Hell’s Kitchen Recap 07/12/21: Season 20 Episode 7 “Young Guns: If You Can’t Stand the Heat…”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 07/12/21: Season 20 Episode 7 "Young Guns: If You Can't Stand the Heat..."

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Monday, July 12, 2021, season 20 episode 7 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 20 episode 7 episode called, “Young Guns: If You Can’t Stand the Heat…,” as per the FOX synopsis, “The chefs go head-to-head in today’s challenge, each cooking up a different international cuisine against a chef from the opposing team. Later during dinner service, Chef Ramsay kicks a chef out of the kitchen for the first time this season.

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In tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen episode, Gordon dismisses the blue team. He speaks with Trenton on the side. He really sees him hitting his stride. The next day, the blue team is delivered uniforms. It looks like they will be playing soccer today. They dress and head to the field. The chef is there.

He sends Antonio to the red team to even the numbers out. He tells them about how they will all be cooking International cuisines. The game will help determine what cuisine they will be cooking. The balls are all labeled with ingredients and the nets with names of countries.

In the kitchen, everyone works on their dishes with a time limit. The blue team wins the round after one of the red team members introduces a chicken dish made with far too much soy sauce. Antonio kills it however with his Mexican cuisine for the next round, evening the score.

In the end, the red team wins after Keona presents an excellent dish with lamb cooked just right. The red team is rewarded with some time at the pool at the nearby Beach Club. Chef asks the blue team to start getting service ready for the dinner rush. Marino is on top of them about polishing and prepping.

After hanging at the pool, the red team arrives back in the kitchen. They all start prepping dishes.

The dining room fills with people as the chefs prepare their dishes. Beef Tar Tar is on the menu, scallop potatoes, and much more. Chef gets annoyed when the blue team brings him lobster that is raw. A short time later, Kevin brings raw lobster to chef again. He calls them all over. They have some well-known people waiting for great dishes such as Dana White of the UFC.

It’s the red team next who upsets chef with their inconsistent-looking scallops. They pull it together quickly. The blue team continues to struggle with Kevin still uneasy about cooking lobster tails. His teammates double-check his efforts before letting him walk the tails to chef.

On the red side, Keona gets annoyed when her teammates put pressure on her for garnish. She has this. She is here to win. Meanwhile, the blue team brings chef overcooked lamb. He is sick of them. He calls them all outback for a talk. He tells Kevin he is up for elimination.

Back in the kitchen, Trenton delivers beautifully cooked lamb to chef. Later at the end of dinner, chef addresses the Kevin’s issue. He doesn’t know what happened. He tells them that both teams won tonight. After a rough start, both teams bounced back.