Hell’s Kitchen Recap 03/25/21: Season 19 Episode 12 “There’s Magic In Hell?”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 03/25/21: Season 19 Episode 12 "There's Magic In Hell?"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Thursday, March 25, 2021, season 19 episode 12 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 19 episode 12 episode called, “There’s Magic In Hell?,” as per the FOX synopsis, “The six remaining chefs visit Criss Angel’s theater, where the coveted Black Jackets are revealed. In their first challenge of the day, the chefs are tasked with recreating one of Chef Ramsay’s fish dishes based solely on taste.

Then, two chefs battle to stay in the competition during an emotional “Cook For Your Life” challenge that takes them on a trip down memory lane.”

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Tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen begins when Jordan was sent home last week. Amber, who was up for elimination with her, has had enough of the blue team. Cody is having a hard time because his leadership is being questioned by Amber.

The next day, the cooks are told to get dressed in street clothes, they are all leaving Hell’s Kitchen. They head to the back of a building and go up a freight elevator to a theatre where Chef Ramsay is waiting for them. He welcomes the final six and tells them they have done so well that he has arranged a special VIP performance of something truly special for them.

It is a private show by Chris Angel, named the best show in Las Vegas. Chris levitates all around the stage and Gordon calls him fantastic. Chris brings out a chamber, and inside are four beautiful women and they are all wearing black jackets, it is “black jacket” day.

Back in Hells Kitchen, Gordon tells the cooks that they are going to have a series of challenges to earn their black jackets. The first one is the “taste it, now make it” challenge. They have 40 minutes to replicate the dish, the person that comes closest will win their black jacket immediately. It is Chef Ramsay’s most complicated signature dishes.

Amber is panicking with time, everyone has their fish cooked already and she only has three minutes to go. This is the first of three black jacket challenges. Chef has tasted all the dishes, Declan seems to be the only one who is confident. Gordon tells them the correct protein is cod, Declan, Mary Lou, and Nicole are correct. Only one chef had the correct salad, Mary Lou, and she gets the black jacket, and a pass to the black jacket lounge, Christina takes her up there.

Gordon decides to award one more black jacket, because their dish was extremely close and tasted amazing, Declan.

Another competition, for this one, the cooks have to select a security guard who is holding a case with an ingredient. Nicole gets to pick first and she is excited to get lobster. The ingredients are given to all the cooks, they have forty minutes to prepare their dishes.

The cooks are done, Gordon says the dishes look amazing. He tells Cody that he is a star, well done. Amber never cooked black cod before, so she is a bit nervous. Gordon says the fish is bland but cooked beautifully. Gordon likes Kori’s dish, but the cauliflower is bland. Nicole is next, she is not happy with the presentation, but the flavors are there. He tells her the flavors are delicious, but not the presentation.

Gordon says the dishes were so good in this round, he is sending two cooks through because the dishes were that good. Cody gets his black jacket and he says he knows he was getting one. Gordon tells him that it is his best dish in the competition so far. Cody walks into the black jacket lounge and Mary Lou is thrilled, he is the only one she can confide in. The next recipient is Kori.

It is down to Nicole and Amber, only one of them will get a black jacket. Amber thinks she has this in the bag because she has a decade more experience than Nicole. They have to prepare a dish that is inspired by their life, it has to have a connection to them and is their last chance to have a black jacket. Amber is making filet mignon, she says if she is going out she is going out with a bang. Amber’s filet is super raw, she starts to panic. There is less than one minute to go.

Gordon says the dishes look beautiful. Amber is first, she did a play on her mother’s pot roast. He says it is well-rounded and beautiful, but the onions are a little bit raw. Nicole is next, she made a pork chop and Gordon tells her that she nailed the protein. Nicole knows this is a worthy black jacket dish.

Gordon says two exceptional dishes made with heart and soul, but sadly one of them has to leave the competition. The cook earning the final black jacket is Amber. Nicole hasn’t earned a black jacket, but she has earned Gordon’s respect. She is the most improved cook, so he will fly her anywhere in the world to one of his restaurants for as long as she likes.

Amber enters the black jacket lounge and Gordon enters right after her with a bottle of champagne. He also gives them all two round-trip tickets to anywhere in the US.