Sister Wives Spoilers: Was Kody’s Devotion To Robyn What Caused Split With Christine?

Sister Wives spoilers indicate that Christine Brown and Kody Brown have separated after 27 years together. What factors have helped lead to this split? Was Kody’s undying devotion to Robyn the breaking point?

Some People Saw This Coming

An insider tells US Weekly that people close to the Browns have seen this coming for some time and that it revolves around Kody’s devotion to Robyn. Of course, long-time fans remember that Kody was courting Robyn while Christine was pregnant with their daughter Truly. This in itself would be enough for most women to walk out the door and never look back.

Kody married Robyn shortly after Truly was born. Later Kody divorced his legal wife, Meri Brown to marry Robyn and adopt her children. According to the insider’s calculations, this seems to be the time that the marriage started to break down. However, Kody’s devotion to Robyn has not changed in the past few months especially with Covid in the mix. Kody has cut himself off from his other wives and spent a lot more time with Robyn since the pandemic started.

Kody Brown Wanted The Polygamist Life

Sister Wives Kody wanted the polygamist life until he married Robyn. Once Robyn came into the picture, Kody changed according to the insider. Kody believes that the polygamist lifestyle is the way to get into Heaven. Kody apparently doesn’t believe that you have to be in love with all your wives, you just have to have more than one. The insider believes that Kody has used Covid to distance himself from all of his wives except Robyn. Robyn has Kody’s two younger children and Kody has used this as an excuse to not be separated from her during the pandemic.

Christine Brown Is In Pain

Sister Wives Christine is in pain. Christine loved Kody and has tried every way possible to make this relationship work. Christine has admitted for years that she had jealousy issues but Kody has done nothing to reassure her. In many fans’ opinions, Kody choosing to date Robyn while Christine was pregnant said a lot about his feelings for her. Kody’s statement about the split also spoke volumes. “Christine’s decision to leave comes with a great deal of sadness. We enjoyed many years together and I have a large amount of respect and admiration for her.”

Kody doesn’t even say that he loves Christine as he talks about their split. If Kody was truly hurt by her decision to leave, he certainly isn’t showing it. Now that Christine has moved to Utah and is ready for a new life, hopefully, she can find the happiness she needs in Utah.

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