General Hospital Spoilers: Leaked Recast News, Hayden Barnes’ Mom Returns – Naomi Dreyfus’ Surprise Visit to Violet

General Hospital Spoilers: Leaked Recast News, Hayden Barnes’ Mom Returns – Naomi Dreyfus' Surprise Visit to Violet

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that some leaked recast news points to Hayden Barnes’ mom returning, so Naomi Dreyfus is about to pay a surprise visit to her granddaughter, Violet Finn (Jophielle Love). Some casting sides have surfaced for a character whose name has been disguised as “Norma,” but the content of the audition script clearly reveals it’s Naomi.

Although the scene could change by the time it hits the air, here’s what GH has planned so far. Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) will be standing with Violet when a voice calls out.

It’ll be “Norma” aka Naomi who sweetly confirms it’s Violet and then prompts the kid to remember her as Grandma.

Violet will greet her grandmother excitedly as Finn and Liz turn to face Naomi in shock. Finn will reel as he points out he wasn’t expecting Naomi’s visit. He’ll definitely be thrown for a loop and struggle to wrap his head around Violet’s grandma being back in town.

Of course, Naomi may have some other reason for being back in Port Charles as well, but she certainly couldn’t return without seeing her precious granddaughter.

It’s obvious Violet spent some time with Naomi off screen before she came to PC, so it won’t take long to jog Violet’s memory.

Violet will apparently adore her grandma, so Finn will have to make some time for them to bond again. It could leave Finn in an awkward situation – and the same goes for Liz, who’s growing closer to the man Hayden loved and the father of Hayden’s child.

Since Liz is Hayden’s half-sister, we’re gearing up for some messy drama once Naomi is back in the mix. We have to wonder if Naomi might know something about Hayden’s whereabouts.

At the very least, the return of Naomi seems like a huge sign that Hayden herself will make a comeback down the road.

Regardless, the show’s on the hunt for a new actress to play Naomi Dreyfus based on these leaked casting sides. It’ll be interesting to see what Naomi does after she shows back up in town and how that might affect Finn’s soon-to-be budding romance with Liz.

We’ll provide updates as other GH news rolls in. General Hospital spoilers say some stunning developments are still to come, so don’t miss all the 2021 summer shockers ahead.

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