Hell’s Kitchen Recap 07/05/21: Season 20 Episode 6 “Young Guns: A Ramsay Birthday In Hell!”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 07/05/21: Season 20 Episode 6 "Young Guns: A Ramsay Birthday In Hell!"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Monday, July 5, 2021, season 20 episode 6 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 20 episode 6 episode called, “Young Guns: A Ramsay Birthday In Hell!,” as per the FOX synopsis, “The chefs take on a new type of challenge when the restaurant is closed for Chef Ramsay’s daughter’s 21st birthday party.

The teams must endure double-Ramsay scrutiny during the challenge and dinner service, in which one team rises to the occasion, while the other serves up its biggest disappointment thus far.

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The episode begins with the Red Team in turmoil. Payton brought up Brynn when he was on the chopping block and he accused her of being the one to upset him and to make him make mistakes. Brynn was of course angry when she overheard his excuses. She later had a word with Payton and she told him not to bring her up. It wasn’t her fault he messed up. It was him that made the mistakes and she personally thought Payton should have been eliminated because he couldn’t own up to what he did. The Red Team was dealing with the fallout of two of its members and the Blue Team was celebrating their victory. It was the first time they ever completed their dinner service. The Blue Team was winning and they hoped to carry that over to their next challenge.

Their next challenge involved Chef Ramsay’s daughter Megan. Megan turned twenty-one today. She was having a party at the restaurant and she was going to serve three appetizers and three entrees. The team with the most dishes accepted by Megan for her menu wins the challenge. The team all cooked their dishes individually. They also strived to make sure it was plate-worthy because they knew that appearances matter and that the guests would most likely be taking pictures of their dishes. Then came the time for Megan to choose. The first appetizers she tasted, she chose the Red Team who came up with sticky wings. The next appetizer also went to the Red Team who created sliders.

The next appetizer went to the Blue Team who came up with lobster mac and cheese. Out of the appetizers, the Red Team won. Then came the entrees. Megan went with the Blue Team for her first entrée because she loved the lollipop chicken. The next entrée went to the Blue Team who came up with pad thai with a delicious peanut sauce. The last entrée went to the Red Team who created delicious shrimp and grits. It was a tie. Megan was asked which was her favorite dish out of everything she tasted and she chose the pad thai noodles because she really did love the peanut sauce. The Blue Team won the challenge. They got to go surfing in the surfing experience at the hotel and the Red Team had to stay behind to prep the kitchen for tonight’s dinner service.

Brynn was given the option of going partying or party planning. She still had her punishment pass and she decided not to use it just yet. The Blue Team was very grateful she didn’t play it. They went surfing and they enjoyed themselves while the Red Team was stuck in the kitchen preparing everything for Megan’s party. The Red Team also had to deal with Joelle. Joelle was the party planner. She was also very strict. She demanded things a certain way and she would have them do things over and over until they got it right according to her. The Red Team even had to split a bunch of candy into the two of Megan’s favorite colors and put in boxes and there had to be twenty-one pieces in each box.

It was grueling. Somehow the Red Team survived it and soon it was dinner service. The Red Team delivered their first set of appetizers without a problem but the Blue Team messed up their first table. Antonio and Victoria were on appetizers. They undercooked their food and Ramsay who tasted it spat it back out. It turns out Antonio and Victoria were a bad combination. They messed up the first dish and they also took an extra amount of time to cook for half of Megan’s table. Over on the Red Team, Sam and Payton were paired together on the meat station. It worried a few people because both guys have shown they’re horrible on their own and so the two of them together had their team members concerned.

Payton and Sam’s first set of meat was returned. It was undercooked and so was their next dish. They were struggling while the Blue Team was delivering. The Blue Team also got the pad thai dish correct and the Red Team did not. They both delivered the noodle dish to Megan’s table and Megan had to send her food back because it didn’t match what the Blue Team delivered. Ramsay had been furious when he found out what happened. He called over the whole Red Team to find out who was responsible and at first, Payton didn’t want to take responsibility. He tried to blend into the background until Brynn called him out. Payton was on noodles. He failed to season the dish and it got set back.

The Red Team recovered. They started to deliver good dishes again when once again they committed an error and this time it was on the whole team. They had all been keeping an eye on the lamb. The lamb was raw. Ramsay got so fed up that he kicked out the Red Team. The Red Team once again couldn’t finish a dinner service while the Blue Team could and so the Blue Team once again won. The Blue Team was made stronger by the women joining them. The Red Team was made weaker by the men joining them. The Red Team nominated three people for elimination. The Red Team nominated Sam, Payton, and Josie who all failed tonight by making critical errors. And Ramsay chose to eliminate Payton who was the one who disappointed Megan tonight.