Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special – Recap & Update 03/07/21

Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special - Recap & Update 03/07/21
Tonight on CBS their 2-hours CBS special Oprah With Meghan And Harry airs with an all-new Sunday, March 7, 2020 episode and we have your Oprah With Meghan And Harry recap below.

On tonight’s Oprah with Meghan and Harry episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Winfrey will speak with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, in a wide-ranging interview, covering everything from stepping into life as a Royal, marriage, motherhood, philanthropic work to how she is handling life under intense public pressure. Later, the two are joined by Prince Harry as they speak about their move to the United States and their future hopes and dreams for their expanding family.”

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Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special opens with us hearing nearly two million people around the globe watched their wedding and for most people, it looked like a fairy tale. They become one of the most talked-about in the world. Then, last year they took a step back from their royal duties. Tonight, they tell their story.

Megan Markle is the first one to sit down with Oprah, they can’t hug because of social distancing. Oprah says that even though they are neighbors, there has not been an agreement, they don’t know what Oprah is going to ask, nothing is off-limits and they are not getting paid for this.

Oprah talks about sitting in the chapel and having this sense of magic. When Megan came through the door it looked like she was floating. Megan says it was like an out-of-body experience. Megan says she woke up and listened to “going to the chapel” to make it a light day. But they knew it wasn’t their day, this wedding was for the world. She goes on to say she went into it naively, she didn’t follow the royal family, but she was aware of them and she didn’t do any research because everything that she needed to know, her husband told her.

They thought about what they thought being a working royal would be, there was no understanding what the day-to-day would be. She didn’t romanticize any of it, but she had an image that was so far from reality. And, perception and reality are two different things.

When Megan met the queen, there wasn’t a huge formality, they were going to lunch at the royal lodge. Eugene and she knew each other before Harry, the queen was finishing a church service and she dropped by afterwards. Harry asked her if she knew how to curtsy, she didn’t know that that happened inside. And that was the first time that the penny dropped. She learned it very quickly, you curtsy deeply for respect. She said she sat there then and had a lovely chat with her. This is not the same as celebrities, this is a completely different ballgame.

The day after the interview, Oprah stopped at Megan and Harry’s home. They feed the hens that they recently rescued. Megan says she loves living authentically, getting back to basics. She says three days before they got married, the one we saw on TV was for the world.

Back to the interview, Oprah says there were rumours that Meghan was “hurricane Meghan” and that she made Kate Middleton cry. Six months after their wedding, headlines started that there was a rift between Kate and Meghan. Meghan says that didn’t happen, and that is when things began to cry. The reverse happened, it was a hard week of the wedding, but Kate owned it and apologized.

six or seven months after the wedding, the story came out and it was the reverse. A few days before the wedding, Kate was upset about flower girl dresses and it made Megan cry and hurt her feelings. Megan says it wasn’t a confrontation and it is not fair for Kate to get in the middle of it, because she apologized, and she forgave her. Everyone in the institution knew it wasn’t true.

Oprah says there were stories where Kate was praised for holding her baby bump and when they talked about Meghan, they would say she couldn’t keep her hands off her bump for vanity. Oprah asks if there was a standard for Kate and a standard for her. Megan says yes, but she doesn’t know why. They really wanted a narrative of a hero and a villain.

Oprah says she came in as an American, an actress, an African-American, a divorcee, a woman, the first mixed-race to marry in the family, and did that concern her in fitting in. She says she thought about it because they made her think about it. Megan says that thank God she had all that experience. Then she says that she was silenced. Everyone in her world was given a very clear directive to say “no comment.”

She did anything they told her to because it was through the lens of they will protect her, and she believed that. That was really hard to reconcile, it was only was they were married, she realized that she wasn’t being protected and other members were protected and they would lie to do it. She says there is the family, and then there is the institution that runs the business. And, the queen has always been lovely to her, and she has enjoyed her company. She has had moments where the queen has been warm, welcome, and inviting.

