Magnum P.I. Recap 10/15/21 Season 4 Episode 3 “Texas Wedge”

Magnum P.I. Recap 10/15/21 Season 4 Episode 3 "Texas Wedge"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, October 15, 2021, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 4 episode 3 “Texas Wedge,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Magnum, Higgins and Rick go undercover at a ritzy country club when a young caddie is fired after being accused of stealing a member’s golf clubs.

Also, Jin’s (Bobby Lee) niece (Kaylee Hottle) , unaware of her uncle’s shady past, asks him to speak at her school.”

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Higgins tricked a man into bringing her back to her room. But it wasn’t because she was interested or even doing something with Magnum. She did it because of her contract with MI6. They had wanted the files on her date’s computer and so Higgins knocked out her date. Hacked his computer. She sent over the files to her contact in the MI6 and she tried to tell her that’s it. She’s done. Higgins doesn’t want to keep working on the espionage and she wanted to return to her old life, but her contact that her contract with them isn’t over and so Higgins has no choice. She has to continue working with MI6. She also continued with her day job as a private investigator. She and Magnum received a new case.

A young man named Trevor hired them to clear his name. He was kicked out of a prestigious club after being accused of stealing expensive golfing clubs and there was a supposed witness. The witness claimed he saw the young man stealing items from a club member and if it hadn’t been for this witness then our guy would never have been kicked out. The items that were stolen were the expensive golf clubs.

Their rightful owners had been out of town and would continue to be so for months. If the threat had been “witnessed”, it would have gone about unnoticed. Higgins and Magnum went in undercover at the club and they found out the witness had been a little convenient. He just happened to be there at the right time and seen everything he was supposed to see.

Higgins and Magnum learned something important while undercover. They learned that someone was using the new golf clubs as a cover to a smuggling operation but they hadn’t know what was being smuggled until they checked with pawn shops and they learned that someone had brought along ivory tusks in a golf club bag. Ivory tusks and the collecting of them is pure evil. Elephants are murdered for their tusks and trucks were really just a vanity project.

There was no other reason to steal it. It was killing harmless animals for home décor. Both Magnum and Higgins were disgusted with it and they wanted to put an end to it. They called their detective friends in HPD. They told them about the smuggling trade.

They also realized something. They realized that Trevor was in danger. They called him to warn him that men were coming to the apartment and that if he wanted to live that he had to tell them that he didn’t have the golf clubs. He has to tell that Magnum has it. Magnum had been right about because it did in fact buy Trevor time. He was taken hostage and his kidnappers were demanding their stolen items in return for Trevor.

Magnum and Higgins returned to the club. They spoke with the witness again and he admitted that Trevor didn’t steal anything. It had been the club manager. He stole the items because he knew it was being used to smuggle ivory tusks and he wanted in on the business. But there was a problem. The club manager threw away the tusks once he realized it was too hot to move them.

Both Magnum and Higgins suddenly had a new problem. They needed to save Trevor and they needed to do so without any leverage. The only way forward for them was to bluff. The two managed to grab one of the bad guys and they threatened to set the ivory tusks on fire if they didn’t get Trevor back. Magnum held his ground. He didn’t blink or waver and so eventually the other side bought his story. They released Trevor.

Trevor was turned over to Magnum and Magnum never bothered handing over a pile of fake ivory. He instead called the police. The police arrested everyone involved in Trevor kidnapping. He was safe now. Both Higgins and Magnum were safe as well. And to make things better, Trevor was granted full club membership to the golf club and so now he doesn’t have to work there to get play there.

Trevor later stopped by their bar to share his news with the private investigators that saved his life. They got to have drinks with Rick’s new friend who had just gotten out of a bad relationship and who was ready to party like she never had before. Another new face was at the party. TC hired a teenager for the bar and he did it because the kid was willing to work hard and he was trying to save up enough money for a fixer-upper car. And so really TC took pity on him.

But Jin finally came clean to his niece about his shady past and she didn’t care as long as he was willing to be there for career day at her school.