Law & Order: Organized Crime Recap 04/15/21: Season 1 Episode 3 “Say Hello to My Little Friends”

Law & Order: Organized Crime Recap 04/15/21: Season 1 Episode 3 "Say Hello to My Little Friends"

Tonight on NBC Law & Order Organized Crime returns with an all-new Thursday, April 15, 2021 episode and we have your Law & Order Organized Crime recap below.  On tonight’s Law & Order Organized Crime season 1 episode 3 called, “Say Hello to My Little Friends,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Stabler and Bell team up to investigate a major lead; Wheatley makes moves to elevate his business.”

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In tonight’s episode of Law & Order Organized Crime, the episode begins where we left off in the last episode with Stabler, he is beaten up, he is speaking to Bell and he doesn’t remember who jumped him.

Next, we see Richard Wheatley, who is speaking to his octopus, Lucy. He says she is very hungry and needs to be fed, he then has one of his henchmen almost drown a man in the fish tank and tells him that he doesn’t like to be cheated.

With Stabler being beaten up, he doesn’t want Eli to stay with him, he is worried and doesn’t know what the beating was about. Stabler’s daughter wants him to get help, she knows about his nightmares and she is worried.

Stabler is in the precinct, they are talking about black market vaccines. Bell tells Stabler that she is putting a squeeze on Wheatley, payback for his face.

Richard is with Dana, she tells him that she reached out personally to every vendor, she even tried the west coast, offered to cover shipping and refrigeration. He tells her it was a costly operation. She says the park avenue bust has everyone spooked, they are going to have to figure out a way around it. He tells her not to let him down. Angela walks in and she tells Richard that she doesn’t want Dana involved with his business. She says she is there to do the books, he tells her to go ahead.

The guy who took a swim in Wheatley’s fish tank is Danny Lizer, he is a real estate agent from Virginia. Washburn tells them that they have a ballistics match in the database to the slug they pulled out of Manfredi Sinatra’s skull, they are tracing mob guys in Virginia. Bell tells Stabler to get ready, she is driving.

Stabler tells Bell, the two guys that jumped him, were going after Eli. She tells him that they really need to shut this guy down. In the car, she is driving, she tells him that he is not used to not being in the driver’s seat. She tells him they are equals, they want the same thing.

She tells him that he crossed a lot of lines back in the day. She says as a black, female, gay cop, she crosses any lines and she is done. They arrive at a morgue, they made good time. They show them a woman, single gunshot wound to the forehead, female, 34 years old, her name is Jocelyne Howell, Coordinator Business Development, born and raised there, one kid. Next, they head to the crime scene, workers found her face up, it is a cyber optic company. An experienced shooter for sure.

Angela is with Wheatley, she is about to take a bottle of wine, he tells her he doesn’t care about the money, but she needs to ask first. She takes two bottles.
Bell thinks Wheatly is building a data center and he needed Jocelyn Howell to approve his permits because they don’t conform with EPA guidelines. She thinks Jocelyn got greedy and that is how she ended up in a ditch. Bell tells Stabler that Wheatly was building his own server, he was pitching that to the Guardo family. They have an undercover, Gina Cappelletti, she has been with the Guardo family for two years and they are switching her over to Wheatley.

We Danny Lizer, he is packing up his things with his dog, but Stabler and Bell catch him. He confirms that Jocelyn got greedy.

Stabler and Bell get Lizer to video call Wheatley and show him his server, then Stabler appears on the video and says he is shutting him down. Wheatley is furious.

Stabler gets a call from Angela, she texts him an address and tells her the text will only be available for ten seconds. Angela shouts out to Richard and says she is leaving.

Angela meets Stabler in a store, she sees his face. She tells him that she called him from Richard’s wine cellar, you can’t track anything from there. She is looking out for her dad, she is getting to close to her father and she is afraid. He asks how he can help. She asks what he is doing later. Her daughter is hosting an event, he should come. She will be there, so will Richard. The Wheatley Foundation is giving vaccines to underserved communities. She doesn’t know where they come from and she doesn’t know why they are giving them for free. She pays for the groceries and tells Stabler they are for him, Eli should eat something better than bad Chinese takeout.

Richie goes to see Gina at the bar, she tells him she gets off early tomorrow night, he should drop by and they will go somewhere.

Angela is at the event, she tells her daughter that her father is using her; she doesn’t believe her mother. Stabler arrives just as Wheatley is about to speak. Stabler takes off his mask, stands beside Angela, and whispers to her to get her daughter away from Richard or she will be arrested as well.

Wheatley sees Stabler, Bell comes in with reinforcements. Bell tells him that they got a lead that the vaccines were obtained illegally, they need to check the lot numbers. He tells them to go ahead, but be quick. The vaccines are legit. Wheatley tells everyone there is nothing to worry about, the police are all just doing their jobs.

Stabler catches Wheatley’s henchman, Izak Bekher, he grabs his gun and the guy says he has a permit.

Bell is jogging, she meets up with Gina and tells her it is about to go down.

Gina meets up with Richie, she is upset with him because they are two blocks from her work and she says if one of Joey’s boys saw them it would be bad. Richie says he has his boy too, Darius, so don’t worry because he is on his father’s payroll.

The gun that Stabler got from Izak, the ballistics match the bullet that killed Joceyln and Sinatra. Bekher is an Israeli national, he lives on the Wheatly compound.

Richie is with a group of friends, he is looking for Gina and a guy tells him she is upstairs but it is members only. Richie goes right upstairs, Joey is there and says that someone better call Richie’s daddy he just wet his pants. Gina kisses Joey, Richie is watching when Bekher walks into the bar with Wheatley who tells Joey is sorry for any misunderstandings. Joy tells him he is looking forward to meeting next week, it is an interesting business opportunity that he brought to him. Walking out the door, Wheatley tells his son that he saved his son. Wheatley tells Darius to take everyone home, he will take care of Richie.

Gina comes running out of the bar, she tells Wheatley that Richie was defending her with Joey, she was ending things with Joey and it didn’t go too well. Wheatly tells Richie to invite her to his birthday party. She gives him an early present, she kisses Richie in front of his dad. Gina walks off, she has her invitation.

Bekher is driving his motorcycle when the cops make a blockade and catch him, he smashes right into Sabler’s SUV and he tells him that he is under arrest for the murders of Jocelyn and Manfredi.