Oprah goes back to a Wimbledon game that Megan attended with Kate, she says everyone welcomed her. But, her experience of the past four years was not what it looks like. She says she was lonely because she was not allowed to go out, there was little that she was allowed to do. In the months where she was pregnant, they were told that her son would not be given a title, security and there were concerns about how dark his skin might be.

Oprah asks her what happened when she went to South Africa because you could tell something was wrong with her when a reporter asked her if she was ok. She says it was exhausted and they had to make it look like everything was fine. She asked the institution for help for a long time. After Australia, when she knew they weren’t being protected, she understood what her continued reality was. When she was pregnant, they said they didn’t want him to be a prince and he wasn’t going to receive security.

This went on for months at the end of her pregnancy. They were ok with him not being a prince, but they wanted him safe. She heard a lot of it through Harry and family members, they felt it was a decision that was appropriate. If it meant that he was going to be safe, then she wanted him to be a prince. She says the most important title she has, is mom. Then she says, the first child of color not being treated the way other children are treated in the family, wasn’t right. She says it was not their right to take it away. She never got an answer on it. Oprah says she heard that she and Harry didn’t want Archie to have a title.

Oprah goes back to the royal picture, Megan says they were not asked to pose for a picture, like other royals when they had a baby. Oprah asks her why does she think they didn’t want to make Archie a prince, was it because of his race. She says in the months that she was pregnant, she was told he would be given security or a title, and there were a lot of concerns about how dark his skin would be when he was born, and how that would look like. She doesn’t want to say who had that conversation with Harry, because it would be damaging to them.

Oprah shows the daily onslaught from the UK press and Megan says it was almost un-survivable. Meghan says she just didn’t see a solution, she doesn’t know how all this was churned out. Her family would call and cry that ‘they’ were not protecting her. She was ashamed at the time to admit to Harry, because of the loss he suffered, but she just didn’t want to be alive anymore. And, that was a very clear, frightening, and constant thought. He cradled her, she went to the institution and asked for help. She had told her that she couldn’t go anywhere for help. She went to one of the most senior people and they said no.

There are so many people how are afraid to voice when they need help. She went to human resources; they said their hearts went out to her, but they couldn’t help her because she wasn’t a paid person of the institution. Once she joined that family, she didn’t see her passport, her keys; you don’t see any of that anymore. She says she was very scared, the thoughts were very real that she wanted to kill herself. She says you have no idea what is going on behind closed doors. Meghan says it takes so much courage to voice that you need help, and it was hard to tell Harry the dark place that she was in.

Meghan says she was planning on saying anything shocking, it has been a lot. Oprah asks her if she is afraid of a backlash. She says she is not going to live her life in fear. She doesn’t know how they could expect how they would stay silent if the firm is perpetuating falsehoods against them. She says there is a lot that has been lost already, she lost her father, she lost a baby, she lost her name, but she has hope that the takeaway that there is another side, life is worth living.

Harry joins Megan and Oprah. Oprah congratulates Harry on the new addition, he tells her it is a girl. Harry says he is grateful, to have any child, or any two, but to have a boy and a girl, what more could they ask for; they have the four of them and their dogs. Two is it, the little girl is due in the summertime.

The couple first went to Canada, a commonwealth of Britain with the intention of continuing to serve the queen. After their move, security normally provided by the royal family was cut-off. When the covid lockdown began, Tyler Perry offered them his home as a temporary refuge with security. Three months later they bought their own home. Harry says the Daily Mail reported security was removed and their location in Canada, so he was worried.

They removed the security because of a change in status. The risk and threat hadn’t changed, but their status had, so they removed security. Megan says they talked for two years about stepping back, but they weren’t stepping away completely. The bombshell news called a media frenzy and they blamed Meghan and even called Megxit.

