Sister Wives 12/12/21: Season 16 Episode 4 “Cistern Wives”

Sister Wives 12/12/21: Season 16 Episode 4 "Cistern Wives"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, December 12, 2021, season 16 episode 4 called “Cistern Wives,” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 16 episode 4 as per the TLC synopsis, “Meri and Janelle talk through old wounds after the family spins off in four directions; Christine takes Ysabel to have surgery in New Jersey; Janelle helps out while Evie gets foot surgery in North Carolina; Meri is in Utah.”

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In tonight’s Sister Wives episode the family is excited for Ysabel’s surgery. The teenager suffers from scoliosis and so she needed one final procedure to correct her spine. Ysbael’s mother Christine is going with her. But not Kody. Kody is very strict about the covid restrictions. He doesn’t want to risk the others in the family and this was unfortunate. Kody was missing out on an important part of Ysabel’s life.

He was actually missing out on quite a few things. Kody didn’t go with Janelle to see their granddaughter. Their granddaughter Evie required an amputation. She had needed a piece of her foot to be amputated and thankfully the little took to the surgery well. She was back home now with her parents and older brother. And Janelle was there to support her family.

The only one missing from the picture was Kody. Kody claims to be concerned about the pandemic and wanting to socially distance, but the rest of the family has been noticing how much time he spends with Robin and Robin’s family and its causing some friction. Kody barely talks to Meri. He claims to see her as a friend in spite of them still being spiritually married and so Meri was getting sick of it. She went through a dark time as she was being catfished.

She’s in a much better place now that she’s developing a closer bond with her daughter Mariah and Mariah’s fiancé. The two women have been engaged for a couple of years now. They know when they want to get married. They just don’t know what type of venue/music/food they’re looking for.

Meri is also trying to repair her relationship with Janelle. The two had a rough start when Janelle first joined the family and now there’s a strain because Meri has been hearing things. Meri heard that Janelle doesn’t want her to have a house by the pond on the new land. Janelle in fact explained that she wanted the area around the pond to be accessible to everyone and that Meri wouldn’t like the kids running in and out to get to the pond. So, the two women talked about it. Meri understood where Janelle was coming because Janelle was thinking about the house they all shared back in Utah, but Meri didn’t appreciate Janelle naming everything Meri supposedly did wrong. And it left a bad taste in Meri’s mouth.

Meri got defensive over the pond. Meri wanted the pond because she wanted to build a deck and to just enjoy the view. Meri also knew she gets defensive easily. She explained that to Janelle and Janelle understood. Janelle and Meri haven’t always had the best relationship. They were friends once upon a time. Janelle actually joined the friend after they became friends because she thought it would be an easy transition and it wasn’t. Janelle has never met anyone as forceful or brutally direct as Meri. Things were tense for a while before Christine came along. Christine helped bridge the divide and now things are better. Meri and Janelle were able to work out their problems by just talking.

Later, Janelle visited the land they bought. She went with Kody and Kody’s son by Robin. The three of them took a look at the land and they watched as cistern was put in. This was the first step towards developing the land and everyone was happy things were finally moving on. But Ysabel was still sad.

She wanted her father to come support her for her surgery. Its what her mother did and so she didn’t see why Kody couldn’t come as well. Ysabel said in her confessional that it hurts to know her father fears the pandemic more than he loves her. Kody was being very selfish in that sense. He should have been a father first and if it had been one of his sons that needed surgery – he would have come up with a reason to go.

Christine meanwhile was getting emotional. She too wanted Kody to be there and so it wasn’t just Ysabel that Kody neglected.