General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, May 12 Recap – Britt’s Huntington’s Disease – Sam Sabotages Dante’s Car – Carly’s Mob Life

General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, May 12 Recap – Britt’s Huntington’s Disease – Sam Sabotages Dante’s Car – Carly's Mob Life

General Hospital (GH) spoilers recap for Wednesday, May 12, reveals that Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) made a Huntington’s disease admission while Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) sabotaged Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) car.

Meanwhile, mob life began to consume Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) – and Jasper “Jax” Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) definitely noticed.

Before we get to all that, let’s discuss a mystery man! Someone was seen in the shower before GH revealed it was Dante – looking all spiffy now that he’d had a shave and a haircut. Dante reported for duty at the PCPD, so Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) welcomed him back to the force and handed over his badge.

After going over the security footage from the hospital, Jordan and Dante determined that Jason gave up his clean shot at a getaway to go back for Britt. They realized Jason saved Britt’s life and then she returned the favor based on the evidence that was found at the safehouse later.

Dante took off to follow up on a lead that might connect to Britt. He headed to a gas station where a woman matching Britt’s description had been seen purchasing medical supplies.

Elsewhere, Sam was on the phone with Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) in her car. Sam said the passports were perfect and added that she might be able to help Jason get away.

Sam had a hunch that Jason and Britt were on the Cassadine nature preserve, but then she saw Dante at the gas station not too far away from it. She wasn’t pleased and approached Dante, who was asking the cashier questions and showing a pic of Britt.

Dante felt he was on the right track since Sam was in the area and warned her to back off. However, Sam wanted Dante to take Britt and let Jason make a safe escape.

Dante couldn’t do that and went to gather more information from the cashier. Later, Dante went back to his car and was frustrated to discover it had a flat tire courtesy of Sam.

In the Cassadine barn, Britt came clean to Jason about her suspicions that she had Huntington’s disease. She explained that she had a 50-50 shot and had lied to Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) about getting tested.

Britt had chosen to remain in the dark, but she was planning on getting tested until all this chaos happened.

Jason pointed out that Britt might not have it, but Britt feared that her hand tremors were consistent with that diagnosis.

Britt worried about turning into Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) due to risk of cognitive decline and disorders, but Jason insisted that wouldn’t happen. He assured Britt that she wasn’t her father.

Since they were past their 10-hour limit, Jason wanted to hit the road. Britt refused to let Jason drive and held up the keys before they made their way toward the exit. Jason and Britt were suddenly surprised to see Sam standing right in front of them.

Back in Port Charles, Jax showed up to help Carly with a meeting to discuss Josslyn Jacks’ (Eden McCoy) future. Josslyn was still glum over the Southern Coastal University situation, but she eventually decided she’d stay in town and go to PCU.

While Josslyn was off calling Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla), Jax chewed Carly out for being distracted the whole time with business calls and texts. He knew this was business related to the mob, not coffee or the hotel.

Jax ranted about how Carly had changed and how he no longer wanted their daughter to be anything like her mother.

At the Metro Court, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) assured Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) that he’d taken all the necessary precautions for his plan. Nikolas felt it was time for Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) to start looking over his shoulder for once!

At Pentonville, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) offered to help Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) prepare for his parole hearing and was stunned to learn he wasn’t going.

Since Shawn wasn’t guilty of the crime he’d been convicted of, he explained that the hearing would be pointless since he couldn’t show remorse.

Alexis still wanted to help Shawn score his freedom, but Nikolas soon arrived and caught her off guard. Back with Ava, she questioned Trina about why Curtis and Portia Robinson’s (Brook Kerr) connection seemed to bother her.

Trina admitted to feeling partially responsible for the end of Curtis’ marriage and felt her mom was part of the problem, too.

As for Portia, she had a flirty conversation with Curtis as they discussed his opening night plans for The Savoy and reflected on the first night they met.

Afterward, Curtis wound up in Jordan’s office to deliver their divorce papers. Jordan somberly removed her wedding ring after Curtis left.

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