Oprah asks Harry what the tipping point was that he felt he had to leave, he says he asked for help and couldn’t get it. They never left the family, there are senior members and non-senior members. They just wanted to be non-senior members. They wanted to take a breath from the constant barrage, Harry was worried about history repeating itself, with what happened to his mother. He says it takes living in Meghan’s shoes for a day to see where it was going to go and how they were going to get away with it.

He is talking about the UK press. He asked for calm from the British press and didn’t get it. He says he left because of a lack of support and understanding. Oprah asks Harry if he blindsided the queen, he says no, he has too much respect for her. He says his father stopped taking his calls because he took matters into his own hands, but he had to do something, he had no choice.

They are back feeding the chickens, Megan says she was alone in Nottingham cottage one day and The Little Mermaid was on, and she was like OMG, she married the prince and lost her voice, but she got her voice back. Meghan says that is what happened to her.

Back to the interview, Oprah asks Harry if he asked people for help, for Meghan. He says that is not a conversation to be had, it is a very entrapping environment. They have close friends who have been with them from the beginning, but the family, it is always, this is always how it has to be, we have all been through it. Harry says his family didn’t support him or Meghan over the three years, but he also knows how afraid his family is of the UK tabloids. If you as a family member are willing to wine, dine and give better access to the tabloids, you will get better press. Meghan says the palace hosts parties for tabloids. Oprah asks Harry if Meghan was well received from the beginning, he says yes, from his family.

But once Meghan said she was pregnant, everything changed. Harry wishes that everyone would learn from the past. It was effortless for Meghan to come into the family and connect with people. Oprah asks Harry if he wanted it both ways, step back but still have his foot in royal business. Harry says he never thought he would have security removed from him because he was born into this. Meghan says she even wrote to the family and said please keep the security on Harry, if not she and Archie and they said that was not possible.

Oprah tells Meghan and Harry that the world thinks that Meghan orchestrated the leave to further her own brand. Oprah asks Harry if he would have stepped back if it weren’t for Megan, he says no, because he was trapped but he didn’t know if was trapped. Oprah asks him how in a life of privilege was he trapped. He says they are all trapped, his brother and his father, they can’t leave. Oprah asks Harry what would Diana say about his stepping back. He says she would be angry about how it happened, but she would be happy if they were happy.

Harry says they didn’t want to turn their backs on the family, and Netflix and Spotify were not a part of the plan. But, his family cut him off in the first part of 2020, but with what his mom left him, they are ok. Harry says his mom saw it coming and he certainly felt her presence throughout the whole process. He can’t imagine his mom going through the process all by herself. His relationship with his grandmother is good.

In his relationship with his father, there is a lot of work to do, he feels really let down because he has been through something similar and he knows the pain, Archie is his grandson, he will always love him, and he will continue to make it one of his priorities to heal that relationship. Oprah says Meghan shared with her a conversation about Archie’s skin tone. Harry says he will never share it, he is not comfortable with sharing it. Harry says he is sad about what has happened, happened. But they did everything they could to make it work and they did their exit with as much respect and to protect them. Harry says he just needed enough money for security to keep his family safe, but opportunities presented themselves and he wasn’t looking for them.

Harry says he is hurt that he has lost all his titles, but he accepts it. Meghan says they are still going to do the work through Archwell. Harry says this year has been crazy but to have an outdoor space where he can walk with the family and the dogs, is the highlight for him. And, when he puts him in his bicycle seat and they going for a bike ride, which he was never able to do. Back the relationship with his brother, Harry says it is space at the moment and he hopes that time heals all wounds.

Harry has no regrets, he is proud of him and Meghan. They did what they had to do, now they have another one is on the way. Meghan says she has one regret, to believe that she was going to be protected with they told her that, she regrets believing them. She says they actually not only survived, but they are also thriving. All the things she was hoping for, happened and this is just the beginning for them. She says their life is greater than any fairytale that ever happened. Oprah asks Harry if Meghan saved him, he says yes, it is undeniable. Meghan says she disagrees, he saved all of them, he made the decision.


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