Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/07/21: Season 18 Episode 2 “Some Kind Of Tomorrow”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/07/21: Season 18 Episode 2 "Some Kind Of Tomorrow"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, October 7, 2021, season 18 episode 2 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 2 called “Some Kind Of Tomorrow,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Meredith seeks advice from Amelia. Meanwhile, Richard is reenergized as he takes teaching to a new level at the hospital, and Winston treats a patient suffering from kidney failure. Guest-starring is Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt and Peter Gallagher as Dr. David Hamilton..”

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) walking down the hotel hallway while Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is in her room walking around in a robe. He slips her a note under her door and she catches him saying it is an old-fashioned way of asking her on a date; which she accepts with a smile. Meanwhile back in Seattle, Dr. Jo Wilson (Camila Luddington) and Dr. Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack) are busy preparing for Scout’s birthday party. Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and her husband, Dr. Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill) are exchanging messages; while she is with her dad and he is sleeping at the hospital.

Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) talks with Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) while they watch over the hospital, saying it finally feels like the old days. The residents are there, excited as Webber tells them to meet him in the lab in 4 minutes.

Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterine Scorsone) meets with Meredith, excited she traveled in a private jet and learns that Meredith is being given a private lab in her own name to cure Parkinson’s. She is asking Amelia to join her, and therefore it is the two of them, not just Meredith.

Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) walks with his new bride, Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), and the kids, dropping them off at daycare, learning that they live in Leo’s world; but Owen says they have to learn the kids’ actions have consequences. Teddy is upset as one of the parents is staring at Leo who is dressed in a princess outfit; until she learns that he is simply looking for the same costume for his child. Link is walking with Jo, explaining that Scout used to be upset when he dropped him off but now he is ready for his own studio apartment; Jo is bothered and wants to see pictures of Luna all the time. Link pushes her off to work and says the daycare sends her photos.

Winston’s new patient is suffering from kidney failure and she likes to record everything, he asks her to turn off her phone so he can examine her. He says nothing is exciting as he is only inserting a catheter into her chest to start dialysis. She has a clotting disorder and both her mother and brother had this and died, and she is unable to get on the transplant list because of it; Winston tells Dr. Sara Ortiz (Melissa DuPrey) to get him in contact with the coordinator. His patient wants the world to know who she is before the disease ends her, but she is okay with what is happening.

Owen meets the ambulance with a patient who was in a car that hit a tree. He keeps asking about his son, pleading for them to save him. Owen barks out orders, demanding they find him a resident. Meanwhile, Richard is directing residents who are not where they are supposed to be; Dr. Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot) being super sarcastic with Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) calling this the “Hunger Games”. Richard says the resident says the one with the highest score flies solo this afternoon in the OR with surgery at their level.

Amelia is examining Dr. David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher), complimenting her. She gives him her synopsis on his diagnosis and reminds him that Parkinson’s is not something that surgery cannot fix and he adds the keyword YET, and feels they can convince Meredith otherwise. In the meantime, Dr. Bailey meets with Dr. Dale Wong (Hahn Cho) who feels she is avoiding him. He is trying to resign but she tells him she doesn’t want him to as he explains he wants to write mystery novels. She laughs in his face but then pleads with him that the country and hospital are in dire need of physicians and then agrees when he says being a doctor is not fun anymore.

Richard walks among his students, giving them seconds to tie up pop cans, Link being a judge as well; making them a little nervous. Time is up and Link says Schmitt takes the gold as Helm wants to know if there is a silver medal.

Jo is giving a PAP test on a patient, who is whistling nursery rhymes when Jo takes out a strawberry from Robin. She asks if that is what could be causing her abdominal pain and Jo asks if there could be something else and Robin looks at her suspiciously and says, “maybe!”

Dr. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) walks up to Danny, his young patient who was in the car accident; he has stitches on his head but is otherwise okay. His father is asking about him, but Owen is asking about his oxygen levels which are fairly low. He insists it is nothing, just not wanting Xrays, wanting to simply salvage the weekend with his son. He was in the military, tattoos Owen recognizes. He begins coughing up blood and Owen immediately wants to bring him up to the trauma.

Winston finds Dr. Krause, confronting her about his patient who needs the transplant. She insists that Rashida doesn’t qualify because of her high numbers but he says dialysis is what has the high mortality rate and she feels the same as he does but it has been the same for over 20 years.

Amelia and Meredith meet Dr. Kai Bartley while exploring the lab Dr. Hamilton has created. Amelia keeps saying yes and she is in, while Meredith seems more hesitant.

Owen and Teddy talk about Leo as they scan their patient from the military. Teddy wonders if they should shelf the Elsa costume and put Leo in more traditional clothing like T-shirts and jeans. Teddy lets drop as Owen brings her up to date on their current case. She is unable to say what happened with Leo as they see how destroyed this vet’s lungs are.

Bailey comes in, worried that Pierce is taking a job in Boston when Winston pages her. Winston reminds her that her father is having hip surgery. He tells her about Rashida’s kidney problems and how she needs a transplant but can’t get on dialysis because of her clotting disorder, he shows another case, showing that the only difference is that his patient is black and the test is showing assumptions that black people have larger bone density. She tells Winston to fight for her and every other black person.

Owen and Teddy meet with their patient and learn that he already knows he has pulmonary fibrosis. He doesn’t want workups nor tests as there are no cures. VA won’t cover any cures for it as they won’t put any links to it. Noah (Johnny Rey Diaz) puts a pass on everything, saying whatever time he has left he wants to spend with his son.

