episode 7 and we have your Extreme Sisters recap below. On tonight’s Extreme Sisters season, 1 episode 6 called, “Can’t Live Without You,” as per TLC synopsis, “Brooke goes into labor, and Baylee struggles with not being in the hospital room.

Anna and Lucy get stood up. Patrica gives Patrix tough love. Brittany and Briana confront their biggest fear.”

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In tonight’s Extreme Sisters episode, in Gig Harbor, WA, Christina & Jessica are in the car driving home from spreading their mother’s ashes and Christina is feeling really close to Jessica right now after this. Jessica says this is them, who they are. Christina feels more empowered to tell John that she is psychic, although she doesn’t want him to feel different about her.

She knows it has to be done, but she is just nervous to do it. Christina wants Jessica with her when she tells John and Jessica couldn’t be happier, she likes to be needed by her sister. Jessica says she will be there for comfort. Christina says if this is the end of the relationship, she doesn’t want any “I told you so.” Meanwhile, Jessica had a vision and she knows the outcome, Christina is going to leave John.

Perth, Australia, Lucy & Anna say that things are really strained with Ben, they feel as though he lost right now. They want to get pregnant and think they should have a very supportive partner right now. The two are sitting in a restaurant, they are waiting for Ben, it is a date night. After five minutes, they message him because he is never late for anything. They order cappuccinos and wait, they are getting a bit stressed and anxious that he is not there.

They try to call and get his answering machine. Next, they text him and say they are really upset that they are sitting there all by themselves. They type in CAPS so he knows they are upset. It’s thirty minutes now and they haven’t heard anything, and they get angrier. Ben calls them and says he doesn’t think he is going to make it, he will see them at home. He hangs up, they say this is not like Ben, it is so out of character for him. Their biggest fear is losing Ben, he is their rock and their life. They finish their cappuccinos and head home.

Atlanta, GA, Patricia & Patrix are up, they climb up in bed together. Patricia tells Patrix that she wants her to give life a chance but no pressure. Patricia tells her she would rather she goes, lives her life, and she will follow behind her. Patrick doesn’t believe that if she goes her sister will follow, she will just have one excuse after the other.

Oklahoma City, OK, Brooke & Baylee are in the house, Brooke is having contractions. Baylee helps her to get ready, she starts by shaving her. Brooke is in the shower and the contractions just keep coming. 1:00 am, Brooke had the baby, Baylee tells her she did a great job. Brooke says all is going well. Baylee is at the house with all the family, including their mother. Brooke gave birth to a son.

Baylee is so relieved that Brooke and the baby are ok. Baylee is super upset that she can’t be at the hospital because of COVID and

she is shocked that Brooke is ok without her.
Smith Mountain Lake, VA, Briana & Brittany are at home, Briana is on bed rest, so they are improvising. They two have matching kimonos on, Briana says she feels like she has three bowling balls inside her. Now that she is a month past being sent home from the hospital, the fears are setting in. She doesn’t know if it is because she is sitting there all day and she is separated from Brittany.

She tells her that every morning when she leaves, she is afraid something is going to happen and she will never see her again. They eat the same foods, they exercise at the same time, they try to make sure their life span is the same. Josh and Jeremy walked into the room, they all share what they are talking about. If the unthinkable happens they will always be twins, it is forever.

Christina and Jessica are home. Christina tells John that she is psychic and he thinks it is pretty cool, he just is a little upset that she thought she couldn’t tell him. Jessica reveals that she is psychic too, they feed off each other. He doesn’t think it is weird. Christina likes for John to see how close she is with her sister, he needs to see that. Jessica tells him that she is going to be around a lot now. John doesn’t look thrilled and doesn’t give Jessica a warm welcome. Jessica gets upset, she ups and leaves, Christina tells him that she can’t have this in her life.

Back to Lucy & Anna, are trying on a new dress, mom is there, she alters all their clothes so they are identical. Clothes make them happy, but today they are just not in a good mood. They tell mom that Ben stood them up, he is blowing them off. Mom knows that Ben has something planned, and they don’t know, she is trying to keep a straight face. Mom tells them to get dressed and she will take them out. Mom promised to help Ben, she tells them they are going out, chop-chop, get dressed and curlers out. They arrive at Kings Park, get out of the vehicle, and see Ben.