General Hospital Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Exits as Maxie Jones – Departs While GH Star Recovers from Brain Surgery

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Kirsten Storms has exited as Maxie Jones for now, but there’s a good reason the character will be off canvas. The GH star was forced to depart the show due to brain surgery and the necessary recovery time, so Maxie was written out as a result.

Storms broke the news herself in an Instagram story last month. She offered updates on a procedure she had done to drain and remove a large cyst, which required opening Storms’ skull to relieve the pressure.

At the time, Storms explained the surgery was performed on the lower portion of her brain.

Storms also confirmed that what the doctors removed wasn’t cancer, so that was certainly good to hear. However, the procedure still meant Storms needed some time off the show.

“I will be on the mend for the next several weeks, but I will be back at work when this is over with,” Kirsten Storms said on June 4. Ever since, fans have been waiting to see if this would turn into a full-blown exit or a temporary recast situation.

Storms was apparently able to give the writers enough advance warning to write her out completely since that’s what happened. It’s for the best considering temp recasts can be pretty jarring and difficult to get used to.

This solution is a simple one that makes sense with the story that’s been told so far. Maxie is naturally drawn to her baby, but she’s been raising all kinds of suspicions by hanging around her.

Since Maxie believes she’s putting Louise August aka “Bailey Quartermaine” (Harper and Scarlett bloom) at risk, she feels she’s doing the right thing by creating some distance.

On Monday, July 19, Maxie shared some heartfelt final moments with Louise before her Texas trip to visit family. That served as a “so long for now” and wrapped things up for the time being.

Fortunately, Kirsten Storms has confirmed she’ll indeed return, so Maxie will eventually rejoin the action and reclaim her baby girl.

Until then, Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) will have to deal with the drama in Port Charles and try to keep this scheme under wraps.

As other GH news pops up, we’ll deliver updates. General Hospital spoilers say some shockers and shakeups are ahead in the “Bailey” storyline, so stay tuned.

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