General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Off Bipolar Meds, Deadly Issue Addressed – Behavior Changes Like Morgan’s Spell Trouble?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Off Bipolar Meds, Deadly Issue Addressed – Behavior Changes Like Morgan's Spell Trouble?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that there’s an important issue to discuss now that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is far away from home with no memories. Sonny doesn’t know who he is or anything about his past, so that means he knows nothing about his medical history.

We can’t ignore the fact that Sonny is now off his bipolar meds – and that could lead to trouble.

Of course, it’s possible GH writers will simply disregard that part of the story, but it doesn’t seem right considering Maurice Benard is such a big mental health advocate.

Benard has been open about his real-life bipolar diagnosis, so he might even be adamant about the writers addressing this problem. The longer Sonny goes without his bipolar medication, the worse things could get for him.

Sonny has gone off his meds before and had plenty of intense outbursts. GH fans also saw how Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) went off the rails after his own meds were switched with placebos.

That led to Morgan’s tragic presumed death, so it’s easy to see why Sonny’s situation is concerning. Sonny needs his bipolar meds to keep him safe!

It’s possible Phyllis Caulfield (Juliette Jeffrey) will see the warning signs and diagnose Sonny again at some point. Sonny will soon be living at the bar owned by a man named Lenny, who’s apparently Phyllis’ significant other.

Since Phyllis is a nurse, she might eventually realize Sonny is bipolar and convince him to get help through a doctor’s new prescription.

That might even be something that’s used to jog Sonny’s memory or offer him a clue about his past. There’s also the possibility this could tie in with Morgan if he comes back from the dead. General Hospital writers have offered some hints that Morgan might reenter the picture somehow.

It might be interesting if Sonny stumbles across the story of another amnesiac man who discovered he was bipolar, too. Maybe Sonny could meet Morgan himself and hear the story straight from his son without even realizing their connection.

If Morgan also has memory issues that have kept him from returning to Port Charles, then he might be in the same boat Sonny’s in right now.

Whatever the case, Sonny is off his meds and we’ll see if that causes changes in his behavior. As other GH news emerges, don’t miss our hot updates. General Hospital spoilers say some exciting twists and turns are still to come.

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