Seeking Sister Wife Recap 06/07/21: Season 3 Episode 12 “One Nation”

Seeking Sister Wife Recap 06/07/21: Season 3 Episode 12 "One Nation"

TLC’s reality show about five polygamist families Seeking Sister Wife returns tonight with an all-new Monday, June 7, 2021, season 3 episode 12 called “One Nation,” and we have your weekly Seeking Sister Wife recap below. On tonight’s Seeking Sister Wife season 3 episode 12 as per the TLC synopsis, “The Snowdens are set to marry Chrissy, but will her family in South Africa object to this polygamous union?

Garrick shares some unexpected news as Dannielle grapples with the reality of Roberta actively trying to get pregnant and move to the US.

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In tonight’s Seeking Sister Wife episode, Garrick, Dannielle, and the family are in Mexico with Danielle’s family waiting for Roberta to come and see them. It has been 8 months since they have seen her. The hope during the trip that Roberta will get pregnant. When Roberta comes in, the entire family hugs her. Roberta sees Danielle’s parents for the first time. They all hug and cry.

Dannielle’s parents are happy. But they hope all of this works out. Meanwhile, Ashley and Chrissy are hanging out. Chrissy has accepted Dmitri’s proposal. Today is their wedding day. The ceremony will be small due to covid.

By the pool, Dannielle hangs with her parents. Roberta and Garrick come out of the house with drinks. They toast to getting pregnant. Danielle’s mom asks Garrick if he is sure about all of this. Looking surprised to shocked, Garrick’s eyes are wide the whole time. Garrick tells her parents he is positive this will all work out. Danielle’s father doesn’t share his thoughts, but he doesn’t believe this.

Chrissy reveals to Ashley and Dmitri that she hasn’t told her family about marrying into a plural marriage. They encourage her to call her family in South Africa.

Roberta and Garrick stay in bed late, trying to get pregnant. Dannielle sits with her mom by the pool in the morning. They talk about their situation and the possible pregnancy. Dannielle starts to cry thinking about the possibility of Garrick having to leave to visit Roberta. If she has to stay in her home country with the baby and he has to stay with her this would be very hard for her.

Dannielle’s dad has a man-to-man talk with Garrick. He wants to make sure Dannielle is a priority. He tells him he has to man up. He is going to have to be able to deal with meeting everyone’s needs while supporting them.

Chrissy’s family gives their blessings. They are happy for her and wish they could be there. Dmitri and Chrissy are thrilled about this outcome. Later, they all meet for their official wedding ceremony. Their officiant arrives. This is his first plural wedding.

All of the kids are there for the ceremony. They all hug after. They feel complete. Meanwhile, Garrick tells the family the first part of Roberta’s Visa has been approved. Her parents are happy. Dannielle is too. They are now optimistic this will all work out. Hopefully, Roberta will have a baby in 9 months.

At the close of the show, producers ask Dannielle how she really feels. She shares that she had her doubts but she is all right now.