New Amsterdam Recap 11/09/21: Season 4 Episode 8 “Paid in Full”

New Amsterdam Recap 11/09/21: Season 4 Episode 8 "Paid in Full"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 9, 2021, season 4 episode 8 called, “Paid in Full,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam season 4 episode 8 as per the NBC synopsis, “Max is faced with a wrenching decision when New Amsterdam falls prey to a massive ransomware attack.”

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New Amsterdam begins tonight with Drs Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery), Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) and Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) standing on the roof, discussing Dr Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) coming after them and that it feels so personal. Lauren explains she is being extorted. Iggy explains that he has to see patients after being attacked and Floyd explains how she is pitting him and Dr Claude Baptiste (Andre Blake) against each other. Both are shocked that Lauren is being extorted for donations as they feel they are a threat towards her because they are Dr Max Goodwin’s (Ryan Eggold) people. Lauren worries as Max is leaving in a couple weeks, but Iggy reminds her that Max never turned his back on them and he will handle Veronica.

Meanwhile, Max and Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) are busy packing containers, Max complaining that Luna’s grandparents can never buy her a thing again. Max jokes that they can just burn everything down, especially the tupperware. Helen feels pains of guilt about leaving but Max jokes that he did too but he packed it up with the rest of the bathroom stuff. He reminds her they are choosing themselves and not abandoning everyone and reassures her to believe it is going to be okay.

At the hospital, Max throws the budget paperwork on Veronica’s desk, saying it is not okay; she mocks him as he argues that she is going to leave this place unrecognizable. She says desperate times call for desperate measures. He is furious that she is calling for the firing of dozen of physicians and surgeons including Reynolds, Bloom, and Frome. She says they are doctors that have departments that are top heavy. He says she needs two signatures to clear this and he will not sign this garbage. He reminds her to use empathy and compassion in the work place and she says she will let him know when she gets it. He takes off to his office to deal with emails.

Helen meets with patients to introduce them to their new doctor Dr Agnes Kao (Christine Chang). Helen is forced to inform her patient that she is no longer responding to treatment and they would like to try another cancer treatment of injecting chemo directly into her brain, Kao trying to reassure her that it is very safe. Helen and Agnes walk out of the room, Helen apologizing for not knowing she was the head of the department for so long already. She hugs her, saying this is an amazing thing that she doesn’t want to leave under Veronica and until she leaves she is going to get her battle ready; Agnes smiles.

Iggy tells Gladys (Megan Byrne) he should not be in therapy sessions and should know what to say and navigate patients. He says when therapy is going well he can feel music and move like a dance and now he can’t hear a single note. He waves it off, saying he needs some air.

Floyd is scrubbing in when Claude joins him, saying Veronica stopped him again, saying she found some way to take some pressure off his department; she is dividing and conquering. He won’t fight him on the department but he won’t lay down. Floyd says they don’t have to play her game, but they need to let Veronica know who she is messing with. He walks into the OR, proudly introducing Claude who helping him; both saying, “Let’s dance!”

Lauren gets a call from Chester who says he got a message about his pacemaker. She says they can do diagnostics remotely, he opens the app on his phone and she does the test. She sees Casey Acosta (Alejandro Hernandez), wondering why the schedule isn’t done. He finds it weird that they are short on nurses but too many residents. Lauren rages on him, telling him to do math as he spots how much Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan) is on the schedule.

Iggy finds Gladys, revealing all the patient files are missing; saying the little house is gone. At the same time, Helen and Agnes are about to put the chemo into their patient’s brain; only to realize Helen just pushed five times the amount of chemo they were supposed to put into her brain at once. Agnes knows it will be fatal and they rush her to the ED. Floyd and Claude are about to do their cardio procedure when things go awry. The computers are hacked and $10 million Crypto is demanded or hospital will be shut down.

Max meets with Veronica and FBI who learn this group named Disco Bunny is responsible for this and it was when Dr Goodwin tried to open the email he allowed them into the hospital system. This could go on for weeks into months. Max feels they need to pay the ransom as Veronica says this is a public hospital and no one is going to give him a dime as they don’t trust him but they might give it to her; but they will do it it possibly if he signs the budget.

Max begins to explain the department heads about the cyber attack and patients are being diverted to other hospitals. Lauren remembers about Chester and tries to call Chester but the computers locked them out. She knows he is a horse carriage driver in Central Park and sends Casey to find him. Iggy is worried as Gladys explains that they have a floor full of patients who take psychiatric medications and they don’t know when they took them or what dosage. Iggy panicks, explaining to Gladys that the hospital has been hacked, not sure what to do about the patients.

Floyd and Claude are trying to cope with their patient as Casey brings in Chester, whose defibilator is misfiring every few minutes. Helen explains about her patient and she is placed in another ED bed. Helen talks to Gillian who only calls out about her daughter. Max tells everyone to shut down the ICU down. Ortho is shut down as Veronica says they are listening to the FBI, Max says he is wrong as Veronica asks him if she should use her back channels and if she is going to use them she needs him to sign the papers in return. Max pleads with her, saying these are good people as she says they are on the same team, trying to save the hospital. He looks at the papers.

