Magnum P.I. Recap 04/09/21 Season 3 Episode 13 “Cry Murder”

Magnum P.I. Recap 04/09/21 Season 3 Episode 13 "Cry Murder"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, April 9, 2021, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below.  On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 3 episode 13 “Cry Murder,” as per the CBS synopsis, “As Magnum and Higgins work a case to recover valuable stolen truffles, they also must care for a baby left abandoned at the gates of their estate, while Kumu tries to locate the infant’s mother.”

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In tonight’s Magnum PI episode, the episode begins with Magnum and Higgins in a wine cellar and he is made at her, he pinched his finger on a mousetrap that she put on a wine bottle. He tells her it is an innocent creature, she says it is a rodent. Higgins gets a notice, they have a visitor – but she can’t see them on her camera, so must be a delivery. Magnum goes outside, outside the fence is a delivery, he calls Higgins and tells her that she should come out there, someone left a baby in a car seat.

Magnum picks up the baby, Higgins sees there is a note and it reads, “please give Hiapo a good life.” Teuila walks in and sees the baby, and says who does this. Higgins says maybe it is a love child of his. Higgins checks the camera footage, and they see a woman, in a hoodie, drop the baby and go. Teuila asks Magnum if he is going to call child protection services, he says he thinks he is going to wait a bit.

Magnum checks the car seat for fingerprints and can’t find any, but there is a sticker on the back that says, “Ewa Beach Women’s Services.” Higgins looks them up, it is a non-profit agency and Magnum thinks that maybe they gave her the car seat. They have a client that is going to arrive, Teuila offers to go to Ewa Beach and check out the place.

In the car, the baby starts to cry and Magnum tells Higgins that she is going to have to help him, he is driving. She makes him pull over, his diaper is wet and he needs a change. She opens the back trunk and he brings him back, lays him down. She tells him to take his shirt off. She hands him the wet diaper and uses his shirt as a clean diaper for the baby.

They drop by the bar with the baby and tell Rick that they need a favor. Rick says maybe he is Magnums, giving his casual hookups. Rick loans Magnum a shirt and agrees to keep an eye on the little guy. Higgins and Magnum meet with Olivia, she works for an insurance company. She asks what they know about white truffles. Two days ago, a client of hers, Angelino’s restaurant was robbed. Sometime after closing, 43 pounds of Italian white truffles disappeared from the restaurant, with a value of four hundred twenty-five thousand dollars and her bosses are not too keen on paying out that amount.

They want to hire Magnum and Higgins to find the mushrooms and they are willing to pay a finder’s fee of 10%. In the car, Higgins turns to Magnum and says forty-two grand and he wanted to cancel. Higgins tells him that white truffles go bad quickly, they need to find them within a few days.

Magnum and Higgins drop by to see Gordon, they have the baby with them. Higgins tells him that they are trying to find the baby’s mother. Higgins tells him that they have been retained by the insurance company to find the truffles. Gordon tells them to take the child to CPS.

Higgins tells Magnum that the restaurant had security cameras, but they weren’t working at the time of the theft. Meanwhile, Magnum is changing another diaper. Higgins says the truffles were only delivered a few hours before the delivery, so the thief had to have prior knowledge because they haven’t been on the menu since Christmas; they think it is an inside job.

Teuila is at Ewa Beach Women’s Services, the woman she meets knows the lady in the picture but she won’t tell Tueuila because of privacy issues. Once Teuila leaves, she listens in outside the window and hears the woman, Kelly, call Luana and leave her a message that a woman was there looking for her. Teuila goes back in and asks if she can borrow the phone, she left hers at home. Teuila gets the number from the phone Luana’s, by pressing redial. Teuila calls Rick and asks him to run a number for her, it’s a long shot.

Magnum and Higgins are at the restaurant, they speak to the owner who tells them that his employees are like family. Higgins asks him if anybody failed to turn up for work the day the truffles were stolen, he says one of his waiters, Jimmy Bowman. Gordon checks the guy out, no record, but his father did time and his two cousins as well. Gordon tells Magnum to tread carefully, these are dangerous guys. They drop off the baby again with Rick and head out to find Bowman.

They arrive in a neighborhood and two kids ask if they can sit in the car, Magnum tells them to watch it for them and he will give them twenty bucks each. They hear the horn and Magnum shouts at them to knock it off. All of a sudden, they see a guy outside a house, Magnum says, “Jimmy Bowman,” the guy takes off and starts running. They arrive at another house, Jimmy’s cousins live there, a man is holding a gun, Jimmy is behind him and the guy asks Magnum and Higgins why they want him.

Jimmy asks if they are from Big Tuna, Magnum says no, they are private detectives. Jimmy says Big Tuna told him that he would get a cut if he told them when they were getting a truffle order, and they screwed him. They told Jimmy they would send over leg breakers if he kept asking for his cut. Higgins asks them to point them in the direction of Big Tuna.

Magnum calls Gordon, he finds out the baby is not in the system yet and he is upset. Higgins says they have a good lead where the mother is and want to hear her side of the story first before getting CPD involved. They ask him about Big Tuna, Gordon tells them that he is in the morgue. The morgue specialist tells them that Big Tuna had fake truffles in his stomach. One burglary, one murder, all for nothing.

TC is now watching the baby, he calls Higgins and Magnum and says he is screaming and he doesn’t know what to do, he has clients who are coming to talk about a baby.

Teuila found Luana, she says she came over from Maui a year ago to work. She was seeing this guy and when she told him she was pregnant, he told her she was lying and trying to trap him. She dropped the baby because of the gated house and the Ferrari, they looked like a nice couple, two couples who really care about each other.

She tells her that they are not a couple, they are business partners. She didn’t want to give the baby to foster care because they would just move him around. Luana says she can’t raise him on her own, and she is too afraid to tell her parents, they don’t have the best relationship. Teuila tells her that if she wants to keep her baby, she has to grow up, it is going to be painful, but she has to try for her baby.

Magnum and Higgins go see the seller of the truffles, she says she doesn’t know what they are talking about, then she pulls a gun. Higgins gets the gun quick and asks questions. It turns out, Angelo knew the truffles were fake and killed Big Tuna to keep it a secret. All of a sudden, Angelo is there and has a gun to Higgins’ head. Magnum manages to knock out Angelo and get the gun, it is over. The truffle mystery is solved.

When Big Tuna stole the truffles from Angelo and found out the truffles were fake, he blackmailed him. Get the insurance claim or he would reveal it was a scam, so Angelo killed him. They are worthless, and the insurance company is no longer obliged to pay them either.

Luana is reunited with her baby, she is really nervous. Higgins, Clark, Rick, and TC tell her that they have their support and want to stay in their lives.