Magnum P.I. Recap 04/02/21 Season 3 Episode 12 “Dark Harvest”

Magnum P.I. Recap 04/02/21 Season 3 Episode 12 "Dark Harvest"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, April 2, 2021, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below.  On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 3 episode 12 “Dark Harvest,” as per the CBS synopsis, “When a Marine Corps vet’s SUV is stolen with her service dog inside, Magnum and Higgins must find the car, the dog and the car thief who they believe may be an escaped kidnapping victim. Also, when TC is sued by a disgruntled customer, he asks Rick and Jin to help prove that he’s being scammed.”

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The episode begins with seeing a woman driving her SUV, a dog in the back of the vehicle. She stops for gas and for some beer jerky for the dog. When she goes back outside, her SUV is gone with the dog named Adicus, nicknamed Addie.

The woman from the gas station, Gina, a Marine Corp vet, goes to see Higgins and Magnum, they agree to take the case. She tells him that she is not worried about the SUV, she just wants Addie back. They agree to take the case.

TC and Rick are in the bar, a woman walks in, she goes up to TC, gives him an envelope, and tells him that he has been served. TC calls Magnum and tells him that he has a client who says they got whiplash during an island tour and they are suing him. The lawyer says it happened when TC changed course, which he did to help Magnum with a case. Magnum tells him something is not right here. The lawyers are Ross and Taft and they are notorious for fraudulent cases. Magnum tells him to sit tight, when they have finished this case, they will help him.

Magnum and Higgins head to the gas station to look around. Magnum notices a bike shop across the street, he sees a video camera and asks if they can take a look at the footage. It looks like he grabbed a bike, but didn’t take it. Magnum gets a fingerprint off of it. They put the fingerprint in the database, the man’s name is Joseph Giles, he doesn’t have a record but he is in the system because he is a schoolteacher.

Magnum calls Gordon about the stolen SUV, he tells him that the thief is Joseph Giles, Gordon says he is part of an open case, he was kidnapped last night. He didn’t take the SUV because he wanted it, he was actually a victim on the run. They figure the place where Joseph was escaping from had to be within walking distance of the gas station. Gordon says his financials are clean. The neighbor who reported him missing saw the kidnapper, his name is Lee and he belongs to a gang.

Higgins and Magnum come into the bar and ask Jin if he knows the Jumak gang, he says yes. Jin tells TC that he will help Magnum first and then he will come back to help him with his scam lawyer. Jin tells Higgins that he knows them but he has rubbed a few the wrong way over the years. His friend Chung can give them more information, he brings them to where he works.

Jin goes inside and he is attacked immediately, but roughing him up was all for show. Magnum asks Chung about Jumak, he says he was hired by some rich foreigner for a big guy on the island, last night they met at a private airport, Royal Fleet Aviation. There were only two passengers on a plane that came in last night, Wei Fang and Wen Won; one is the owner of the plane, and the other a transplant surgeon from Beijing. Fang is in need of a kidney, Magnum thinks they kidnapped Giles because he is a match. Giles is already in the database, he only has one kidney, he donated one to his sister a few years ago.

Gina calls in for an update, the SUV was found but they have no news on Adicus yet. Gina says she is not doing great, she really misses Adicus.

TC and Rick are watching the guy who claims he was hurt in the helicopter, but he is not turning, he has a neck brace on and looks like he may be hurt. Jin uses firecrackers to try and distract him, but that doesn’t work either. Jin then sends the man an email saying they agree to pay the lawsuit – Jin has a plan.

Higgins and Magnum head to the SUV, it has a lot of blood on the steering wheel. They see some tracks in the woods and follow them to see if they can find Giles and Adicus. They find an old WWII bunker and hear a dog crying. Inside, Adicus has been shot in the stomach and losing a lot of blood. He has blood on a piece of cloth in his mouth, Higgins is hoping he bit his assailant and they can find out who it is.

Rick, TC, and Jin are watching the man, he gets the email that the case has been settled. The man starts to laugh, takes off the brace, throws it, and starts laughing.

Adicus is in surgery, Gina is there, so are Magnum and Higgins, she is upset.

They have a hit on the DNA sample, it belongs to a guy named Kim but he is thirty minutes away. Gordon calls Magnum, he needs a favor. Magnum and Higgins head to find Kim, they go into the building that Gordon gave them and found them on the top floor. It looks like an undercover medical facility, there are two men on stretchers about to be operated on. Higgins finds the power for the building and turns it off.

The procedure stops, they can’t perform it without electricity. Magnum rushes in and knocks a gun out of one guy’s hand and takes control. Higgins goes after another guy, and then another. Magnum tries to steal Giles’ body and gets a good beating by one of the thugs. Higgins now has a gun, she rushes upstairs where she hears Magnum fighting, but he manages to knock the guy out on his own.

Giles is ok, he will regain consciousness soon. Gordon smiles and shows his appreciation to Higgins and Magnum.

Back at the hospital, Adicus’ surgery was a success, he is going to be out soon. Gina gets to see Adicus, he has a bandage around him but he is full of energy and looks great.

Back at the bar, Rick is telling the story of how they caught the guy. Higgins tells Magnum that Giles offered to pay for Adicus’ procedure.