Iggy and Gladys are able to reach some patients’ doctors so they can find out their medications; except 5 so they try to get them to explain what they take which is very trying as some know colours or shapes or how many, but no names. Its very complicated. Max finds Iggy who is overwhelmed. Max tells Iggy there is a solution, who says if it helps the patients just do it!

Floyd and Claude work together and are able to do the procedure working old school together. They bump fists as they are able to work things out. In the ED, Lauren and Casey work hard with Chester to shock him over and over; now Lauren deciding the best solution is to cut the defibilator out of his chest.

Iggy and Gladys are able to save a patient who has an allergic reaction to them giving him the wrong medications. Max finds Helen, telling her that Veronica is using the hack against him, showing her the paperwork. Helen feels this is bad as he thinks there is not another way. Max keeps wanting to feel like he is not turning his back nor hurting his friends as Helen says the best thing he can do is tell them the truth before they find out from someone else. She holds his hands and reminds him that things are going to be okay, telling him to repeat the words with her. He shakes his head no, that it won’t be.

Gladys and Iggy find their patient to be stable again, but Gladys remembers how Angelo specifically asked for those two pills so Iggy wants to know why he wanted to hurt himself as he knewe he was allergic.

Gillian is very sick now as Agnes is taking care of her. Helen tells her they are not giving up on her as she feels like she is dying. Agnes reminds her that she needs to bring that backpack to her daughter. Helen thinks of reversing the chemo, only seen case reports but they can try it, explaining how to do it.

Casey and Lauren remove the monitor from Chester but his stats stop, she begins compressions. She tells him that she doesn’t wants Lucas, but doesn’t think it’s a bad idea once he brings it in. Meanwhile, Iggy speaks to Angelo asking him why he is there at New Amsterdam, asking him to shoot straight as it is that kind of day. He wants him to treat this as a suicide attempt, feeling this would be criminally negligent if he didn’t get him to talk.

Angelo says he was there because he had an adderall overdose and tried to kill himself, causing brain damage. His brain works at half the speed and can’t even find words anymore and he feels like he is not himself; something Iggy completely understands. Everyone sees the same person on the outside but on the inside, it is worse, gone, you don’t even recognize yourself. Angelo says he sees his face but he isn’t there. Iggy seems to be healing himself as he shares and speaks, understanding Angelo more than others. Iggy assures him the old version of him is gone and it is okay to mourn him and he deserves it. He is not speaking to him, he is speaking to the present Angelo and can’t send him packing because he needs to know who he is now, asking if he wants to find out together; Angelo agrees.

Floyd and Claude continue with the surgery when Max arrives, Claude agrees to cover his back when Max says he needs to speak to him, saying he is not really good. He is about to tell him when the alarms sound in the OR and Claude calls for him; they can’t charge his heart because it will fire with the way the machines have been hacked.

Max speaks to Veronica who says things are out of her hands. He says he did what she wanted and she promised him she would take care of it. She said she asked but there is some good news, the HCC is very appreciative about the budget they both signed, Max smiles as she walks away.

Claude and Floyd work together and once again, thinking outside of the box they are able to charge the heart with a broken lightbulb. Claude is impressed as Floyd says they need to get him stablized as Claude says he is right about Fuentes and doesn’t know who she is messing with.

Agnes tells Helen she is incredible as she never would have thought to reverse the chemo as Gillian gets to spend time with her husband and daughter. Agnes is honored for Helen to be her mentor but is worried how she was so close to Dr Kapoor and how it knocked her off her game and maybe she needs to be uncomfortable and do this on her own. Helen hugs her and says she should listen to her.

Iggy finds Gladys, saying it went well with Angelo and expresses how many therapies they can do. Gladys comments that it sounds like someone found their music. Lauren watches as Lucas keeps Chester alive, he may not be subtle but gets the job done. Casey wants to know how Lauren’s girlfriend has a residency slot there where they didn’t have one. Casey learns about the letter and asks Lauren not to lie to him; she admits to making a donation. Him confronting her that is why he is hiding her from everyone and Leyla doesn’t know. Casey says it matters as this is immoral and self serving and undermining everything she is doing for herself. He assures her when the staff finds out everyone will lose their respect for her and she already lost his.

Max is sitting at his desk when the computers start working again. Veronica says the wirefund went through and everything is fine. She says the bastards kept their word and they are back on line. Max says he has asked for years for money to improve things for the patients, but now the only time they gave money is to hackers? Veronica says the FBI thinks they can recover some of the funds. She says she knows how hard it was for him to sign the budget and these people are not his friends, they are his employees and he did what was best for the hospital.

Max meets with Helen, Floyd, Iggy, and Lauren, saying he had to make a tough decision today and let some people go. People who made this hospital everything that it is and you were all on that list but Max found another way.

Agnes packs up her office things. Claude takes a drink. Gladys has a big box. Casey hands in his badge, hugging the ED staff before walking out. They all look at Max in awe, asking if this was a joke and he says it wasn’t. He laid off 148 people for them. Today he protected them from Veronica but he can’t protect them tomorrow.