General Hospital Spoilers Update: Monday, May 17 – Cyrus Reveals Sasha’s Pregnancy to Brando – Sonny Grabs Gun – Valentin’s Big Win

General Hospital Spoilers Update: Monday, May 17 – Cyrus Reveals Sasha’s Pregnancy to Brando – Sonny Grabs Gun – Valentin’s Big Win

General Hospital (GH) spoilers update for Monday, May 17, teases that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) will reveal Sasha Gilmore’s (Sofia Mattsson) pregnancy to Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) while “Mike” aka Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) grabs his gun and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) pulls off a big win.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin’s announcement about moving in will spark outrage. Valentin just brought Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) up to speed on how he wants to make the Q manse his new home, but Brook Lynn will push back hard.

Brook Lynn just won’t see why Valentin has to move in along with Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) and Yuri, but Valentin will insist on being close to the baby once she’s born.

Since Valentin could ditch the deal to hand over Brook Lynn’s ELQ shares, she’ll ultimately have to relent and let Valentin have his way.

In Nixon Falls, “Mike” will make sure his weapon’s loaded and prepare for battle. Sonny overheard Elijah Crowe (Dan White) return while Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) was still in the office, so he’ll grab his gun and do whatever it takes to keep Nina safe.

Of course, Elijah isn’t going to hurt Nina, but he’s definitely going to put her through a tough grilling session. General Hospital spoilers say Nina will scramble to offer a satisfactory explanation on Monday.

Nina took off an earring to use as part of this plan, so it seems she’ll claim she came back looking for it.

Still, Elijah’s a pretty smart guy and may have a hunch that something else is going on. Elijah might even suspect that Nina and “Mike” are in cahoots, so Nina will have to be careful.

As for Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), she’ll confront someone and insist that this person backed the wrong horse. We know Carly’s going to have a meeting with Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) on Monday’s episode, so Gladys may be given the chance to make a better bet.

Carly would like to clear Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) name as soon as possible, so she may pitch the idea of Gladys changing her statement and getting a reward for it.

Unfortunately, Gladys feels like she’s got a pretty sweet arrangement going with Cyrus and may refuse to blow it since Carly can’t be trusted.

At the Metro Court, Brando will fail at getting Sasha to confide in him. Sasha will shut down Brando’s interrogation and try to put some distance between them instead.

Afterward, Brando will sit down with Cyrus and get some shocking news. Cyrus will reveal that Sasha is pregnant according to Gladys, so that’ll throw Brando for a loop. Nevertheless, Brando will try to play it cool and act like he hasn’t spent enough time with Sasha to know much of anything.

Cyrus will guess that’s because he’s keeping Brando busy, but he won’t think either of them have much to show for it. After Cyrus points out he’s kept the truth about “Dev Corbin” aka Dev Cerci (Ashton Arbab) under wraps, he’ll argue that Brando hasn’t given him anything in return.

However, Cyrus will have a way for Brando to finally deliver results. That sounds awfully ominous, so Brando should battle concerns over Cyrus’ talk about “unavoidable messes.”

At GH, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) will feel certain Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is going to resolve Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) crisis one way or another.

Finn will appreciate the vote of confidence, but he’ll remain deeply worried over Chase’s condition. Chase is just going to get worse again and need another antidote vial if Finn can’t work something out regarding the cure.

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) will work a new angle by reaching out to a friend, but it’ll be the WSB who gets back to her with terrible updates. Sean Donely is dead, so Anna will get emotional over that bombshell and fill Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) in eventually.

Maxie will have another shocker to contend with beforehand since Dr. Sofia Navarro (Christina Ferarro) wants to induce labor immediately. Since Maxie wants to secretly give birth in Beechers Corners and pull off her plan with Brook Lynn, she needs to talk the doc out of this.

Peter August (Wes Ramsey) also wants Maxie to give birth somewhere besides GH. He mentioned an “idyllic” setting, where he hopes Maxie can bring Baby Lou into the world.

Peter wants “Chloe Jennings” (Kimberly J. Brown) to help him pull off the first step of his scheme – and then he intends to disappear with Maxie and their daughter when the time is right.

Peter won’t want Maxie to be induced right now any more than Maxie does, so they’ll be on the same page for once! Since there’s not an urgent medical need for this, Peter and Maxie can put things off a bit longer.

Back with Elizabeth, she’ll find someone to rip into and bring some drama in the process. It looks Liz will have a lot on her plate in Monday’s show, so stay tuned! CDL’s where you want to be for all the hottest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news, so stop by often.