The residents are competing in a test for endoscopies; Jo walks in as Link tells her what is going on. Jo tells him about the strawberry and he tells her in med school he found a yam. Richard announces that today’s winner of the competition is Schmitt, and Helm gets a little annoyed, saying of course he won because there was no actual blood. He learns the surgery is the extraction of a foreign body; he shouts that he loves Dr. Wilson.

Meredith talks to Amelia, saying they both have kids and she just got her job back and doesn’t want to ruin their stability. Amelia says Grey Sloan would love to have this kind of success behind them; both explaining their valid points.

Winston and Ortiz are working on Rashida when he tells her which tests he wants to be done. Ortiz asks him where he is going and he says he is going to get her a kidney!!

Meredith escorts Amelia to her car, saying she just wants to make sure she isn’t being ridiculous for entertaining this idea as Amelia feels she is being ridiculous for not accepting the offer already as they are talking about curing Parkinson’s. Amelia reminds her that she wanted to be in neuro and now this is her chance to get back into it and she cannot for the life of her think why she would walk away from this and encourages her not to do it.

Winston meets with Dr. Krause again, literally saying the only reason Rashida is not on the list is that she is black and yes, some of the patients who were pushed through were white and Krause’s patients; she wants more information as he presses, saying race has nothing to do with the factors. She feels this is a tried and true formula as she promises to look into it and rushes off; even though he says she does not have time.

Richard listens as Jo explains that Robin was doing a ritual and inserted an amethyst egg into her vagina, which is supposed to bring love and healing into her life. She mixed it up and was supposed to eat the strawberry and insert the crystal egg. Richard is very embarrassed as he learns what she did with the items. Schmitt steps up and tries to explain what he is going to do, confusing Robin who stops him, asking Jo how old Levi actually is.

Owen and Teddy are speaking to Dr. Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) when Hayes joins them, learning about Noah’s case. He did 6 tours for their country and Owen says he is going to the VA and demand them to help him. Megan smirks as she sees Teddy and Owen who are going to break the rules to keep Noah comfortable since they cannot save him, but do whatever they can for him. Meanwhile, Winston rushes in when Rashida’s alarms sound as her stats are dropping. He has to remove her catheter and demands that they page Dr. Krause as there is no other option and cannot give her dialysis.

Schmitt walks into the OR and is super stoked to start and lead his first surgery. Richard watches as all the residents clap when he makes the first incision. Helm is at his side while he proudly removes the amethyst egg and Richard tells him he did a nice extraction. He begins to panic but Richard reminds him if he remains calm, everyone else remains calm. Dr. Lin (Lynn Chen) and other residents chime in to help him complete the surgery, he instructs Dr. Helm on what to do and she nods and they are able to complete it.

Winston refuses to reinsert a catheter, even after Dr. Krause orders him to, saying Rashida has been her patient for months. Winston says he will not put her through more as this is a life and not protocol. Krause says even if they list her, they cannot say one will go through; but he says one will come through faster than if they didn’t.

Owen follows Hayes, learning Noah left with Danny; after finding out that he signed out an AMA when Danny was released. Hayes said Noah knows he is terminal and he didn’t want to stay in the hospital when he knew he was terminal and wanted to be released when he had a little one at home. Hayes was sad to see him go but wasn’t sorry he went.

Nick tells Meredith she looks amazing but she might want to change, apologizing. He brings her to a picnic. He tells her this is why he pulled back on his hours as this is what it’s about. She says she never star gazed and he inquires about her top-secret project and she jokes that he struggles with the concept of secrets. She admits she is scared to say yes and she is scared of failure as the project will cost a lot of money and it is risky. She is not sure the first thing she wants after surviving covid to be a public failure. He reminds her she is not a safe person it is not her nature; she will risk it all, win or lose; it will be one hell of a ride!

Winston informs Rashida that they could not access a port for dialysis but she is on the transplant list. She smiles in shock, crying. She never thought she would see the day. She says he is not changing her life but saving it and doesn’t know how to thank him and cannot wait to tell everyone. He admits he is not single and Rashida wants to meet her. She thinks they should become influencers as she convinces them that they need to go live on social media.

Richard and Bailey look on as the residents celebrate the first surgery and Helm are happier than Schmitt is; even letting her keep the crystal. Richard says it feels good to be back in front of them. He learns that Wong retired as Bailey frets that it is only getting worse losing surgeons every day, burnout, exhaustion. Bailey feels everyone needs to remember why they are there and they need JOY and remember the WHY; Richard agrees. He has some ideas – BIG ones!

Link is holding Scout, singing while Jo is feeding Luna, telling him to stop singing the depressing lullabies. She gets that he is sad and grieving the future he thought he had as she has been there. She looked for joy everywhere she could and along came OB and Luna. It sucks but he is going to be okay.

Teddy reveals to Owen what happened with Leo and she is worried, wanting Leo to be okay in the world and worried the world will be hard and cruel to him. Owen says even if the world will be, they won’t be and that will be okay. Teddy pulls out a cape for Leo and calls him the new snow queen and Leo loves it, together they gather up their children and head home.

Meredith walks back into the lab and finds David, saying she doesn’t own him and says she will pick her own team and everything they discover will be open to the public and accessible to everyone with Parkinson’s and she also wants to move it to Grey Sloan, something he refuses and doesn’t have the time. She says she will not move to Minnesota. She accepts to come once a week and a satellite lab from Seattle. He agrees and she says she is in and they shake on it.